2012 Mnet Summer Break 20’s Choice: Voting Starts!!!

Great news, everyone!!! SeungGi has been nominated for the 20’s Drama Star (Male) Award. The selection criteria for the winner is: Online Votes 50% + 20’s Research Result 30% + Special Judge 20%. So as you can see, online votes are CRUCIAL!!! You can vote once per day per ID (but you do have to vote in all the categories each time for your votes to count). You can register for multiple IDs with different email addresses (click here or here if you need some temporary email addresses). You can also vote with your facebook and twitter accounts. The voting ends at 24:00 KST on 2012.06.27 (WED). So please remember to vote every day! And please note that only 10 votes will be counted per IP address per day. So if you are voting with more than 10 accounts, please change your IP address after every 10 votes! (If your internet service uses dynamic IP, all you need to do is restart your modem; otherwise, you can use websites or software that hide your IP addresses.)

SeungGi won this award in 2009 for BL, and I’m sure you all agree that he deserves to win again for TK2H. So, PLEASE, show your love and support for SeungGi the actor, and help him win this award!!! Thank you. 😀

Oh, click on the logo to vote. 😛

video credit: official fan cafe

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459 Responses to 2012 Mnet Summer Break 20’s Choice: Voting Starts!!!

  1. meliejoo says:

    please VOTE for Seung gi and ha ji won too!!
    i want them to meet up again!!~ i miss that drama again T_T

  2. sunby says:

    Currently LSG No.1 HJW No 2 Pls vote!

  3. zurah90 says:

    Ha Ji Won unnie need to catch up. Keep voting!

  4. Park Ha Nane says:

    i’m voting for lee seung gi haji won g-dragon and bigbang
    i have 3 facebook 2 twitter and 5 e-mail i will us theim all just for my oppa lee seung gi
    i love him he desrve to win

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s up to the fans (us) to make Ah-Ha reunite. As well as revive Shi Kyung. LOL

  6. i have done my duty, Lee seung gi, Ha ji won were the one i choose choice. Of course

  7. seunggicharm says:

    Let’s keep on voting for Seung Gi and show them that HE is THE ONE! also vote for HJW unnie,Leeteuk,Shi Kyung and Park Chan Ho! They are all special to Seung Gi..and I guess it wouldn’t hurt if we’ll create lots of email accounts coz in the future we can use it to vote as many as we want..hehehehe…Seung Gi-ya hwaiting! AIRENS…let’s unite!^__^

  8. imeadd says:

    I can’t see the logo 😦 please someone give me the link, I wanna vote too… thanks in advance 🙂

  9. myfelicity143 says:

    I read somewhere. One vote per day but valid only for one IP address. It means multiple accts will not be useful. We should use different computers to vote. Please verify this… Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      it is valid I voted 3x already in a day.

      • blue19 says:

        i tried it. multiple accounts are valid even with only one IP address…
        i want the King & Queen & ESK to take the award.. 🙂
        let’s keep on voting guys! 🙂

  10. mr.r says:

    You can register for multiple IDs with different email addresses……

  11. hanayori says:

    Done! With my multiple FB IDs 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    vote also for Jo Jung Seok. thanks

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  14. anonymous noona says:

    I voted with my 3 email adds,3 fb accounts and twitter. But the problem is for example you voted with 1 FB account,even you want to vote with different FB account the voting automatically stop you from voting. The trick is register with different email accounts (yahoo,gmail,hotmail etc) so we can vote as many as we can.

  15. judepps says:

    voted already..Airens please show more support though Seunggi is on no.1 spot we cannot be sure of it. So please keep on voting..

  16. Anonymous says:

    The QUEEN is back in Korea looking fabulously pretty and young. I hope she and The KING can spend some time together like in an interview or something. 🙂

  17. meliejoo says:

    i has many facebook’s account.. I kept on voting and changing ID’s
    but Kim soo Hyun kept on rasing ##…… sigh!!

