A dance from a long time ago…

DCLSG fans have been posting a lot of old videos lately. When I saw this one, I thought some of you might be interested in watching it (maybe for the nth time! :P), especially those who became fans recently because of TK2H. It’s from the 2009 Hope Concert.

credit: dclsg

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20 Responses to A dance from a long time ago…

  1. revolu says:

    HA, the abs shot XD

  2. Jia Min says:

    Visual impact for the nth time…keke~

  3. qy says:

    salivating agn even though i’ve watched this video for the nth time…

  4. Johi Cobo says:

    woooow!!! Oppa!! Love ur abs!!!

  5. Eva says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing this over and over and over… 😀

  6. zoilat says:

    One major reason why i like him lol
    behind the shy image of lee sueng gi this is how hot he is when he is shirtless~~~~~~~~~~~@_@

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    See how well he executed the heart pumps? He totally just did not want to show it off willy nilly (in Strong Heart, with that girl from whatever group doing pub dance, for example). Hot Seung Gi!

  8. ann says:

    he looks so tan here! when he was shirtless in K2H bath scene I didnt see much of his infamous abs 😦

  9. Osi says:

    This is more focus that the ones I watched on youtube. Woah.
    *hits replay button

  10. okok says:

    actually i became fans because of MGIG, and now TK2H is Daebak too..

  11. Anonymous says:

    wow amazing.. a different angle of the King.
    pop dancer.. for a change of taste..
    from a witty king to a sleek dancer .. fantistic showcase

  12. Anonymous says:

    I realized that I was very shy when I watch this
    I love shy guy but inside he’s hot kekeke

  13. Anonymous says:

    He has the sexiest hip sway I’ve ever seen! No idols whose very good on dancing can be as sexy as the way he sway his hips. Even his dances are cute and not hot dance but when he sway his hips its like heaven in every girls eyes! It’s so HOT!

  14. jowha says:

    Wow. Why didn’t he show his too hot for words six pack in the swimming pool scene?*fanning myself*

  15. joingen says:

    This is definitely a treat for new fans! Maybe we’ll be seeing more of these, since he’s gotten bolder now? 😉
    Can still remember how shy he was in 1n2d to show his body.
    The boy has definitely grown up!
    I suddenly remembered My Ear Candy with Baek Ji Young!
    If only new fans can see that too! Seunggi is the man!
    All-around entertainer indeed!

    • seunggicharm says:

      totally agree with you! that My Ear Candy with Baek Jiyoung’s extremely HOT! i kept on watching that vid over and over again because he was really hot on that perf.He’s really different from the Seung Gi we loved on 1n2d who’s very shy in showing his body..but when he is Seung Gi THE SINGER he transforms to a very sizzling hot entertainer that we girls can’t resist..hahaha..He sure is a lot BOLDER now..hahaha…

  16. Kappy says:

    Wow. Now why haven’t we seen much of these? The abs, I mean, of course. Because he doesn’t usually flaunt them, I guess. Well, honey, if you got it, flaunt it! Must check this out again and see about that hip sway someone mentioned. Didn’t notice, what with all that ab revealing. *sigh*

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hope to see some abs at Budokan! 😀

  18. “especially those who became fans recently because of TK2H”
    It IS me !
    you got me, tryp ! 😀 😀
    anyway, thank you so much for re-posting the video 🙂

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