12.05.14 MBC Radio 2 O’clock Date – Lee Seung Gi

Photographer Cho Sei Hon was on a radio show today and talked briefly about SeungGi:

Based on what I read on dclsg, he said his first impression of SeungGi was that he had an upright, smart and clever image. After they talked, he had the feeling that SeungGi was someone who would change the entertainment industry. 😀

credit: dclsg

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9 Responses to 12.05.14 MBC Radio 2 O’clock Date – Lee Seung Gi

  1. zurah90 says:

    Our SeungGi oppa going to be a legend in future. Just mark my words 🙂

  2. Wood says:

    Omg, that’s the biggest compliment EVER !

    Much like how TK2H has changed the KDrama scene. 🙂 I’m lucky to be witnessing all these. 🙂

    • Wood says:

      On second thought, we have to be careful about setting any unrealistic expectations of him and giving him any more pressure. Just want him to be happy and enjoy what he does …

      • AnnMichelle says:

        My wish for him exactly…
        I only found out recently that in 2008, SG was banned from performing in MBC and SBS, just when he was trying to promote his newest album. It was due to disputes between stations and no fault of his at all. At the time, he could only do 1N2D. And we laughed at the way he promoted his songs whenever he could on 1N2D! I feel so bad. How frustrating and stressful it must have been for him! Any lesser person might have just given up. But, through his hard work, he became so popular that the stations wanted him on their programs.
        If anyone earns the right to do what he really wants to do, it is SG!

        • zurah90 says:

          Agreed with you, @AnnMichelle! He was so naive and young at that time. Other people must have given up but despite going through such hard times, he still works hard and strived for his best till where he is today. Not only that, he continued even more suavely and of course his fans, Airens understands him better. It’s understandable why people loves him. I used to think that he is just an ordinary artiste where you could follow him up like any other artistes but seeing him after all he contributed his efforts, he was way beyond that. At that young age, he tends to be more matured and his charisma outshines all the times. He is the best role model of all time. Because he is Lee Seung Gi.

        • eeeeeeena says:

          Hi, can you explain why is he banned? This is the first time I’ve heard of this..

  3. dalsg says:

    Not only the photographer had d feeling 🙂 . Seunggi will change international entertainment industry with all his talent & his good attitude!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i must say when it comes to FIRST Seung Gi must do it,coz in the end it will be successful!

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