Lee Seung Gi “Humble? I just don’t have a chance to be vain”

“Celebrities vulnerable to vicious rumors… sad”

source: enews24 via nate

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8 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Humble? I just don’t have a chance to be vain”

  1. pearl says:

    “humble? i just don’t have a chance to be vain” ..lucky you seung gi…
    humbleness is turned back with humbleness also…

  2. Anonymous says:

    One thing I like about him is he wanted so bad to do things people think he wouldn’t do. But at the same time people surrounding him,especially fans stopped him before he do those things. The way people look at him,made him step back and think again should he do it or not? Because of too much respect to people who adore him,he decided not to do it anyway. I pity him because he trully wants to be NATURALLY HUMAN. Making mistakes and doing things though not favorably right but will make him happy. No wonder he’s a HEODANG because we fans shelthered and kempt him so much,what can we do? we love him so much that we didn’t want him to be tainted by sin.But Sometimes Imperfection makes life perfect,hope he gets what he wants. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Its alrite to make mistake coz to err is human..but purposely to make one… it is not a good thing..especially when he gonna regret it later..regret gonna lead to guilty..and feeling regret and guilty gonna affect your level of confidence. Better to prevent than to cure…

  3. milkteanlsg says:

    “No chance to be vain”?
    This is why you are humble~
    Heodang Seung Gi oppa~ ❤

  4. sarah says:

    Dear Tryp!! Thank You for all this eye candy photos of our SeungGi!! 😀 Que Gaupo! droooolsss. 😀 and plus the interview. I hope for the whole article. 😀

  5. sarah says:

    SeungGi ya, just DO what ur heart desires the most.. and then Airens will follow. 😀

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    There are people who were born with a very sturdy inner compass that points out the right direction. I think Seung Gi is one of those people. Even given the chance, I don’t think he would be vain because he is just not built that way.

  7. manassuper says:

    th difference betwen seunggi and kim is narrowing.plz enthusiastically vote… vote as many times a day to keep kim soo hyun and other mnet contenders away or at bay…

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