Lee Seung Gi talks about the release of his Best Album

credit: universalmusicjapan

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4 Responses to Lee Seung Gi talks about the release of his Best Album

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can he be so different when he sings or do a CF to when he’s acting at TK2H? When he sings he’s like more of a cute handsome boy like we all know.In BL he acted as 27 y/o brat but still looks cute. But at TK2H,he is so different,its like he has a twin brother. Yes he is handsome way more handsome but so manly,strict,composed and more serious. All of a sudden he matures just like that. He is only 25 but the way you look at him he’s like the same level as of Song Seung Hun,Jo In Sung,Won Bin,Hyun Bin when it comes to manliness. Seung Gi is surely a HEART THROBBER!!

  2. SLTeh says:

    You are the BEST! Singer Lee Seung Gi, fighting!!!

  3. G says:

    I don’t even want to blink while watching him talk. Hahaha

  4. Sugar and Spice says:

    “Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese best album, which was released on April 18, ranked sixth on the Oricon daily chart on the day of its release”
    So happy for Seung Gi! Doing great as actor as well as a singer…not to many people can claim that honor 🙂

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