AhHa couple’s kiss broken down step by step

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source: dclsg

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51 Responses to AhHa couple’s kiss broken down step by step

  1. Gi-ya says:


  2. Eva says:

    Tryp…the title just killed me! LMAO!

  3. zurah90 says:

    Thank you dear Admin Tryp! That was breathtaking! You know why i love this site so much? Because in here, i get to witness everything, even a very small details. Even the kissing scenes shown in step by step… Truely amazing! 👍👍👍👍👍

  4. ann says:

    Yup seunggi opened his mouth and deepened the kiss! He looks TOO natural kissing Ha Ji Won

  5. sweet says:

    but this could be better if the cameraman could close up the kiss hehehe 🙂

  6. ronaele99 says:

    woooot wooooooooooot….. my goodness…LSG was so daring hehehe…forcing a deep kiss..lol. Hope someone can zoom it in….i like this scene very much.

  7. Callie ♥ says:

    wow…*gulp*…i bet he’s a great kisser…

  8. anon says:

    I’m pretty sure the damned editing made this kiss so much shorter than it was!! ughhhhh, you suck Editor-nim!! heh

  9. kiko says:

    Now Taecon is so envy at LSG ehehehe

  10. Purply says:

    The kiss scene is just so sweet and lovely!

  11. zoilat says:

    Wooooaaahhhhh lee sueng gi is really inlove to her nuna^^he kissed her deeeeeeppppppppp~~~~~~i guess he is telling the truth about falling inlove to her^^

  12. THREI says:

    the kiss is short but DEEP! you can see how Seung Gi pressed his lips on Ji Won’s lips. 🙂

  13. saerint says:

    ooohhhhh damn!!!! so HoTTTTT!!!!! LSG i’m now officially ur girl lol…i was breathless the whole while u were kissing Ha Ji Won… n i dont think Ha Ji Won was expecting the deep kiss..what i like bout Lsg is that we can see his earnestness when he is kissing or hugging her….i wish i was her….hoohoooo dear LSG you have spoiled me for other man…

  14. zambak70 says:

    is there anything to say after this slow motion”eye feast”?! look at LSG ”hands”,he says,”noona give up,the control is by me” Seung gi you killed me,here is a noona too^^ blessed ji won, after this kiss,she will be rate her kisses ”before and after the KING”!

  15. Divine Jiwon says:

    oho!this isnt acting anymore,he is kissing her for real, wow lee seung gi you are such a good kisser.!!!!!

  16. I wonder that kiss was for Kim Hang Ah or Ha Ji Won. LOL

  17. manassuper says:

    seeing this kiss i just wonder how they shut on and off screen when they are bound to get attracted to each other filming this intimate kissing scenes.this kiss was really intriguing and captivating.hoping for a even better outcome tomorrow.the little JAE HA i see in the TK2H group photos gives me high hopes.TK2H FIGHTING!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Whyyy the director shoot from far,,when I watch sega or lie to me and other k drama they still shoot hot kiss like this close up,,Eeerrrrr.. Especially sega which has many kiss scene,,I want K2H like that,,he3

    • M says:

      I want to see it close up too but I think they want to show jh hands motion haha but can’t they flim it zoom in to out.. Instead of just far away!!

    • anonymous noona says:

      Maybe the kiss scene wasn’t meant to be for the drama. Lee Seung Gi was caught in the moment and suddenly kissed Ha Ji Won without thinking that they are filming. That’s why the camera shot from afar,the PDnim was shock on whats happening and didn’t stop filming. It was the last shoot they have if I remember. So PD Lee didn’t edit out the kiss scene so it will looks like it is included in the drama. 🙂
      Oh nevermind my analyzation I’m just thinking too hard right now,I’m having so much trouble not to think too much about this couple. 🙂

  19. spying says:

    i love how seungi just grabs her like a man rrrrrawwrrrrr- i am blushing watching this– its his goddbye kiss i guess- filming is overrrrr…….lsg to hjw kiss – i don’t know if this is acting – that’ s why the camera man stayed away LOL.

    • leelee says:

      I was blushing too, it felt like watching a private moment between these two

    • Kat says:

      LOL! can you see ha ji won’s eyes? i think she likes “lee seung gi” too.. yeeeeeeeeeeee! i get goosebumps.. the first two kisses are actually kindda sweet.. they like each other, FOR REAL! I’m so positive about it.. their kisses seem more real when we compare it to other kiss scenes they had with their previous drama partner. don’t you think? 😀

  20. spying says:

    Gong Yoo up until now is the best kisser in kdrama for me – I guess after this Lee Seung Gi Is the best kisser in Kdrama land . LOL Wow this Seung gi kid – he takes everything seriously and does everything right. or maybe there is something personal here -he he he

  21. leelee says:

    The kiss felt so…real *speechless*

  22. sunby says:

    HJW responded so well , he is a good lead….LSG u are the best! both are very comfortable!!!!Jt like the fridge kiss with close up shot u can see both of them jt connect n click.

  23. ronaele99 says:

    Looking closely, it was so hot and deep ! That is why it was not close up..gosh..will surely not pass censorship…heheheh

  24. Seung gi Is not innocent anymore! hahaha. It really looks so real in here..He has really matured already. Guess it’s true he has feelings for ji won .

  25. Anonymous says:

    it’s getting deeper and deeper lol!

  26. Anonymous says:

    btw someone click the thumbs down button could it be you hyun bin??? LOL!!!

  27. katniss primrose says:

    WAAAAH! That seem to be a REAL KISS! Seunggi-yaaah! kekekeke

  28. Anonymous says:

    Gaah~ obviously a good deep kiss, however what caught me was the way SeungGi pulled and put HJW’s hands around him. That action alone was so HOT!!

  29. m_g says:

    They always sweet and hot kisss omg I can’t believe it T T It’s already ep 20 tonight hahaha

  30. Minsun says:

    Did you see that HJW kissed back quite aggressively in the first gif? It was very very nice.
    Actually I like the angle and the fact that we can see their body language. The zoom clip (thank you muah whoever did this!) is gd enough for us to see whatever close ups we need…..

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