  18. Gina says:

    Currently our King is way ahead but still keep on voting guys,fighting:)

  19. imeadd says:

    Yayyy!!!! Seunggi leads with 40,9% votes! DAEBAK!!!!! Keep voting guys 🙂 Unfortunately Ha Ji Won falls behind 😦

  20. kumon says:

    tryp, please promote HJW as well, thanks!

  21. Sonjie says:

    Hi friends. I hope LSG solid fans also vote for HJW. It will help her advance her total votes at least. I voted for both of them. LSG and HJW did such an awesome partnership in the drama that I wish to see them both honored in that event. Cheers to all !

  22. manassuper says:

    plz keep- voting our seunggi! we should be well ahead of the others to win this award..

  23. Anonymous says:

    Fighting Airens!!!

  24. manassuper says:

    plz keep voting.seunggi was at 40% today morning but it has decreased to 38.4.others are rising slowly so keep voting enthusiastically.airens plz let’s unite and make it happen as only 50% is in our hands so we have to lead by a huge margin to achieve the ultimate award crown for seunggi.AIRENS FIGHTING!

  25. Raine says:

    I voted like 30ish times today lol (using the 10minutemail)
    LSG and HJW fighting! Let’s make this happen everyone!

    • Anonymous says:

      How does the 10minutemail thing works? We will be given a temporary address but we still have to signup/login into that address to retrieve the verification code to complete the mnet registration right?

      • Jane says:

        The email notification from Mnet came very quickly after you signed up with Mnet, like in seconds. So if you only have the email address for 10 min, you will still have time to read the email and retrieve the verification code (they even provide the link in the email) to complete the registration process.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks and sorry to sound dumb but how do I login to the email account? Eg d577569@rtrtr.com is my temporary e-mail address, but how do I login?

          • zurah90 says:

            When you get to the page, there’s sign button. You click that and enter your email add and password.

          • tryp96 says:

            The email accounts are only good for 10 minutes, and you do not need to log in. Just keep the 10MinuteMail webpage open after you get your email address. After you register for a new ID on Mnet using this address, the confirmation email will automatically show up on the 10MinuteMail page. Open the email, follow the instruction to confirm, and you’re done. The email account self-destructs after 10 minutes, but you won’t need it anymore since you’ve already got your Mnet ID from it.

            Everyone, please keep voting! SeungGi’s lead is narrowing…

  26. honey2004 says:

    come on airens! lets push the votes for our dear Suenggi! He deserve to win ^_^

  27. manassuper says:

    airens let’s do it.seunggi voting% is going on decreasing.plz vote…we can’t let this happen to our seunggi

  28. Osi says:

    I got a problem using the temporary email. Mnet sent me the certificate number. I copied and pasted the number in the confirmation page, but it said the number is incorrect. Anyone got the same problem? Help me…

  29. hanayori says:

    Is voting only allowed every 24 hours? I just tried and it said I have already voted for today 😦

    • Osi says:

      Yes, 1 vote per day. But you can use multiple accounts, or use the temporary emails as what tryp wrote above (the blue sentence).

      • hanayori says:

        Ya… I have about 10 accounts but just frustrated that I can only vote every 24 hours which is at about 11:30pm my time. Just worried that I might miss the voting…

        • Osi says:

          That’s why you can use the temporary emails. You can vote every 10 minutes.
          You can go to bed, dear. I think it’s already midnight in your place. Start the voting again tomorrow. ^^

          • asiangal18 says:

            You can also use the website http://www.spamsalad.in/ to make new temporary email every time you refresh it ……just use the email account and sign up with mnet and vote for our seung gi …..and do remember make a note of the email in ms word or notepad somewhere cuz you can use the same email tomorrow to vote as well and its quicker cuz you dont have to select the candidate again .you just press the vote and its done .

