‘The King’ PD “The world created by Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi will linger for a long time”

Sorry I don’t have time to translate the full article, just SeungGi related parts:

PD Lee Jae Gyu expresses his gratitude for Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi.

“I hope the world created by Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi will leave a deep impression for a long time. I’ve been extremely happy being with these two people.”

“Lee Seung Gi is an actor with a head that’s clear like purified water and a heart that’s warmer than anyone else. I think his extraordinary passion is the deep foundation of his acting. As a director, I couldn’t be any happier seeing Lee Seung Gi evolving day by day. In ‘The King’, Lee Seung Gi clearly and passionately expressed how a smart young man hid behind so-called powerless reality but was reborn after breaking out of his shell. Now, I’ve started to feel the power of a mature actor from Lee Seung Gi.”

source: tvreport via nate
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
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14 Responses to ‘The King’ PD “The world created by Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi will linger for a long time”

  1. getgotgotten says:

    OMG so pround of SG
    Lee Seung Gi the actor will linger in my heart forever

    The King 2 Hearts is the legend drama

  2. lovehjw says:

    PD lee gave a very high evaluation to Lee Seung Gi, his acting has improved tremendously in TK2H, he deserves such appraisal. Really hope that he will get the best actor award in this year.

  3. AnnMichelle says:

    In short, Seung Gi totally fulfilled what the PD wanted the character to do. He changed. He grew. He came into his own being.
    Feel really privileged to witness this process!

  4. Divine Jiwon says:

    Lee Seung gi i know you will get a daesang for your great performance.i love u seung gi muah.PD lee is really a brilliant director he brought out the best of LSG and same also for what he did with HAJIWON in DAMO and King 2 hearts..i will surely miss king2hearts and especially LSG and HJW hope to see them again in another projects pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.thank you tryp.MUAH!!!!

  5. zurah90 says:

    I’m so proud of Lee SeungGi oppa! 😀 It’s the fact that the PD felt it that way towards our King! 🙂 I’m sure this PD going to take SeungGi oppa again for another drama in future! 🙂

  6. seunggicharm says:

    Thanks so much PDnim for your praises for uri Seung Gi.. It is very obvious that he really came out of his shelter with this drama. He has proven that he is a great actor and indeed a very hardworking one. If he wouldn’t be given an award for his acting in The King 2Hearts…LET’S SUE THEM!hah! He’s the kind actor that has matured so well that it showed wonderfully on how he acts and does his job.. He deserves to win a daesang for this great improvement!^_^

  7. favfan says:

    Yes, it is true what PD Lee said, Lee Seung Gi has really step up and set a high standard for himself, also prove to people that he can acts well. With just 3 or 4 dramas experiences behind him, he really did a excellent job. In the beginning, I felt that he didn’t manage the kissing scene parts well, which still lack some passionate feeling to the partner, hope that in next drama, he can do a better job. Last but not least, he deserved to win the best actor and best couple award.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So proud to LSG!
    And Airen really proud to u.
    Actor LSG, go…go…conquer the world. Fighting!!!

  9. joingen says:

    We can never have enough of people showing sooo much love for Seunggi! I’m so glad Seunggi did this drama. He really gained a lot. The experience of working with the awesome CAST, and getting the recognition he truly deserves makes taking on this risky project so worth it.
    The world they created will not only linger for a long time, it will linger FOREVER! Seunggi-ya, daebak!

  10. Myoo says:

    Lee Seung Gi is the BEST young actor is Korea so far.

  11. ronaele99 says:

    I hope someone can translate the complete article. I want to know what the PD said about this great drama. Thank you kind hearties.

  12. lia listiana says:

    lee seung gi is the best……!!!

  13. I very like Lee Seung Gy act with Ha Ji Won

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