Budokan Concert D-3: Photo Messages from Lee Seung Gi

credit: leeseunggi.jp

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8 Responses to Budokan Concert D-3: Photo Messages from Lee Seung Gi

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  2. meliejoo says:

    i don’t like this hairstyle;;
    don’t perm it.. T_T

  3. Sara says:

    He seems very tired. Please rest a bit.

  4. Jade Butterfly says:

    I see..they didn’t fire his old hairstylist…he’s pouffy hairdos of old are slowly but surely creeping back.
    @ Hook :If anyone from Hook is reading this , please note how gorgeous he looked in uncurled , unpuffed hair ala manly king Jaeha. can you please take the cue from there & progress along those lines?

    • kimchi says:

      yeah.. Seunggi, I know you’re handsome whatever hair style you wear but a better hairdo will make you look more stunning. ^_^

  5. Immy says:

    Ya Ya Ya So cute every style…Love LSG so much ah!

  6. thebidunews says:

    please tell me what he want to say from his messages. I don’t know korean. please!

  7. Song I says:

    Miss you. Nobody believe that I am Łēê Seung Gi’s sister.

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