TK2H Ep 10 Preview – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won

MBC is once again leaking too many spoilers. You might want to wait until AFTER Ep 9 to read this: 😛

GyuTae proposes a public hearing of HangAh and is rejected by JaeHa. But he lies to HangAh that JaeHa has given permission to proceed with the public hearing.

Meanwhile, HangAh is upset when she finds out that JaeHa is not watching the public hearing, and opens JaeHa’s old wounds. As expected, JaeHa yells at HangAh to leave the palace…

source: mbcinfo
English translation:

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40 Responses to TK2H Ep 10 Preview – Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won

  1. Mickuan says:

    oh my god!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The way I see it from this spoiler is that Secretary Eun is against JaeHa’s relationship with HangAh. He is not against JaeHa being King. He does see JaeHa’s potential and at the same time feels that HangAh’s presence is a distraction. At most I think he wants to preserve the royal family.

  3. G says:

    Sec. Eun is starting to get into my nerves! Gah!!

  4. afufu says:

    That’s it. Im branding sec.eun as one of the baddies.

  5. siswadiyanti says:

    Another evil with angel face. Eps 9&10 is really tough for hang ah and no one for her to lean on. OMG sad episode

  6. noron says:

    If these two (2) episodes so sad for KHA, I will not watch!

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    I am so hungry for any TK2H news, I forgive MBC for leaking too much. Also I know, from experience, any leak will not diminish the viewing enjoyment when watching the show!
    Hang Ah, have faith please, on yourself and on your Jae Ha!

  8. zurah90 says:

    Its gonna be tough for HangAh. Sec Eun is starting the bad deed now. He is the person who knew the truth who killed the king and queen. If Jae Ha learns about this… ah.. i cant continue.. just have to watch first. Lets see how HangAh deals with herself if she get out from the palace… *sigh*

  9. Eva says:

    What in the world the old man is trying to do? First he hasn’t told JaeHa the whole truth about John Myer and how JM is responsible for his brother & sister-in-law’s death and Jae Shin’s accident. Then his going along with JM’s plan on putting the blame to Hang Ah/North Korea. Is he against the N-S reunification and/or against Jae Ha being the King? I hope that JaeHa finds out that GyuTae went behind his back in regards to the public hearing. It seems like they’re bringing more angst and pain between the OTP. I hope this week is NOT going to be sad episodes. Waiting for Wed night is already hard enough. LOL. BTW…I’m still curious who leaked out to the public about LJH and KHA, and who’s the mole inside the palace…Hmmm…too many questions and too many things to love about this drama. TK2H Fighting!

  10. TK2H_Fansss says:

    Noooooooo…… please don’t blame HangAh!! the one who is responsible for JaeKang death is Sec.Eun!!! you stupid Sec.Eun!! you know that the EVIL one is John Mayer!! you must expose John Mayer evildoing!!
    arrghhh getting crazy for episode 9 and 10….. @_@

  11. manassuper says:

    just read that rooftop prince is airing three episodes this you can read the full aricle- i believe TK2H will be victorious this time .TK2H FIGHTING!

    • Anonymous says:

      not to be dissing RTP ( I watch that one too), it seems that SBS is getting nervous with K2H beating them again on the ratings, seeing how the public interest is getting bigger in this drama. Slick SBS, you actually need to be nervous.

      • anon says:

        I watch RTP with a detached sense of interest….but I believe even last week RTP beat TK2H! I find it all fluff and there’s a disconnect b/w the 3 rangers with the Prince in current times (among other issues)… come they aren’t helping him solve the mystery?! They’re just going for the cute viz alright but so K-drama 101. Hardly anything new! mehh, i hardly care….the current resident of my heart are TK2H and SeungGi!! ❤

    • Anonymous says:

      I honestly don’t like the way allkpop post their news or updates. I get this sense of they’re a bit biased.

      • Frankie says:

        It’s not a bit. It’s a lot biased. In many ways it’s tabloid, like stirring up controversy from nothing, sensationalizing, creating hypes and frenzy.
        I only trust news from Tryp. She is a great editor.

        • tryp96 says:

          Frankie, thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll try my best to keep this a clean place for SeungGi fans. 😛

          I heard some disheartening rumors today that made me realize just HOW vicious some crazy fans can be. I won’t name any names, but I heard that some fans of a certain idol in a certain drama started posing as TK2H fans at the TK2H gallery among other places. They can’t find any fault with SeungGi’s acting, so they would post negative comments about JaeHa’s character and then praise Eun ShiKyung, and demand more scenes and screen time for him instead. What a clever way to cause friction among the real fans of the cast! And it is just sickening! But I honestly have no time or energy to deal with people like that, so I hope those crazy idol fans and their evilness don’t find their way here.

