12.05.03 TK2H Ep 14 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*6 clips so far + HD link of Ep 14*

next week’s preview

a sweet AhHa couple moment

Vectorman pose

JaeHa’s personal shovel [Is that the same shovel from 1n2d? :lol:]

I’m also a man!

ending scene

credit: dctk2h, dclsg

Looks like the dclsg fans are busy preparing their final TK2H event, so no cuts from them today…

Ep 14

credit: KRdrama

Even tudou is cracking down on the videos, so here’s a sohu link:


Ep 14 in HD

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23 Responses to 12.05.03 TK2H Ep 14 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. zurah90 says:

    It seems in the next episode, ShiKyung finds out the truth about his father’s doing in corparating with that idiot BongGoo! He cries too! I hate to see that!!! But on the other hand, I feels proud with JaeHa getting tempted in the mission with his plan. Good job SK-NK WOC Teams! Show BongGoo that you guys can, no, will bring him down in fears!!!

    • TK2Hfan says:

      ooh i was actually thinking the same thing about Shi Kyung maybe finding out about his father. Has anyone noticed that perhaps Jae Shin having her memories back! The preview shows her in the same clothes as when she jumped off the cliff….
      It’s probably just me…just saying.

  2. ayu says:

    waaahh..he’s touching her face again..I love seung gi’s naughty hand, LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is not a drama! This is action! woooow to the highest level! 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi tryp , Do you know when will be the final TK2H event and where ? ^-^

  5. Pete says:

    More screen time on the Royal honey bees couple rating points will definitely go higher….keep going! Their sweet and passionate kisses are causing a hot sensation all over Asia…Wooohooo!

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah! let the couple finished the WOC first! if they don’t win we will not be having an engagement and couple scene! 😀

      • Anonymous says:

        They will win, Co’s the engagement party is already filmed….
        The PD already gave the hint by inviting the fans to the party.

  6. Pete says:

    The Royal honey bees couple will definitely win!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am a huge fan of Seung-Gi and a TK2H freak. Yet I was a bit disappointed with the latest episodes. From the start I was wondering why the WOC would take place in Japan. It’s all fiction, yet it showed the real map of an island which IS a big political issue in Asia. Honestly I asked myself: How could anyone have Seung=Gi play with a “Self Defense Forces” joke when he is getting ready for the Budokan concert. there? Does the writer want him to say that joke so badly that the host nation should be Japan? I know TK2H has a black-humor side and you should wait to see how those different sides develop toward the ending, yet I am worried if some netizens would pick on the matter.
    I may be going too far. I shouldn’t be worried….I should enjoy the drama as fiction. Our prince JaeHa and all the actors and actresses are SUPER Daebak. I didn’t mean to underestimate the drama or anything like that but I am just concerned. I would really appreciate if someone from other countries would shed some light on the matter. Thank you…

    • Anonymous says:

      They used japan maybe not to put a joke on them but rather be more realistic? A we all know japan is one of the Richest and largest economy in the world. And no one from US or China is holding them politically or economically. So to speak to widen their self defense when it comes to war holding a WOC they can gain more access. Maybe thats what Jae Ha told the governor.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s not a joke but from a leader to a leader point of view. Jae Ha was just stating what genius move Japan did,not participating but rather holding WOC. from that you can gain access in every country who is participating learn their moves and new strategy. And in every country we cannot under estimate what’s going on inside the minds of our leader. Just look on Jae Ha,during their WOC he wanted to win and got engage what was he’s first thought? to cheat,that is the basic characteristic of every leader in every country. even us ordinary people,the first thing that comes to our mind so we could have it all is maybe to cheat? or not play fair.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for sharing thoughts. I sincerely wish this high quality drama would let its true message out to the audience and I believe it would.

        • Anonymous says:

          I hope it helps you 🙂 you’re welcome. actually TK2H is not an ordinary kpop drama we used to know. though it’s a romance black comedy but it tackles deeper on political views. so if you are politically inclined you will understand where the drama is going to.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        Thank you!

    • KIT says:

      if you’re afraid fans will go against Seung Gi and boycott his budokan concert in japan,well they are not his real fans. it wasn’t him who’s telling those words but Lee Jae Ha the character. Seung Gi is an actor in any given circumstances wether the role is sensitive or not? if you are dedicated to your job you will do everything that you can to give justice to your work. If you going to limit yourself because you’re afraid people might pick on you,then you are going no where. Seung Gi is doing a great job. And that is one thing I love about this drama,they are not afraid to be morally and politically criticized by people. because in real life wether we admit or not,that is really whats going on in our world today. Full of corruption,deceipt,crimes and immorality.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for being outspoken and let out what you feel.. I may be wrong but I think I understand the intention of this drama since I watch every episode so many times. I do want to give justice to their excellent job.
        That is why I was giving it a thought about the sensitiveness on the international issues. You cannot say it is just a drama as long as it has a message behind it.
        SeungGi’s dedicated Japanese fans will never ever do anything to do harm on their dream-come-true HOPE concert. They are Sooo Badly looking forward to June 1st.
        I just do hope those with groundless prejudices against K-drama and K-Pop trend wouldn’t make a big deal out of King Jae Ha’s line which definitely should be interpreted in a proper way.
        Well, I guess we ourselves should fight against Club M in the real world together with Jae Ha and his team. And I am sure that I am worried for nothing… We can win just like them.
        (By the way I felt so privileged to be able to pitch in for the lunch-box fan event. It shows how international fans can co-operate…)
        Once again thank you, KIT… I needed it… and thank you,AnnMichell

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much tryp .God Bless ..

  9. diahaksaeng says:

    Jae Ha personal shovel??? I still remember when he show his shovel on 1n2d, and Eun Jiwon really2 shock hahaha…. 😀

  10. Wood says:

    1) For the record, Japan DOES NOT have a military force after WWII. It has Japan Self-Defense Forces. Hence, mixing reality in TK2H, it makes sense that Japan is most suitable to hold such games because it cannot take part.

    Please Google or check out Wiki.

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