The Evolution of Lee Jae Ha’s Kiss Scenes Over the Years






source: dctk2h

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29 Responses to The Evolution of Lee Jae Ha’s Kiss Scenes Over the Years

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why Lee Jae Ha, it must be Actor Lee Seung Gi, right? Look like you still miss Jae Ha 🙂

  2. diahaksaeng says:

    How funny is this…i and my sister always discuss about that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. zurah90 says:

    Pardon me, but why do i still see our AhHa’s fridge kiss is more special and sensual? Lols, for a 22 year old saying this…am i a pervert now? Aigoo~~~

  4. Aigoo, Jae-Ha ah, u’ve grown up…heehee

  5. hani says:

    sung gi ya..stop swallow ha ji won ..hahahah..can’t stop looking for the last picture

  6. Anonymous says:

    still love to seeing “kiss scene” pict #1 event not “hot and syur syur”

  7. Divine Jiwon says:

    seunggi what a great kisser you are hehehe.thanks tryp. i miss k2h so bad especially seung gi i cant move and dont want too hehehe ,so glad you are here tryp. here is a big hug and thanks for u.muah!!!!

  8. WhiteJasmine says:

    Among the bridge kiss, bead kiss, and fridge kiss….but I still love the first ^-^

  9. balen10 says:

    ahHa kissing scenes were the hottest and sensual! the rest are cute.

  10. sapphire says:

    I still prefer seung gi – hyo joo kiss on the bridge

    • jude says:

      i never take sides but i think bridge scene is more romantic.. since it was on BL where i first came to knew Seunggi that’s why bridge scene is the most memorable scene for me.
      In the future, Seunggi will make a tons of drama w/ several actress but HwanSung couple will always be a special one for me..

  11. Anonymous says:

    the everland kiss is more of a real kiss and not of a drama kiss.

  12. anonymous noona says:

    Seung Gi’s kiss with Hyoju is a kiss of a young man who just falls inlove with his first love.
    Seung Gi’s kiss with Minah is a mid 20’s man who is desperately inlove with a woman.
    Seung Gi’s fridge kiss with Jiwon is an early 30’s man who is willing to try to fall in a real love.
    Seung Gi’s everland with Jiwon is a man whose willing to spend his whole life to the woman he loves.
    That’s the evolution of Seung Gi’s Kiss. 🙂

    • anonymous noona says:

      *WITH the woman he loves.

    • zurah90 says:

      @anonymous noona Yeah unnie, i agreed with you tremendously! That’s how the evolutions work! I’m envy with all the lucky actresses who gets to locks lip with SeungGi oppa 🙂

    • saerint says:

      spot on…imo. the fridge kiss i feel like his 1st tasting of the woman who he has been idolizing since SEga..but while the everland kiss…show he is sure of why he is still infatuated with Ha Ji…I say LSg is a great kisser for sure….ooohh he makes wanna be

  13. Jade Butterfly says:

    Seunggi no longer has credibility saying that he isn’t a experienced kisser .
    I..dare I say , we , are all hot & bothered by his hugs & kisses . I’m sure HJW , being a hotblooded female is ,unadmittedly , stirred by them too. Confess Ha JiWon!

  14. seunggicharm says:

    hahaha..this is really insane! but i really miss HoiHoi couple so much! I must agree though that his kisses on tk2h were daebak and it keeps on haunting me..goosebumps!’s the first time i felt envious of the women who shared a sweet kiss with him..kyaaaaaa..hehehe

  15. gladys ann says:

    I think he really fall for ha ji won… he’s eyes are very intense… especially his eyes when they were feeding the tiger… its like a real date. also when they filmed the engagement.. gosh my fave scene..
    they look liked a real couple… wih the cute princey… 🙂

  16. saerint says:

    maybe i’m pervert or something…been replaying the fridge & everland kiss over & over & over again…….i cant get enough…love so much the feeling when watching these two kiss…its so real n earnest!!!!

  17. sunby says:

    Saerint agree to the max….Yes i think he is head over heels in love with her , yes,yes his eyes gave him away …..the hugs n kisses of the century by LSG..he is a pro OK!

  18. airentori says:

    대박!!! 승기오빠 사랑해~♡

  19. Anonymous says:

    mmmmph, damn! he just ATE her in the last pic

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