12.04.19 TK2H Ep 10 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*10 clips + HD link of Ep 10*

catch that bad guy!

king’s power

JaeHa finally remembers BongGu

To me, you’re already the most powerful king in the world! 😥

Drink as friends?

BongGu’s attack

JaeHa’s counterattack

How about a hint?

Ep 11 preview

royal brothers watching soccer game

credit: dclsg, dctk2h

Ep 10


credit: KRdrama

Ep 10 in HD

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32 Responses to 12.04.19 TK2H Ep 10 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. getgotgotten says:

    I wanna know what happened to Hang Ah
    Did she got pregnant or had desease??

    It’s gonna be hard week for me until next Wed.. ending is killing me!!
    Hope Jaeha ang Hang ah get together as soon as possible T_T

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA is pregnant and got miscarriage

  3. leahtaro says:

    I watch this live, and I can’t even start describing how daebak it is!

    If LSG is made for LJH’s character, or LJH is made fit for LSG, I am not even sure anymore. Oh please,if anyone seen that showdown with John Mayer and our King, you would know what I mean. He ate that crazy guy alive! I can’t even hide my laughter, my “Damn right son!” and “Oh yeah”s that I have been thrown a pillow, a kick, and some cuss by my sleeping sister! A great sarcastic King is all I need.

    Thanks Tryp for the cuts! Until next week! *goes back and rewatches again*

  4. aoinaka says:

    Can’t wait for next week, daebax!!!

  5. Jia Min says:

    Oh yah, what happened to the princess??? Did she get kidnapped again???

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Bong Gu wants to torture the Princess. He knew that she didn’t remember what happened,He wanted her to go crazy.

  6. junie says:

    Love the bromance between Jae-ha and Shi-kyung <3<3

  7. manassuper says:


  8. manassuper says:

    SOOY THE LINK GOES LIKE THIS http://www.facebook.com/DramaAsian

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ow sad they lost their baby :(..Now Jae Ha will feel that he is totally a trash.

  10. Pete says:

    Whoaaa….the one nite stand and a baby is gone…Jae Ha…you are responsible for it!!! A true garbage!!! Poor pretty Hang Ah is suffering

    • Anonymous says:

      Gosh! why is he the garbage for this? They liked each other and slept together. Hanggh didn’t even know she was pregnant, neither did Jaeha. Nobody knew.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Agreed. Give Hang Ah credit for having the guts to love her man. The act was totally a consensual one. What happened to the pregnancy is very sad, but I don’t blame either Hang Ah or Jae Ha for it. They shouldn’t blame each other either.

    • Wood says:

      1. Just one night, and they make a baby ?? Woah ! Now my mind is running WILD on what happened that night. 😛
      2. They are both willing 30 years old adults.
      3. No one knew Hang Ah is pregnant, not even Hang Ah herself.
      4. She probably have a miscarriage due to the stress from being on trials. You want to blame ? Blame it on the blood thirsty public and politicians !
      5. Jae Ha and Hang Ah will support and love each other despite losing a baby. That is the true test of love.

  11. meliejoo says:

    what?? why is the baby gone??

  12. patacake says:

    Thanks for uploadin the sniplets. I think I m obsessed with the show. Can’t wait for the next episode to know what is goin to happen. I hope HA don’t misunderstand JH’s effort to get her back bec of the miscarriage but bec he loves her.

  13. AnnMichelle says:

    Love ep. 10!
    The royals and their standing in this fictional world are totally different than what we are accustomed to seeing or imagining.
    Here they are not just handsome princes and beautiful princesses. They are humans who make mistakes and get hurt and feel powerless at times to do anything to change, or to do the right thing.
    Jae Ha is full of flaws. He knows that. The people who love him the most know that. It’s just thrilling to see how he struggles to crawl out of the deep hole.
    Hang Ah hesitates and withdraws when confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges.
    Their combined strength will surely be mighty to behold, but we have to wait for them to work things out.
    And then there’re the Eun father and son. A proud, stubborn father who judges too harshly and an earnest son who prefers to seek the redeemable…

    At this stage of the broadcast game, I urge TK2H team to stay the course, to strive to do the gem-like drama justice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Wood says:

      Agree, esp with your last statement. \^^/

      There are so many layers to this drama that everything is not just 2 dimensional. I can re-watch so many times, and still discover new nuances and be constantly amazed by it.

      At the end of Ep9, when Jae Ha just wanted Hang Ah to return to North Korea; And with all the recent BTS updates on the future episodes are about Jae Ha going to North Korea to win back Hang Ah, I was worried and confused… Is that IT ? We only have 10 episodes left and it doesn’t leave much for Jae Ha’s showdown with Bong Gu. Have PD and writer run out of ideas ? Have they yield to ratings pressure and just focus and drag the love and aghast ?

