12.05.17 TK2H Ep 18 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

*9 clips so far + HD link of Ep 18*

AhHa couple finally reunited!

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you!

I’ll be back (featuring a kiss :P)

bed scene? (PD-nim and writer-nim, please give us what we really want! :P)

Search everywhere!

phone call

ending scene

She’s right there!

sweet hug

credit: dclsg

Ep 18

credit: KRdrama

Ep 18 in HD

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17 Responses to 12.05.17 TK2H Ep 18 Cuts – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    today’s ep. 18 is more better than yesterday..
    because Aha couple always being apart..
    now they are back together!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, ahha couple back together 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am trying hard to refrain myself from watching ep 17 & 18, wanted to watch is in 1 shot to complete the 4 eps to the final…. but all these screen shots is tempting me to WATCH NOW !!

  4. darkn3ss says:

    lol @ that caption about what we really want and what is it that we really want lol ahhh a little Jae Hae 😀 who will have his mom’s killer moves 😀

  5. sweet says:

    is there any cut for bromance between JH n SK i love this two when they are 2gether beside our OTP

  6. Anonymous says:

    i teared up on when Hang Ah’s in prison then suddenly she felt Jae ha’s hand on her shoulder. and had a dream he was there comforting her.Then Jae Ha at his office looking blank afar. You can sense they have this connection even they are thousand miles apart.

  7. zurah90 says:

    That moment when JaeHa found and reunited with HangAh… oh that scene is very precious! I teared when HangAh had a dream of JaeHa by her side comforting her. At that time, she really need JaeHa the most…

    PD-nim, what’s with the light peck on the lips and bed scene is all about? Just make sure not to dissapoint us Hearties with the ending, because we WANT more of that!

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are no dull characters on this drama. even the electronic diary has its purpose! Loved it!

  9. KIT says:

    everytime I see them in bed together can’t help it but to think indecently. Wether to think did they kissed passionately? Did they do it again?Since Jae Ha was a player is he doing some weird things under those sheets?waaah! this thoughts came to me bec our respected PDnim keeps on teasing us,having them lying on same bed or lap pillowing or left in one room but nothing really is happening! If only I could make a request that the last episode will be their honeymoon and a very hot bed scene. So that these indecent thought will go out my senses! thank you!:)

    • hani says:

      heheh .. we should ask PD nim to read this… alert alert plsss…

    • Myoo says:

      I doubt that there will be a hot bed scene like in SeGa… this drama doesn’t throw romance ambiance easily… every hug, every kiss, every caress are so heard earned… but even so.. I don’t mind… just fill the last episode with joy, sweet, love, happiness and a bunch of babies… I am more than happy already.

  10. Singar77 says:

    Dear Tryp, Thank yuoso much for the cuts!
    I teared up when JaeHa and HangAh finnally reuinite!
    Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  11. ronaele99 says:

    The reunion scene between JH and HA now tops the best tear-jerking scenes for me in this drama. Next is when JH said he will give up his throne because he is not strong and the third for me, is when HA confronted him about the miscarriage. These 3 made me cry buckets. Oh, there is another one, JH and Q-mother crying moments. Waaaaaaah… so many of these sad scenes. For the heart touching ones, of course , nothing beats the proposal scene, the end of 60km run and all the kiss and hug scenes…hehehe. This drama is simply amazing! I now love PD Lee and Writers Hong. And I adore both HJW and LSG.

  12. Myoo says:

    holy mother of Lord where should I begin? I cut my own heart in hundred of pieces when I witness Hang Ah’s tower of rock breaks down in Jae Ha’s warm and soft caressing arms… the fact that she needs him as much as he’s need her is so damn beautiful as well as painful for our humble mind to absorb.. like being pulled in a circle of tornado’s emotion of soul mate’s true love.. I finally surrender powerlessly toward the strength of their unbreakable relationship.

    Jae Ha and Hang Ah.. will experience an amazing journey full of love, caress, respect, happiness.. all that is heavenly.. for a looooong looooong time…

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