TK2H BTS Video – Bo Beep Bo Beep Dance

credit: imbc

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20 Responses to TK2H BTS Video – Bo Beep Bo Beep Dance

  1. Anonymous says:

    LOL! why the BTS are much fun than the real broadcast? They are too adorable and Seung Gi helping Jiwon on how to sway her hips is cute! 😀

  2. N says:

    omg i love her shoes in that scene…gorgeous!

  3. revolu says:

    Its funny cause Seung Gi actually gets to laugh at the cuteness, but Ji Won can’t :p

  4. Mich says:

    Seunggi can’t help holding JW’s hands to pull her up. He really takes good care of his noona 🙂

  5. M says:

    i wonder what he said when he help her up, bc she start doing bo beep bo beep again hehe.

  6. he’s the one who help wear jiwon’s gloves right?

      • MSL says:

        I think that is Jiwon’s cody, cuz it seems like hand of a girl. You can see, there is a girl wear yellow coat when Seunggi wear the black one. But Seunggi definitely like holding Jiwon’s hand ^^

        • Mich says:

          I might be too excited to see properly LOL. Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

        • thats the same question i was thinking! but if u look closely…at 0:20 and 1:29, Seung Gi is wearing the same orange/black jacket, similar to the mysterious hands that are helping Ha Ji Won with her gloves… =) so it might be Seung Gi…either way, he does seem like touching her.

          • Anonymous says:

            thats jiwon’s cody checked it twice the yellow parka with black pattern is different with SeungGi’s yellow parka.

  7. Lhej says:

    They’re so cute and adorable. I like the part where LSG was teaching HJW how to dance. Thank you for spoiling us. I’m a regular lurker of your site!

  8. joingen says:

    Omg, I’m really super excited and giggly to see how close they’ve become! I always feel happy to see that they’re having so much fun filming! I don’t know how I should feel…
    I can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday every week, but on the other hand…
    knowing that there’s just four weeks left, makes me a bit sad!
    Anyway, I believe that Seunggi and Ha Ji Won will remain good friends even after the drama ends.
    Seunggi’s dream has come true, he not only acted with his dream co-star, but also gained her friendship.
    Not only this, but also recognition for his for his amazing acting skills, and the love of many new fans!

  9. zurah90 says:

    Glad to see how close they became! Especially when Seung Gi oppa helps Ji Won unnie. 😉 Yeah like everyone, i also did moticed that Seun Gi loves to hold on onto Ji Won’s hand. He is such a warm supporting partner! Adore this couple much!!! TK2H HWAITING!!!

  10. rahayu says:

    I want they dating for REAL!!

  11. teamleader78 says:

    It was lee seung gi who helped ha ji won to wear the gloves on her hand i’m pretty sure just look closely and it was hand by a man …..and the jacket was the same with lee seung gi’s weared jacket so it’s obviously it was him…:)

  12. leslie says:

    ive been a silent reader of this blog since k2h.about helping jiwon in wearing the gloves it was her cody. lee seung gi’s jacket has a back to back orange and black color.while the one helping hajiwon has only orange.

  13. seunggicharm says:

    such a nice bts! i am so happy seeing them having fun while working on a very tiring drama.ha! they seem to be more closer and comfortable with each other’s really nice to know that they enjoy each other’s company based on the behind-the-scenes.. Seung Gi really is such a gentleman whoever he works with. and seeing him help Jiwon unnie on how to look cuter on the scene is daebak! fun!

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