TK2H Ep 9 Preview – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won



Kim Hang Ah takes the stand at a public hearing.

After meeting with JaeHa, BongGu hands over a gift but is offended by JaeHa for showing a reaction that’s different from what he has hoped for. So he changes his plan and says he’ll make a large donation to the royal family.

While building a memorial park in honor of JaeKang, a suspicious object is discovered at the construction site, and ShiKyung pays a visit to HangAh who’s studying hard…


After finding out that JaeHa slept in HangAh’s room, GyuTae blames HangAh. Granted an audience with JaeHa on his visit to Korea, BongGu brings up their past connection but JaeHa does not remember it at all.

Meanwhile, ShiKyung, who gives a singing parrot to the injured JaeShin as a gift, finds himself in an awkward situation because of the parrot spitting out strange words…

source: imbc
English translation:

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14 Responses to TK2H Ep 9 Preview – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won

  1. joingen says:

    How amazing is this drama?! Each week, we get better and more intense episodes! I still can’t get over episode 8. EACH and every character was awesome!!! We’re not even halfway! Can’t wait for Kingday!

  2. ANONYMOUS1 says:

    I went to watch episode 1 just to remember on what part of Jae Ha’s arm he got stabbed by BongGu when they were kids. Coz for sure it will have a great part on how Jae Ha will remember him. Now I’m starting the drama all over again and I’m on episode 2 and its just keeps getting better eventhough I have watched it several times. Surely this drama is addicting. 🙂

  3. Mich says:

    wow it keeps getting better by each ep.
    The king in TMTETS also admitted watching our King nowadays 🙂 Both are talented young actors, so I hope we can see them working together, maybe in a movie, in the future.

  4. ann says:

    if any one is interested in reading Jae ha’s inner monologues that best describe his feelings please go to :

    they are translated by raine_evenstar

  5. siswadiyanti says:

    Every single episodes of TK2H really amazing. and hope in the future eps Kim Hang Ah have some action scene and have battle fight with female bitch of John Mayer girl friend.

  6. Ross says:

    What is this monologues by Jae Ha and on what ground does he write this? Please furnish website from baidu on this issue, thz

  7. tryp96 says:

    Those inner monologues are indeed very beautifully written and translated, but I just want to point out something so that we can enjoy them in the right context. They are posted on the TK2H official homepage, but under the MSupporter section, which means they are written by a fan (who obviously is a talented writer). So these are NOT official per se. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      Those are some of my thoughts too… Actually everything about this drama is about speculation. I even speculate that Dong Ha is the bad ass spy of Bong Gu inside the palace,Im guessing his presence specially with the prince from the beggining is a bit odd. But I dont really know?
      The preview says that it was NK’s fault but the fact that chief secretary knew who did it. But letting things happen makes him the 2nd bad guy because he doesn’t want the royal family and his son to know that literally he was the one who killed the king. What Bong Gu told him when they were talking were all true,he want a scapegoat. And Hang Ah is there for the taking.
      Just like what Seung Gi said on his interview its a battle for Jae and Hang Ah against Bong Gu and Eun Kyu Tae. Jae Ha as we know will go against Bong Gu.but with Hang Ah together with Jae Ha they will go against Eun Kyu Tae. The couples battle against Eun Kyu Tae will test their love for each other and for their respective countries. Will the King believes his secretary for the fact his been a loyal servant and a south Korean? or will Kim Hang Ah just give up her being North Korean for the sake of the man she loves? This is 2 Hearts is all about.

  8. G says:

    Yaa~~ So Shikyung is the one who gave Jaeshin the parrot. Sweet~~!! ^^

  9. Ross says:

    Well then…Jae Ha mustnt feel that Hang Ah is the killer of his brother

  10. afufu says:

    Does the parrot say i wuvvvv you?hehehe

  11. Belleza says:


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