12.04.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

OMG, this is just unbelievable! I thought I had seen the last of KBS…

Apparently, because of the ongoing strike, the new season of 1n2d doesn’t have anything to air for the next 2 weeks. Since they kept everything from the original show, they decided to help themselves to the old footage and air a re-edited version of the 3rd viewers tour on April 29 and May 6.


OK, even better news! The TNS/Nielsen ratings is not the only way to measure a drama’s popularity or success. People nowadays don’t just watch TV on their TV sets anymore. This is the viewership ratings from a popular site that provides online streaming of TV programs:

credit: dclsg


Good news! The new Pizza Hut CF will start airing on May 1.

source: asiatoday via nate

I just hope Activia will air its new CF soon. That was filmed ages ago!


12.04.26 Nielsen ratings: #11 TK2H 10.7 (Seoul 12.5, #8)

12.04.26 TNS ratings: #12 TK2H 10.0 (Seoul 11.8, #10)

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31 Responses to 12.04.27 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is my no.1 drama ..love this is couple so much ..good luck .HJW and LSG .saranghae .God Bless..

  2. milleth says:

    The best couple of 2012.Ha ji won and Lee seung seung gi.they both deserve an acting award ..fighting till the end.God Bless..

  3. no matter rate… will stay and watch love TK2H
    LSG HJW hwaitting

  4. KIT says:

    It’s just numbers and ratings are only viewed on TV’s with rating device. Not all TV’s are monitored by TNS or nielsen,it’s like a 100 per region. If most of 100’s watch a certain show TNS or any ratings got their real time ratings for that. Sorry,I can’t explain this clearer.

    The way I see it,though TK2H is not number 1 in ratings but most of the people talked about it,so they watch TK2H.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, totally agree with you. Nielsen only monitors around 2050 household panels (http://www.agbnielsen.com/whereweare/dynPage.asp?lang=english&id=363&country=South%20Korea), so ratings are just numbers. Unfortunately, drama awards are mostly given to the most popular dramas based on ratings (just like one award ceremony held yesterday).

      Ratings / awards don’t necessarily reflect the quality of the drama itself. Just like TK2H, it’s currently one of the most talked drama and most of the viewers praise this drama, the actors and the storyline. Hearties are beyond obsessed with this drama and I’m pleasantly surprised with the numbers of bloggers as well as commenters in TK2H recaps & forums.

      TK2H is definitely Seunggi’s break-out role, I’m so proud of him for taking this drama project.

      • Mich says:

        Ratings for these dramas are pretty much the same if we remember the +/- 2% error margin in statistics class LOL.
        I’m so proud of Seunggi and all the casts and crews 🙂

  5. tatalitta says:

    Yayayyyyy happy to see on the TV online rating that our lovely drama is no. 1…Happy overload

  6. Anonymous says:

    if we could know the viewership rating around the world it would be daebak.
    The world is watching !!!

  7. oohhh yeahh… love TK2H

  8. Osi says:

    Oh, such a good news. Thanks tryp.

  9. siswadiyanti says:

    I even log in 1 hour before the show begin. because there viewer allowed are limeted. in eps 11 i log in 15mins before the show start it’s already got no chance

  10. KIT says:

    This is what I’m about to say! Kudos to you tryp!

  11. ThePluieKiss says:

    Ahhh finally, a healer, a mood lifter! Thank you tryp!

  12. joingen says:

    Omg, thanks for the good news!!! I’ve always thought that many, many people in Korea watch online. Why wait until late at night to watch tv, when you can watch online at your convenience? Seunggi is very often number 1 in search ranking. So, I was wondering how it’s possible that the King and Seunggi are tops in the internet, and yet the drama is third place in ratings. This definitely is a mood lifter. If only they can also measure the ratings from international viewing and blogs, then it would be really daebak!

  13. iloveLSG says:

    Almost everyone now owns their own pc,laptop,netbook,tablets, which you are able to watch television shows online ..I believe advertisers considers this things also. .

