12.05.17 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Jo Jeong Seok Points a Gun at Lee Seung Gi on ‘The King 2Hearts’ by enewsworld


12.05.16 Nielsen ratings: #10 TK2H 10.2 (Seoul 11.7, #8)

12.05.16 TNS ratings: #9 TK2H 10.8 (Seoul 14.0, #6)

12.05.16 TVing ratings: 27.6%

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5 Responses to 12.05.17 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so addicted to this drama! I love every character in it,even that evil Bong Gu he made his role so real if ever I would see him in person I might forget that he’s just acting I’ll slap him in the face for making the Royal Family and Hang Ah at mess. I wouldn’t mind watching them everyday. OMG! otoke? The end is near!It is so near but yet so far! I can’t even see a glimpse of light for the next 3 episodes. This is so heartwrenching! sob 😥 sob 😥

  2. Myoo says:

    this drama is mindf**king to the MAX!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the ratings,I think this is the best answer we all need. I took the liberty of taking a part of the interview with Miss Yoon Yoe Jung at LSGfan site. here it goes!

    When asked about the competitive Wednesday-Thursday drama ratings, particularly in light of the lower than expected ratings for The King 2 Hearts, Yoon Yeo Jung talked about the great filming environment in which everyone is giving their best despite the ratings.
    She said, “The director is a really brilliant person. The filming environment can be a downer when a drama’s ratings go down but because he’s able to steer us well, I really think he’s a great director. Typically, people show their true colors and who they really are when things are not going as well, as opposed to when things are going perfectly great. Therefore, we are all giving our best and having fun filming. I also said to Seunggi, ‘You’re going to be in big trouble if even this does great. People have to experience things that are not as successful in order to be humble (chuckles).’”
    She didn’t hesitate to compliment Lee Seung Gi’s polite, well-mannered nature. And she even revealed a funny episode regarding The King 2 Hearts tv ratings. “I joked to Seunggi, ‘You’re known to be an emperor?!’ I assured him ‘There have to be things that don’t work out as planned too’ and he answered ‘At least we were in 2nd place.’ (chuckles).”

  4. lmi1017 says:

    LSG is really humble and good spirited..For us, TK2H is actually number one!

  5. Seunggiisthebest says:

    Tk2h is the bestest kdrama I have ever watched. It’s so awesome and it’s really those people loss that they don’t watch it.

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