12.05.24 TK2H Wrap Party Photos – Lee Seung Gi

Our AhHa couple… Goodbye… 😦






BongBong is asking for the king’s autograph? 😛




credit: as labeled

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49 Responses to 12.05.24 TK2H Wrap Party Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. M says:

    lsg look like he’s out of it. his face look so bloated. nevertheless he look great!! hope to see more pics

    • anon says:

      more than out of it…he just looks very tired!! After the emotional wringer this drama put him through am sure he needs some down time. He won’t even get to rest up before his concert!! :/

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gonjunim’s not with Oppa?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dress code wrap party: white???
    Except: bong gu n bong2 XD
    Btw, thanks tryp

    • Anonymous says:

      maybe casual dress code? because they’ve been wearing suits and formal dresses the whole drama. they need a relaxing atmosphere. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi looks drunk! is he? or he’s in heaven bec he’s sitting right next to his love Ji Won!

  5. revolu says:

    aww they are sitting next to each other :p

  6. meliejoo says:

    oh god! why is seung gi’s hair looks messy??
    is he drunk??

  7. mimi says:

    Drunk or not, LSG looks hot. You know, the kind of hotness that you’d expect when he’s rolling out of bed!
    On another note, damn, HJW and LSG look so compatible! 🙂

  8. po says:

    i think we got used to his immaculately clean Jaeha hair that we forgot lsg’s hair is really messy. im sure hes not drunk he’s just gone back to being his puppy self haha
    seeing them now out of their costumes and into their casual clothes..im seeing lee seung gi, and ha jiwon as their real selves
    even hjw changed already her twitter pic from kim hangah to… well..herself..shes moving on
    just hit me that this is really the end of the k2h world
    goodbye jaeha, hangah..
    bye awesome pairing lsg-hjw…
    til next time 😦

    • anon says:

      They still look good out of their Ah-Ha costumes!!

      Seung-gi ask her out already?!! but, can our puppy throw caution to the wind and do so!!

  9. marneh11 says:

    i want more from LSG and HJw

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seung gi wear white t-shirt! Gwwwaatt! And your collar bones….aaiiisssshhhh….HOT

  11. Divine Jiwon says:

    lee seung gi looks always hot in white.

  12. anonymous noona says:

    He’s definitely tired,from the look on his eyes. that’s why he looks drunk. I hope he gets some rest before his Budokan concert. This boy is a robot (accdg to Shin MInah). You start his engine he won’t stop unless you told him so,very dedicated man. I wonder what kind of Family genes he has for him to have such manner and dedication. Is He from the real Royal Lee Family of Joseon Dynasty? Very Kingly attitude!

  13. zambak70 says:

    oh my sweetiest look at him^^he look drunk but more sleepy and tired.drunk or not who cares he need to relax too.his noona is energyfull ,or had the royalpair a before wrapparty:) and the bonbon girl,i knew it she had crush with the King from the beginning^^

  14. Anonymous says:

    I saw this on another fansite of Seung Gi i hope it is ok if I posted it here. thanks

    eng trans yuling based on chinese trans of urtheking weibo

    1) The staff from the production crew expressed this: After finishing/watching the last 2 episodes, you would be able to understand better why Lee Seung Gi received praises for his acting.

    2) The kissing scene in Ep 19 was an additional scene. It wasn’t in the script originally.

    3) In the original script, Jae Ha did not manage to save Hang Ah successfully from the Chinese detention centre, Hang Ah was (supposedly) moved away by Bong Goo. It’s really scary, a classic scene (like this) was almost not shown.

    4) The Korean fans mentioned that the director added in the kiss scenes with this way of thinking: Okay okay okay, you all have made so much ‘noise’, just enjoy the additional kiss scenes and ‘leave’!

    5) Seems like from dcinside, there is 1 fan who said that when Si Kyung was dying, Seung Gi cried very terribly, he was still crying after the director shouted ‘cut’.

    6) There is yet another fan account for what happened : After the shout for ‘cut’, (Seung Gi) wasn’t able to recover from his emotions immediately, he cried for a long period of time. After the filming had totally ended, he was still in the same position, not moving at all. When he got into the car and greeted the fans, his voice was completely hoarse.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’am sry i didn’t understand no. 4 ^-^

      • Anonymous says:

        I think its about the demand for additional kissing scene. they added the last one on episode 19 because fans keeps bugging PD Lee..So something like he said “ok ok i heard you just keep quiet,go and watch it!”