      But in Ep10, I am more assured when Jae Ha (and the writer) decided their priority is Club M, only then will the situation improve for Hang Ah to return. Some pieces coming in together – Jae Ha and Bong Gu now aware and are worthy opponents of each other, Shi Kyung finally thinking, and his pledge of loyalty, etc. So thanks for giving me some answers and so that I can function at least 1/10 of my normal self ever since this drama started.

      Ratings-wise, there will always be some who leave the show because it is not what they expect it to be. It is also difficult for new viewers to love and relate to the show immediately if they do not watch the previous episodes. Eg : We feel it’s so precious and emotional are the scenes with Jae Kang now after his death because we know their brother-love. Eg : Strength of Jae Ha and Hang Ah because of what they went through together since the WOC days .. Eg : Our pride seeing how much Jae Ha has grown to become King .. This drama is not for the lazy or the fickle minded who switch stations constantly and still think they can understand fully the whole TK2H episode.

      In Ep1-4, WOC scenes have set such a high standard of cinematography and ambitious storyline, that I have very high expectations and too hope it will stay on course, to follow through what it wanted to do till the end – showdown with Bong Gu, Jae Ha growing as the King, love with Hang Ah etc.

      As for showdown with Bong Gu, I don’t care if its business takeovers, military espionage, financial sabotage, handling evidence to North Korea or WOC or whatever. As long as it’s nothing lame like Bong Gu falling off his helicopter, or accidentally stepped on his bomb. Just make it WORK and don’t take us viewers for fools. We are mid-way there now, just don’t let the drama fizzle out after such great 1st half. TK2H fighting !!


      • AnnMichelle says:

        So well said, my friend.
        Re the photography, what amazes me is the way they shoot the ‘simple’ scenes, you know, like just two people talking in an office. I mean it’s easier to make flashy shots when you have the setting, such as the midnight march, working for you (knowing that there’s millions of details to work out about how to light, how to pick angles, how to conduct camera movements etc. etc.). But for the scene of Jae Ha faceing off with BG, omg, it’s so breathless, so full of tension. The actors hold you, the camera just drills it in. Notice they just frame the left half face of Jae Ha when he reacts to BG’s boast of killing his hyung. It’s so chillingly beautiful. When I said they can cut movies out of this drama, I was not kidding at all! They should really consider it.
        TK2H, fighting!

  14. zurah90 says:

    I wished that when i got up from bed, it will be Wednesday again. Dang! I just cant wait for the next episode and wonder how JH gonna handle this situation. Well, im not really blaming him but he just proved that he is definitely a trash now. But, i knew he realizes that as well. Kudos to him for chewing off that devil BG and pissed him off. The unbearable part is when he got his eyes red when BG admitted his deadly evil deeds. Oh well, i love the bromance of JH & SK!!! So SK gonna be JH’s right hand man to join forces to together to study more of Club M and bring BG down. Yeah! that’s the way to kick BG off the curb. Now, all i want to see is the King JH response to HA’s news!

  15. TK2HLover says:

    I apologize for being a pervert but am I the only one who noticed Lee Seung Gi’s gorgeous muscular arms/biceps when he was watching the soccer game with his big brother???? I’m like “Damn he’s H O T!!!” *wiping my drools* 😀 Thank you Tryp for having that video cut too ^_*

    • leahtaro says:

      I was watching it live then, first thing that came into my mind in that scene: “Holy cow those biceps are crazy hot!” I was just literally staring at his biceps until the end of the scene too!
      You are not the only one~

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think JH got pregnant and miscarriage.
    in Ep.11 preview, King JH told the queen mother that he is doing it (not sure what, maybe to proceed with the engagement with JH) not because he responsible for it (he believes the news that JH got miscarriage). He is doing it so that he feels better.

    • leahtaro says:

      JH as in Jae Ha got pregnant? I have yet to see a man to bear a child. -.-

      If you meant Hang-ah, doctors already said that she had the baby but lost it. There was no question of not having a baby because there WAS a baby.

      Plus, the previews can be confusing. Based on the previous previews, the scenes and dialogues may not be necessarily in order. So we have to wait for 4 more days to be sure. 🙂

  17. Jia Min says:

    Just a side note, for the code breaking, one of phrases JaeHa tried is “Tonkatsu”~

  18. manassuper says:

    the scene where the vallian kim bong gu and jae ha face off and countrtattack is the best scene of the drama series so far. it was just out of the world. i have seen intense scenes in K-dramas but that was just magnificient.HATS OFF to lee sung gi and yoon jae moon.TK2H FIGHTING!

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