Celebrating Lee Seung Gi’s 8 Years in Entertainment Industry


Remember the international fan project organized by Haart?

With all the support and love from Airens all over the world, the message video has been completed and sent to Seunggi in a beautiful USB.
We are sure that he’d be happy to know that he’s always loved and supported.

Thank 240 Airens from 21 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, HongKong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Morroco, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Turkey, USA and Vietnam for sending more than 230 congratulating messages.
Thank Malaysia Airens for giving us the chance to celebrating the anniversary together.
Thank Airen bloggers who helps to spead the words about the project.
Thank Airen country fanclubs for calling for participation.
Thank you all for being a part of the project.
And we are sorry we couldn’t include the answers due to limited length. We will certainly use them later if having chance.

8 years – Seunggi has taught us to live with sincerity and We know that we’d walk with Seunggi many more years!

Thank you again and see you soon in upcoming projects!

Project Coordinators

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7 Responses to Celebrating Lee Seung Gi’s 8 Years in Entertainment Industry

  1. Leogalsg says:

    Good Job , Haart. A pat on the back from me.
    Seung gi will love and appreciate it….

  2. zurah90 says:

    This video contains heartfelt messages, so yeah our SeungGi will love it. Hope this messages from Airen keep on giving him strength everyday! 🙂

  3. Giggl says:

    Oh dear, they missed us out. i.e. Singapore.

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