TK2H Lee Seung Gi, Government PR Photos?

credit: imbc

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2 Responses to TK2H Lee Seung Gi, Government PR Photos?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is he running for President? I’ll vote for him! 😀

  2. starstruck. says:

    I seriously think he WILL win if he ever runs for President. (You know, like 30-40 years down the road after he ended his acting career and all.). Firstly, he’s like god damn popular in Korea. Secondly, though he is a celebrity, he has demonstrated that he does have depth in thought as well as leadership skills. (President of his school’s council + taking a degree that ain’t related to his acting/music but instead will guarantee him a steady job if he ever needs anything to fall back on.) AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, he’s so AWESOME and GOOD-LOOKING. Just imagine his face being printed on notes and stamps. Gahhhhhhhh.!

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