  15. sarah says:

    aww SeungGi ya looks a litttle tired.. but I guess He´s happy sitting beside her Noona.. ^^ hope he can have a little rest before the next big event, his concert in Japan..! 😀 SeungiGi ya Be Healthy!! 🙂
    Love all the photos Tryp.. Thanks!! ;D really looks like they have good time..^^ time to relax TK2H team..^`

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is it true or my translation about the news regarding TK2H,isn’t that accurate? I hope some will help me out here (this is good news,thats why I want to know if I understand it correctly 🙂 ). Just saw some news from nate and mydaily that TK2H pioneered a new genre of drama in history. High in quality and class. I hope I’m right. 🙂

  17. zurah90 says:

    SeungGi oppa looks tired. Just hope he have have nice rest before he starts his Budokan concert. Oh the 2nd pic, is oppa pointing on JiWon unnie bracelet’s while she pointing to the cake? Concern much, oppa? 😉

  18. Yon says:

    Seung Gi does looks tired… or did just woke up from his nap? maybe… but it’s good to see Seung Gi again!!! Actually i kind of like this hairstyle…haha… the wake-up hairstyle.. it’s cute on him.. don’t you think so? hehehe….

    This drama must have been emotionally draining him out….

    Hope he take another good rest before his japan concert…

  19. May says:

    Thanks Tryp for update. Love poor Seung gi, he looks tired, he must relax for his well healthy. Hope to see your smiles everyday. Seunggi ayyyyyyyyyyyy… love love love…. you sooooooooooooo much….. and miss you very very very……….
    Seunggi Fighting!!!

  20. sunby says:

    I miss them real bad !He looks sexy with his “jt woke up ” hair style!They are still close dun u gals think so??

  21. dalsg says:

    I just ♥ looks him in casual 🙂 feels like he have a rest time at my home 🙂 stay healthy for all d team! Thanks for make an awesome drama ever!!

  22. jae says:

    to TK2H actors and production team, thank you so much for awsome drama and wonderful journey!
    and for tryp96, thank you for a lot of info about TK2H..
    you all will be missed ^^

  23. Anonymous says:

    He had a commercial filming that day. That’s why he has that hairdo. He looks gorgeous in that shirt. Just love him.

  24. Jade Butterfly says:

    THANK U Tryp ! So much !
    You’ve been the Top Go-To for K2H . Its been a real pleasure . Thanks from Singapore .

  25. was the white top the dress code? why did they wear same color top? Dont say even now their hearts are connected to each other? wow

  26. seunggicharm says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics tryp! hope to see more.. 🙂 Seung Gi has always been HOT with a white shirt on..I just love him more on casual attire..it brings back 1n2d memories too.. ^__^ Anyway, I really hope he can still have at least a day to rest (which I think isn’t possible because he needs to prep for the concert in Japan).. Good job!

  27. sweet says:

    JAE HA shiiii…. HANG AH shiiii….

    i’ll miss u two…

  28. Eva says:

    Lee Seung Gi still looking hot with that messy hair but he really looks tired. He needs to get some rest before he starts on his Budokan concert practice. Hope he doesn’t get sick. I will miss all of them and I’m so glad that LSG took the Jae Ha role in TK2H. He’s the lead star on my number ONE kdrama partnered with one of my favorite K-actress ~ HJW ~ A deadly superb combination.

    Thanks Tryp for everything you gave us throughout this drama. Wish LSG will have another Daebak show next year. ^_*

  29. KIT says:

    After watching the finale of the drama,I had this thought in my mind. Did writer Hong left an opening for a sequel to the drama. Why? 1st The ending ends with Bong Gu is still alive in prison life sentence,there’s a possibility for Bong Gu to escape,we should never forget he’s got the money and power. 2nd though the ending between Jae Ha and Hang Ah is a happy ending but still there’s an opposition to their marriage,yes life is not like sweet and honey. they will still have to struggle with their life as a couple and as a one nation for both North and South. I’m saying theres an opening for a sequel for TK2H,because they can start the story about the struggle of The Royal couple as husband and wife,their nations differences and Bong Gu’s another appearance in their life. He even threatens the king that in 5 years they will be divided again and start a war. The drama ends after 4 years,there’s 1 more year left for all those things to happen. Aaah stress I don’t know.. I just love the drama so much I wanted it to stay forever. 😦

    • G says:

      I’m thinking the same thing about the part that it ended after 4years. I’m expecting it to be 5 years but it’s just 4years. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for PART 2!!! ^^

      • hani says:

        no .. no part 2 pls.. if part 2 then no more sung gi ..no more ha ji won ( i mean for sure they will change the lead actor and actress).. syiro yo .. hahahha

        • KIT says:

          as far a I understand Seung Gi’s latest message,he is looking forward to act again soon. 🙂 Maybe they’ll keep him and Ha Ji Won. This is going to be new trend for KDramas,a sequel and the same actors. I haven’t seen KDrama did this kind of stuff before. 🙂

  30. ronaele99 says:

    I saw more wrap up pictures in the galldc site. I hope some kind heartie please share them here. Thank you in advance.

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