12.06.06 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Great news for Singapore fans!!!

Faith & D Entertainment, the agency that’s been working hard to bring SeungGi to Singapore, has recently changed its cover photo, to a picture of our SeungGi! This was also posted on its facebook page today:

Our cover photo – the King looks really charming isn’t it? ^_^ Thanks for your patience everyone. We know that you all are really anxious for the good news. Just a while more okay? It is certainly an event worth waiting for!

Even though it’s not 100% confirmed yet, there’s a very good chance that SeungGi will be visiting Singapore in the near future, to meet with his lovely fans there!!!

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16 Responses to 12.06.06 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. Lee Seung Gi Singapore says:

    Looking forward to it~ ~

  2. Muljen says:

    Yayyy, i am gonna fly from jakarta to singapore if he is coming. Hope it will be confirmed soon so i can book my ticket

  3. Yon says:

    Thanks tryp!! Even though it is not confirmed yet, but the posting by the organizer is good enough to make Singapore Airens excited.. Hope they will confirm soon…

  4. leerenah says:

    YES! Sg is just a 3 hour flight away!

  5. dalsg says:

    Hope they’ll confirm soon! Faith! Airens be ready ☺ ☺ . Thanks tryp!

  6. nicoleko66 says:

    Totally Anticipating~ Let’s wait for the good news! ^^

  7. aNNe says:

    Oh my god! Please let the plan materialise!

  8. zurah90 says:

    Oh my god! Thanks Tryp unnie for this great news! Hope they will confirm soon for this. Been anticipating for this!!!

  9. hani says:

    let me know if this is true!!!!! will swim to sgpore straight away!!!!!!!

  10. leogalsg says:

    Keep the finger crossed…even not 100% confirmed
    My heart beat very fast hearing the news..
    Waiting for u seung gi…blink blink

  11. Jade Butterfly says:

    Puppy Alert !Singapore hearties , you know who u are ,sounds like he just might be comin’ to our hot but welcoming sunny shores . So lets gear up for the potential meet-up ! Woo hoo!

  12. starstruck. says:

    Omg I’m so happy and since today is my birthday, this piece of good news simply made it even better!

  13. aNNe says:

    Ha, just viewed their Facebook and their love for Seunggi is palpable! Either they are doing great pre-event publicity or there are Airens in their co! Heh, positive that they will be trying their best to get Seunggi here. 🙂

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