  30. sunby says:

    Halo gals try this 10minmail, it works like magic..here the guide from soompi, gotta work fast KSH is catching up with our king…here the link,

  31. freija93 says:

    I will make my daily votes obviously for LSG and HJW and TK2H, let’s do it!! I have just voted for today and I saw that LSG is still leading, although now he only has 37% of the votes. I really wish he will win this for he has done amazing works this year, and I’ll do all my best for this! AIRENS, FIGHTING! <33

  32. manassuper says:

    Everyone! This is a very useful tool for those participating in the 20′s Mnet voting! It’s called 10 minute email. You get a free email account every 10 minutes that you can use to register for a Mnet account. After 10 minutes the email account disappears and it generates another new one for your usage. I’ve tried it and it’s easy to sign up for a Mnet account within the 10 minutes. Check it out!
    All you have to do is use the email account address provided to you on that page and use it to register for Mnet account. The certificate number will be emailed to you within a couple of seconds. Just refresh the 10minutemail page and you should see the Mnet email msg near the bottom.
    One VERY important thing is: When you open the Mnet email, it’ll give you the certificate number AND a URL to confirm your certificate number. DON’T just CLICK on the URL, instead, COPY AND PASTE the entire URL onto your internet browser’s address bar and enter through there. If you don’t do this and simply click on the url provided, you’ll receive error when confirming your account.
    After confirming your account, you can then just login with your newly created Mnet account and vote.
    Repeat as many times as you like If you use the 10minuteemail too much though, it’ll block you for a few minutes. Just wait a few minutes and try again. Or you can switch browsers, I find that works too (I got blocked on IE, and then when I used Firefox, it worked again… so just alternate).
    Credit: raine_evenstar@soompi

  33. manassuper says:

    also for the above information thanx hanayori

  34. hanayori says:

    Ok for those using 10 Minute Mail, this is what I have been doing:

    I am using Google Chrome and every time I finished voting

    – refresh 10 Minute Mail (you need to refresh a few times)

    and I get another new temp email less than 10 mins! This really cut down the waiting time for each new temp email 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    For people don’t want to wait 10 mins, you can go this site, it’s easy to use
    – Click “Copy to clipboard” to get e-mail name.
    – Register normal on mnet site.
    – Wait few secs for update email then click on the link and verify
    Note: When you log in, you should set remember password to save time later
    – Click “Forget me” and refresh that site to get new e-mail.
    Very simple and quick. Fighting Airen, 1023 and Hearties !!!

  36. Osi says:

    Did anyone notice that you can vote again and again using the same temporary email account?
    It should be (normally) blocked after we vote, but it’s not. I tried to vote again using my real account to check whether the same thing happen. No, I couldn’t vote again, it’s blocked because I’ve already voted. Just in case there’s problem using the temporary emails, airens, or the worst case is our vote isn’t actually counted using it (hopefully not), just to remind you to keep using your real account(s) beside using the temporary emails. ^^

    • Osi says:

      I’m sorry,
      *Did anyone notice that you can vote again and again using the same temporary email account?
      it should be
      *Did anyone notice that SOMETIMES you can vote again and again using the same temporary email account?
      I forgot the ‘sometimes’…. 😉

      • balen10 says:

        yEs I did notice it, but the thing is im not sure if that kind of manner my vote will be counted.. Tha’s why i would logged out my self for every vote that i did and then i would make new temporary email for my succeeding votes .. OHHhhh My! I’m a little bit stress ha ji won still a little bit far from the top..and lee seung gi’ gap of votes are very close from the second place..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! nway! i will keep on voting..Fighting!

  37. manassuper says:

    plz continue voting for sunggi.it’s decreasing again..so let’s fight till the end.airens fighting!

  38. Rona says:

    Guys…guerrilla is the best ! I have been voting and voting … we could create and vote at least 10 times in 17 minutes. so… approximately 30-33 votes non-stop in an hour. Fighting !!! LSG-HJW for the win !

  39. ara says:

    I hope Lee Seung Gi wins!!! Fighting!!!

