Lee Seung Gi on 1N2D: Rise and Shine Collection 3

These videos surely bring back a lot of memories.

credit: dclsg

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13 Responses to Lee Seung Gi on 1N2D: Rise and Shine Collection 3

  1. siswadiyanti says:

    I like the last eps lee seunggi at 2D1N. he even cry when he wash up and keep carying his swimming costum every where

  2. Adeline says:

    My heart ached so much when I watch this coz I really miss Seung Gi in 1N2D. Oh, and Mongie too. These guys were the best !

  3. Starstruck says:

    Don’t you notice the 1st thing he does after he wakes up is to put on his hoodie? Ha.. I bet he did it to cover his messy bed hair! He really cares about his image! Omo his just awoken face is really cute! So is his bed hair. I miss him on 1n2d!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi and Ji Won are cute risers of 1N2D. I miss all of them.

  5. jn91 says:

    Hi Tryp! Could you tell me which episode of 1n2d is from 03:20 – 03:44? I tried to find it but failed..

  6. seunggicharm says:

    whew..these vids makes me miss him even more on 1n2d.i just love seeing him get up every morning with that messy hair of him..missin the boys so baaaaaad..:(

  7. dalsg says:

    oh really…missin them soo baddd…is it possible to make reunion episode?? they always lite my day. after office hour i’ll always watching them again n again

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a dream that one day maybe KBS will put them in one specials,like a month special. Kang Hodong,Lee SeuGun,Kim C,Eun Jiwon,MC Mong,Kim Jongmin,Lee Seung Gi a special 1N2D Season 1 Reunion trip to Antarctica. That would be so awesome!! ( I didn’t put Uhm Taewong bec he wasn’t present the time they planned the antarctica trip. And no offense,he was just a sub bec of MC Mong’s scandal.)

  9. airentori says:

    Does anyone know if 1N2D celebrated oppa’s birthday in 2008? And if so which episode is it?

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