          Let’s all stay positive in our support of SeungGi and the drama! I firmly believe in karma. 😛

  12. leahtaro says:

    not to be dissing RTP ( I watch that one too), it seems that SBS is getting nervous with K2H beating them again on the ratings, seeing how the public interest is getting bigger in this drama. Slick SBS, you actually need to be nervous.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have nothing against RTP,I haven’t watched any episode of it. I kinda find it a little absurd. I dont get the idea from past to future thing. From what I’ve heard it is not even a fantasy drama.Is it? And actually Im not into flower boy actors you looks more beautiful to be a woman than to be a man. 😀 SORRY.

      • leahtaro says:

        I watch RTP because it is full of funny, like mainstream funny, (something you will need when you watch TEM at the same time), not for the main plot itself (if you try hard to analyze it, you’ll end up in a loophole.They throw in every kdrama cliche possible) I even watch TEM, too. I admit I started watching K2H because of my eternal love for LSG that I would watch anything with him, but heck, I’m getting out of this drama with lots of intellectual and emotional attachment that I cannot give to both dramas. Especially for me who is going into International Relations, this gives me a bit of insights and what ifs. Although it is a fictional story,it touches the heart of the unification issue: Will they overcome the differences of being a North or South towards unification? Thisdrama is just a gem, and I couldn’t care less about ratings, especially that this issue might be a bit sensitive to the Korean people and most quality dramas do not reflect on the ratings itself (As reiterated many times already). I just don’t like the fact everything just all seem about ratings and just on every single thing on earth, they are pitted against each other.

        Sorry for the long rant (and the double post above). Just have to let it out. 🙂

        So for people who watch this drama and actually understand and recognize its depth, HIGH FIVE.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this is the reason why Jae Ha went to North Korea,to win Hang Ah’s heart once again. After the misunderstanding secretary Eun made. And in able to do that he must prove to her farther that he can protect and take care of Hang Ah,and the viking ride is one of them? 😀

  14. Pete says:

    Jae Ha with IQ87 cant protect and take care of Hang Ah, I support Hang Ah leaves the palace and trot to the West. Forget the past, start a new life and find a better man or marry me~~

    • Adeline says:

      For Pete’s sake, Jae Ha and Hang Ah are just meant to be. The King and Queen will live happily ever after.

  15. zurah90 says:

    Lol at Pete’s comments 😉 Well, i suppose Jae Ha keep on misunderstanding HangAh and im gonna starting to hate Sec. Eun from now onwards. Even if he didnt want HangAh to be distraction to Jae Ha (king), but still he is starting a very trouble mess. He is not helping the royal family but he is ruining the royal reputation instead! Cant wait to watch tonight episode. One more thing… i just dont care if RTP gonna have 3 eps this week, for all i care is only TK2H. Im not watching that till this drama ends. SBS is SBS… Right now i just want to focus on MBC. I guess MBC play a fair deal. 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    One more thing the reason why the story needs Hang Ah to face public trial regarding the NK suspicion. For viewers not to forget that Hang Ah for the first place is a soldier,not just a soldier but an assassin and a spy. The story will bring the other side of Hang Ah,the soldier instinct. This will help Jae Ha to figure out who is their main enemy.

    • epr7 says:

      In relation to what you said, I am really looking forward to how Hang Ah will be able to help Jae Ha battle their enemy. We know that Jae Ha is very smart… I guess through his intelligence, he will lay out the plans…and HA, with her strenght and killer instinct, will execute and seal the offense with action. Great team up !!

  17. Pete says:

    Actually I expect to see more LOVE SCENES not this mess! Will Hang Ah get pregnant after the one nite stand?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’d got feeling Jaeha will stuck in something big an accident while he’s in NK, and that it made hangha come back to him.

  19. zurah90 says:

    Pete, we do want to see more and expect the drama would be more sweeter than watching a mess one, but since this is the drama… I can guarantee that each episode gonna get sweeter and sweeter onwards… but the pain will still goes through here.. we have to watch the conflicts in the drama too.. 🙂

  20. mirai says:

    Even reading comment about K2H make my day!! I really in love with Lee seung gi & Ha ji won…..

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