  40. pekingDuck says:

    i think i voted like 30 times today, better increase my voting chances cause KSH is catching up, like fast! right now i think he has 36.4% of the votes

    keep the votes coming! 🙂

  41. pekingDuck says:

    *LSG has 36.4% of the votes.

  42. Anonymous says:

    We can register one Mnet IDs/30s 🙂

  43. Ay says:

    By 20’s drama star, does it mean that the stars are in their 20’s? If so, how come Um TaeWoong is up there?😳

  44. mr.r says:

    take a break (5 minute)
    haizzzzzzz,my hand………
    Airens fighting!!!!
    Airens fighting!!!!
    Hearties fighting!!!!

  45. kim1317 says:

    i’m so excited that i can constantly vote for our King. Thank you to let me know about the 10 minutes mail =) keep voting everyone our Queen is behind Yoona. Its not fair when she surely is a better actress!!!

  46. zurah90 says:

    We just have to keep voting. Yeah it’s actually quite unfair. It’s not that i don’t want Yoona to lead the 1st but since SNSD has won much awards. And in terms of acting, although Yoona has improving much, but still I found that Ji Won unnie is still the best. So, let us revive our QUEEN! Fighting AIRENs! Fighting HEARTIES! FIGHTING!!!

    • zurah90 says:

      I also want to thanks to all who instructs about the 10 minutes mail. Thank you for your guidances ♥♥♥ 🙂

      • asiangal18 says:

        pls use the website http://www.spamsalad.in/ to make new temporary emails .It is a lot quicker than 10 mins mail.It is very similar to the 10 mins mail .Once you go to the website ,it gives you an email add on the top of the page .It is in the centre with italics writing .Using this email ,you just have to sign up with mnet .Then after a while you get an comfirmation email which you click on it,then click on the link that it gives you .It opens a new window where you copy and paste the confirmation number which you can find above the confirmation link in the actual email.Then you can log in and vote our king ,queen and earnest bot 🙂
        Keep refressing spamsalad page to get new email add and follow the same steps all over again .This way you dont have to wait for 10mins to vote .

        airens fighting !!!!!
        tk2h fighting !!!!1

        • zurah90 says:

          I got it. Thank you so much! Figthing to all!!! ♥♥♥

          • asiangal18 says:

            ohhhh i forgot to add one thing……Plz keep a note of all the email address you use cuz then you can use the same email address to vote tomorrow without having to sign up again .All you need to do is save all the email address you use today in ms word or note pad (or somewhere you can see )then log in tomo with those same email address.It takes less time cuz it saves the candidate you voted last time ,so all you need to press is thevoting complete button .

            @zurah90 you welcome dear ..anything for lsh and tk2h ♥♥♥

  47. pekingDuck says:

    spamsalad.in creates email address faster, just refresh/reload the page and you’ll have a new address in no time

  48. Rahma Kusnadi says:

    Hi oppa I’m your fans from Indonesia….
    I’ll alwasy pray and support everything you do..
    I’m sure you will be succses…
    I Vote you and ha ji won

  49. Mon says:

    Any one knows why I am prevented from voting again even after 24 hrs. I voted around 11.30pm on Thursdays. Unable to vote of Friday and Saturday night using same email.

    • tryp96 says:

      I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about, but after you log in with the same ID again, you won’t be able to change your picks, but you CAN still vote. Scroll down to the end of the page, and you’ll see this button:

      Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

      Click and you’ll get a pop-up window:

      Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

      Click ‘confirm’ and your vote will be counted!

      Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

      If you see this instead, that means the day is not over yet and your vote won’t be counted. 😛

      Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

    • Rahma Kusnadi says:

      Hi oppa I’m your fan from indonesia..
      I’ll always pray and support everything you do and I’ll vote you…

      Chaiyo Oppa..I Lav U

  50. Mon says:

    Thanks, tryp96. It works!!! voting now….

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