  14. Sugar and Spice says:

    To be honest when after placing first, the rating slowly went down, I was really affected (you would think I was the producer or something…hahaha). But when I saw that irregardless of rating: the actors, crew, production staff and writers did not even let it affect them. But instead of being disheartened they are still giving it their 100%, if not more . That at the end of the day, just what Seung Gi said on his last day of 1n2d, he ended it with no regrets. Plus, seeing them having fun while working makes me happy. Since they are enjoying what they’re doing it really radiates on the screen. With that we are given to opportinity to be blown away episode after episode and I can’t thank them enough.

    Anyway, those who doesn’t watch this drama…it’s their loss not ours…Well, who am I kidding, they can always watch it later 🙂 Just hoping that all their hard work can be recognized by a reputable award giving body (best ensemble cast SO FAR!)

  15. Anonymous says:

    no matter rate … if it is TK2H, I’ll stay and watch. Love LSG – HJW. Good bless. Come on. xoxoxoxo

  16. Jen says:

    I’m so happy that finally there is alternative statistics to prove the popularity of TK2H drama. Nielsen/TNS only capture the ratings by TV panel which is so outdated. Younger audience prefer TK2H drama and are watching online! DAEBAk TK2H drama, So LOVE King JaeHa!!!

  17. sarah says:

    thanks Tryp!!This makes me Happy!! If they can also count all the livestreaming sites.. haha we’re a bunch of crazy girls every wednesday-thursday watching it on live streaming and then spazzing it on twitter world..^^

    • LyArisa says:

      Hahahaha… They should have count the livestraming sites too right 😉 totally agree with you sarah~~

  18. reglest says:

    You know, seeing this what crossed my mind?
    “ah~ so the Youngster give up the remote to their mother and watch The King 2Hearts for their selves in the net”

    I hope it’s true kkkk~ because this drama is unconventional, I don’t think the older generation able to digest and accept it that fast (no offense)

  19. LyArisa says:

    The ratings should count the fans that watch TK2H from overseas!!! I love K2H… Totally Daebak!!! Come on.. No youngsters watch TV that frequent accept for ahjumma and ahjusshi ;p Supporting LSG & HJW & TK2H Teams!! Fighthing!!

    Love from Malaysia ❤ Saranghae!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is that real? even I can’t believe it!
    I’ll make sure to watch it
    Thanks Tryp
    It’ll be daebak!!

  21. Pete says:

    Big cheers to the 2012 best and sweetest Royal Honey Bees couple…Hang Ah and Jae Ha in other words…HJW and LSG

  22. ayu says:

    Oh, i really2 want if kbs world can re-run all episode of 1n2d. I miss seung gi in 1n2d.

  23. May says:

    Thanks Tryp very much! I’m very very very happy to read this. Seunggi and TK2H is the best forever. I and my sisters miss Seunggi in 1n2d too

  24. Wood says:

    I’m sorry, but I am a KBS cynic here. I don’t understand what it means by “re-edited version of the 3rd viewers tour” considering that for such a huge 1N2D project, it is already heavily edited for TV. Until I see it on Sunday, I am convinced that it can be re-edited such that it maximize screen time for the current members in Season 2, and even to the extend that they edit out KHD, like the way they edited out Mong previously in his last outing.

    If they include KHD to his original screen time, then there is no stopping them from showing the older ones with Mong and Kim C right ? But of course they cannot afford that because then the viewers will remember the golden age of 1N2D and compare it with Season 2 and realize …

    Hahaha …

    Peace …


    • Mich says:

      I bet they’re gonna try their best to edit out all the scenes that have Hodong, Seunggi, and Jiwon. Then call it re-edited version of 1n2d LOL. Not a wise move, KBS!

  25. milleth says:

    I dont care about the rating .if Tk2h was in the middle or at the bottom .i will stay with them till the end and continuously Praying for the success of Lee Seung gi and Ha Ji Won…God Bless..saranghae mwah

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