12.06.03 Lee Seung Gi @ IU’s Concert

Aren’t We Friends + Time for Love

source: dclsg

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6 Responses to 12.06.03 Lee Seung Gi @ IU’s Concert

  1. anonymous noona says:

    waah I can’t help but smile when I heard the guys shouting “wooow daebak! daebak!” and kept on cheering on Seung Gi. Isn’t he daebak,neh guys? 🙂

    • anonymous noona says:

      and wait just an observation while he sings the time for love he didn’t even improvise asking the audience for a date? Hmmm Seung Gi have you found that someone to date with? (Ha Ji Won). 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cant help but smile at fanboy reaction
    When IU said Lee Seung Gi they like “really Is he really coming” “Daebak Daebak”
    So glad that guys like SG as well

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonder what Seung Gi’s talking, it seems nice.

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