2012.06.05 Happy 8th Debut Anniversary to Lee Seung Gi!

2004.06.05 – 2012.06.05

This lovely video is a tribute from the Lee Seung Gi Singapore fan club:

credit: Lee Seung Gi Singapore

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11 Responses to 2012.06.05 Happy 8th Debut Anniversary to Lee Seung Gi!

  1. tryp96 says:

    SeungGi ya, thank you for all the joy and happiness you’ve brought to Airens in the last 8 years! This world is so much better because of you!

    • revolu says:

      He definitely has been a positive influence on the world, kudos to him 🙂

      But you know nuna, you could have just wrote a short blog post instead of a comment lol We don’t mind hearing your thoughts :p

      • tryp96 says:

        Haha, I’m ashamed to say that I DID try to write a short post, but I really wasn’t feeling very creative. So I had to give up. But I’m going to blame it on jet lag this time. So hopefully you guys will forgive me. 😛

        • revolu says:

          nuna, you dont have to be creative, just say your thoughts without too many grammer mistakes and I’m sure it would be fantastic XD

          But if you just wanna do a comment, thats fine too lol, whatever you feel comfortable with 🙂

          Btw, which country are you from, the US?

  2. leogal says:

    Gd job Singapore Airens….
    8 years , A multi entertainer that everyone love..
    Stay humble seung gi and continue to shine..
    Will always support u from where i am…

  3. annalove24 says:

    Seung Gi, I will love you forever though I just started to love you when I watched TK2H. You grew in me since MGIG. And you never left my heart. :”>
    Happy 8th Debut Anniversary!! ♥

  4. zurah90 says:

    A very big thank you to Singapore Airen and Tryp, you have always brought us updates on our Lee Seung Gi and we really appreciates sincerely from the bottom of our heart.

    Dear Lee Seung Gi oppa, i used to watch you over the small screen, but i’ve grown so much learning more about you every each single day. You always show your best efforts for 8 years and you never fails to bring us joy! Thank you for being you, for being a superb role model to us all around the globe. You, who gave us an extraordinary strengths and show us your determinations, we will always remember your good deeds. We love and keep on supporting you always ♥♥♥
    Please be healthy and be cheerful as always! Hwaiting!!! Happy 8th Debut Anniversary!!!
    With lot of loves from your Airen…

    (Oh yeah, JiWon unnie will be going to LA to promote her movie, “Korea” today!)

  5. Divine Jiwon says:

    Seunggi happy 8th debut anniversary, more blessings to come and take care always. all the best for you, saranghe!!!

  6. anonymous noona says:

    Congratulations on your 8th year anniversary in the entertainment industry. There is no doubt that you’re Korea’s most talented,multi entertainer ever born. I wish you more success,happiness and specially good health. If there’s one more to wish for you that I hope God will provide the soonest,is for you to find that special girl who will trully love and take care of you. Of all, you deserve to be happy like a normal human being :).
    Stay humble,respectful,thoughtful person. don’t let fame overtakes you. Instead the more famous you’ve become the more humble you should be. Your humble personality can lead you to a bigger and better world no one could imagine. Also don’t let criticism takes you down,let it be your inspiration to strive more. As the saying goes “If people doesn’t noticed or crticized you,it only means they are not interested in you.”
    Stay healthy and get some rest. Congratulations again! saranghae. ♥♥♥

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw the USB Airens gave to Seung Gi that one very impressive USB 🙂

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