12.04.26 TK2H Ep 12 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*9 clips so far + HD link of Ep 12*


JaeHa vs BongGu

What’s your position?


Let’s become stronger together!

My father-in-law?

JaeHa on a mission of seduction 😛

a present for BongGu

next week’s preview

Ep 12


credit: KRdrama

Ep 12 in HD

And how can anyone resist this guy? 😆

credit: dctk2h, dclsg, as labeled

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25 Responses to 12.04.26 TK2H Ep 12 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    does the rating do well this time?
    there’e no news about the rating today.. why? T_T

  2. Anonymous says:

    my most favorite part of this episode… gyaaaaa… so romantic. ❤ i just can't stoop screaming. So happy that they are together again <3.. can't wait for the upcming episodes. this show is just getting better and better…

  3. ClaUdy says:

    Just forget about rating, we know better how hard uri seung gi and other crue effort for this movie…… :

  4. green says:

    I am dying…
    my hearts just always skip a beat. I feel like I can’t breathe
    What’s wrong with me?…
    Just the drama is so great ><
    No words to describe how great it is
    I want to scream it out loud!
    But I can't record it! Hehe! I only can write it here

  5. TK2HLover says:

    I so love this episode! Lee Jae Ha ~ why are you so romantic? Cross the DMZ border with no approval and guns pointing at you – Check! Special cosmetics made by the King with “I’m sorry ~ Thank you ~ I love you” – Check! The sweetest romantic proposal ever with cherry blossoms on the background ~ “I promise I will kiss you every morning ~ I promise I will follow you like a stalker ~ I promise I won’t let another drop of tear fall from your eyes” – Check! Kneel down, propose and call her “queen” – Check! OK Lee Jae Ha you’re forgiven! I’m not Kim Hang Ah but I love you too! LOL! 😀

  6. zurah90 says:

    Im so really loving today episode! The day has finally come. The memorable part of the show? I picked on when HangAh and her team members on mission to save King Lee Jae Ha. And of course, i cant miss out the proposal scenes too! They are back together once again and Jae Ha successfully brought HangAh back to the palace! And i love our King attacked on a reply to Bong Goo! Just curious what will happen in next episode? And yeah kudos to our King with his seductive smile! And yeah, he did put lots of effort to handmade beauty set just for his beloved woman… Brand name: I love you… how sweet! 😍 See, our King is actually a smart and lovely man!

  7. leogalsg says:

    Oh my god….love tis episode…
    He really gd in white suit….
    I love the last pic
    Fall in love with him….

  8. Gina says:

    Seunggi is so charming here,I love the way he played with Bonggu..The way he handled it is more on mental games see who’s smarter and wiser …..So loved the proposal very happy can’t stop smiling and been replaying it many times already hehe..Thanks Tryp:)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Do you like me, or you like Eun Shi Kyung?

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is the cheesiest apologize I’ve ever seen! 😀 Handmade beauty product! Can’t stop smiling and giggling.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hang Ah saving Jae Ha will change the people’s (south) perspective of her. And Jae Ha not putting any grudges against the North will also changes their attitude against the South. Thanks to Kim Bong Gu for uniting the Noth and South! haha!

  12. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! Love the Action Pack by Kim Hang Ah… Protecting her HERO!!! Two strong characters that’s totally brilliant! Love them heaps. Love to be Airens… No doubt!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    They are careful now,their drinking coffee instead of wine. 😀

  14. M says:

    i am so sad, now i have to wait for aonther WHOLE week for ep 13.

  15. Anonymous says:

    oh my godddddddd my hearth melt when i c him with white suit lol .. goshh …

  16. Ha n Jae says:

    come on man ..i dont care rating.. this K2H is awesome..every ep is so trail n feel like u r in there with them ..Ha with the last red carpet black dress n Jae Ha with white dress make me speechless ………………..oomo ohh moo.. r they human ? why they r so gorgeous ..both of them r perfect .. woww.. salute..

  17. newkdramaaddict says:

    Ratings be damned! I like both Equator Man and King 2 Hearts equally so I am happy when either are on top. Hope they remain 1/2, flipping spots from time to time is ok with me

  18. I am namely addicted to TK2H….
    Ratings? I don’t really care any more but I’m sure they will rise again as the story line is going to be even more irresistible!!!

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