12.05.19 TK2H vs Heritory Filming Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

*updated – 14 pics so far* Spoiler alert!

We can now breathe a sigh of relief. 😛 According to a fan account, JaeHa was talking to HangAh on the phone.

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A dclsg fan confirmed that this was TK2H filming:




Someone just tweeted this picture of SeungGi at 8:30pm KST. She said SeungGi was filming something, at a Heritory store in Ansan. But he has something in his right hand, and I think it looks like a TK2H script. 😛

source: twitter, dclsg, baidu tieba

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24 Responses to 12.05.19 TK2H vs Heritory Filming Fanpics – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    ha ji won wasn’t filiming today.. T_T
    is it?? she’s always busy with promotion movies

    • yy says:

      maybe she is not included in the scene…but i sort of feel bad cause there arent many fanpics of lsg/hjw or ah-ha recently…im starting to think they arent that close irl..
      k2h is ending, sad and also someone might die..sigh!!! k2h is bringing too much sadness..

      • Tammy says:

        LSG and HJW will show up at location shoot when they have a scene TOGETHER. I find your comment about their being close or not very funny. TK2H sad??? No way. I think it is very uplifting. Cannot wait for the last two episodes.

        • yy says:

          i meant k2h is bringing much sadness to me cause its ending..and the fact that there might be a character who dies. im just expressing my opinion.

  2. Eva says:

    kyaaaa! I’m so excited and dying to see next week’s episode…is it Wednesday yet?

  3. Lhej says:

    I feel relieved that Hang-ah will be with Jae-Ha until the end…I can’t bear the King’s agony if his better half will die…I almost died seeing him hugging and crying Hang-ah at episode 18. I don’t want SK to die too…how will Jae-shin accept another tragedy and yes, Jae-Ha will blame himself for it.

    • Eva says:

      100% Agree! Too bad Shi Kyung is not in the picture..are they hiding him from us? Are they trying to kill us all before next week’s episode? Shi Kyung-ah where are you? 😀

      • Lhej says:

        Yes this show is killing us…torturing us everyday from the start. I wonder if I’ll ever recover after this show ends. I quit speculating next scenes…I was always wrong. I love how unpredictable this show is and how it keeps surprising me! I ‘ll just prepare my heart for Wed-Thurs.

  4. zurah90 says:

    Life is unpredictable. I’m feeling grateful and thankful that we can peace our mind with AhHa couple. No more sad scenes for our AhHa couple, especially our JaeHa, he can’t let his precious tears gone to waste. He can tear out of hapiness but certainly not any sadness. And most importantly, he can’t live in guilt throughout his life. But not to worry, as HangAh helps us lessen our burden.

    Kim HangAh, your job now is to help us Hearties to seduce Lee JaeHa. Much as you can!😜

    • Eva says:

      “Kim HangAh, your job now is to help us Hearties to seduce Lee JaeHa. Much as you can!😜”

      ooohhhh yes please…you can do it Hang Ah! cheering for you from the sideline ^_*

      • zurah90 says:

        Or maybe we can expect to see our own King Lee JaeHa make his first move… lols 😀

        • Eva says:

          Ah that one I would love to see too! Aigoooo, it doesn’t matter who does it as long as they DO IT! *i apologize for my dirty mind*

          • zurah90 says:

            Dearie, don’t apologize. It’s normal when it is about AhHa…because our Royal couple already made us this way. Hahaha 😁

      • Pete says:

        Go gal….give us lots of hot embraces shots, Kim Hang Ah is no more the warrior but a loving and sexy Queen to King Jae Ha….Yeah!

  5. LSGwonmeover says:

    heritory’s a men’s brand right?…..
    maybe he’s shopping for Shi Kyung…..
    you know …..as his best man:))
    ps: first post! LOL, can’t believe i’ve never posted here,
    hanging here most of the time since TK2H started.

  6. Anonymous says:

    maybe this the epilogue of the drama,Jae Ha now is the Best Man for Si Kyung and Jae Shin’s wedding trying to find a Grooms dress for Si Kyung. Since he’s talking on Hang Ah on the phone because Hang Ah is on her 9th month pregnant she can’t go with Jae Ha. he is asking his wife what to buy for Si Kyung. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    In my analysis,I think Si Kyung will not die like what you’ve all said Jae ha will blame himself for the rest of his life. Jae Shin will be devastated finding the last resort for her to be happy and strong was killed. As you can see on episode 18 when Si Kyung told Jae Shin to do everything he told her before he came back that doesn’t mean a goodbye but something for Jae Shin to hold on to. If Si Kyung will die Jae Shin will be more heartbroken because Si Kyung himself told her to wait for him. (not literally but thats what he meant). And Jae Ha telling Hang Ah that he will blamed himself for the rest of his life because of Si Kyung’s death is also a hint that he will not die,telling those things before it happens indicates that Si Kyung mustn’t die because this will bring agony to the King’s character it will be another set of story of pain and regrets. But then again I might be wrong…I hope not!

  8. Donuts says:

    I’ll be super surprised if Eun Sikyung dies. Like many of you have already stated, it would make Jaeha blame himself forever and also kill Jaeshin’s happiness. In addition, Eun Sikyung embodies the symbol of the King’s power – the faith and passion of the people. To have him die just wouldn’t make any sense unless the writer is trying to make a martyr out of him because in that case, there will be revenge since he’s my favorite character! Hahah.

  9. Pete says:

    The last 2 episodes we’ll see the Royal honey bees couple having more romantic time together, a lavish wedding party, a hot bed scene and their baby….Shalalal! All these scenes …kissings and huggings are normally filmed indoors….shalala! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. Pete says:

    Anyway, I hope the PD will prolong TK2H to 22 episodes, just screening Jae Ha and Hang Ah lovey dovey together to make up their not so many screen shots

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