12.05.02 TK2H Fan Event – Gifts Part 3

Gift set for the cast/PD/writer:


Snacks/drinks for the cast and the cast’s staff (e.g. managers):


For Ha Ji Won:


For Jo Jung Suk:


For Lee Yoon Ji:


For Yoon Jae Moon:


For Lee Soon Jae:


For Yoon Yeo Jung:


For Lee Do Kyung:


For Lee Sung Min:


For Kwon Hyun Sang (Yeom Dong Ha):


For Choi Kwon (Kwon Young Bae):


For Jung Man Suk (Rhee Kang Seok):


For PD Lee Jae Kyu:


For Writer Hong Jin Ah:


credit: official fan cafe

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8 Responses to 12.05.02 TK2H Fan Event – Gifts Part 3

  1. esanmigue says:

    ALL of them I L-O-V-E 1000x! Airens are just awesome! My mouth is just wide open as I scroll down the screen. The word “awesome” is not enough to describe the Airens fantastic devotions to LSG 😀

  2. sun says:

    its incredible very impressive OMG!!!!

  3. sun says:

    I love all the casts , the are so amazing! This is the first drama that ireally love all of them but “SPECIALLY LOVES LSG/HJW”

  4. Anonymous says:

    OMG Airens
    Best Fan in the world

  5. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me, one of “The King” actor, chief secretary, tweeted after finishing his part thanking, the PDs, and the staff. Also thanked SeungGi’s fans for their support 🙂 I am sure all the staff were happy on the set SeungGi’s so many fan events.

  6. seunggicharm says:

    Oh my gosh! Airens are really DAEBAK! Whenever they give gifts they are always FABULOUS! Are those chocolates esp the 2hearts custom made?!WOW! I just love you guys! And the casts,staff and crews,PD,writer and managers must’ve felt the love from Airens! Airens sure knows how to shower people around Seung Gi with love by pampering them too..^^ Good job!

  7. gnubutnes says:

    I’m speachless….this is tooo AWESOME !!…. Airen…DAEBAK !!

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