12.05.06 TK2H Fan Event – Lee Seung Gi


OMG, aren’t Airens just amazing? Just 4 days after the previous TK2H event organized by SeungGi fans from 3 countries, another fan event is taking place right now!!! This one is prepared by SeungGi fans from 4 different countries: Korea (SeungSunLove Cafe), Japan (SeungSunLove in Japan), China (China Cafe), and Singapore (Lee Seung Gi Singapore Fanclub). Can’t wait to hear more about the event! Hope to see lots of pictures! 😀

credit: seungsunlove cafe

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16 Responses to 12.05.06 TK2H Fan Event – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG! thats all…

  2. leogalsg says:

    Korea,japan,singapore n china airens…..u are daebak
    Proud of u….the items been wrapped beautifully…

  3. wanne says:

    Airens never stop to amaze me. Seriously, I think TK2H casts and staffs will be speechless and confused. Since the last time was also from Korea, Japan and China right? They might not notice that its different groups. Seunggi might have to explain to them ^^

    And dctk2h is also planning a fan event now. Talk about overwhelming love TK2H is getting.

    Thanks for the updates and photos Tryp.

  4. geeze says:

    wow fans are really awesome….whew…i can’t be even begin to fathom how wide Seung gi’s fan based is…

    • geeze says:

      oops how big or how many fans he have…

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeh just HOW BIG is his fan base? I don’t think i’ve seen that much gifts for a k-drama actor before… usually it’s just one meal or two but this is really cool!

        • Anonymous says:

          i think really big..and maybe most of his fans are noonas and ahjumas who are working maybe that why it’s so extravagant? :D..I myself was so amazed by the fans,I haven’t seen such elegant fan clubs before. They are very meticulous,they picked the very best for Seung Gi. No wonder Jo Jung seok was overwhelmed by it. 🙂

  5. Arhazivory says:

    Really great. Airens are a cut above the rest. 😀

  6. Qy says:

    But y don’t I see Singapore on the banner? Or is it written in kor? I don’t read kor… :S

  7. sarah says:

    SeungGi have awesomeness fans ever!! and of course He deserves it. Im all bow to all the warm-hearted fans!!:D

  8. Anonymous says:

    tryp can you know when will be the last filming for TK2H?

  9. M says:

    I always want to know, who came up with the crown logo?? Where it came about?? And Is it lsg official logo? bc its always on the fan products.

  10. seunggicharm says:

    The fans always make me speechless! I mean to be able to pull up something like the fan events and gifts is reallt amazing! I dunno how they did it overnight or what but they are just the most amazing fans i’ve ever seen!Very dedicated and really chooses the best for uri Seung Gi-yaa!

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