Lee Seung Gi “I Am a Singer, it was offered but I can’t be on the show”


A few articles that had very few pictures… 😛

source: nocutnews via nate

“The King Lee Jae Ha is an expert of manipulation, but in reality I rush into things”

source: tvreport via nate

“Specific time to join the military is set… I’m not scared”

source: isplus via nate

“Singer? Actor? Variety star?… I’m an entertainer”

source: munhwa via nate

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6 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “I Am a Singer, it was offered but I can’t be on the show”

  1. zurah90 says:

    I loved it when he relates himself to his character. I don’t why but i just likes it. Heh! 😛

  2. Anonymous says:

    The best way to go to military is to leave a big impact to people. Performing from east to west around the asian countries,acting he’s best with dramas and being on a variety show. Leaving while his popularity is at peak,when he goes to military though it may be dragging for fans to wait for him in 2 years. it will be a lot easier and faster for Sueng Gi because he knows that theres a lot of people waiting for him to comeback.

  3. Muljen says:

    I feel sad whenever he mentioned about joining military. I know is mandatory but i can’ t imagine not hearing about seunggi for almost 2 years…

  4. M says:

    “Specific time to join the military is set” 😦 but I guess is good to go early, so he can get it done with. That way he can date and have a real/deep relationship without worrying about leaving his gf for 2 years. I heard relationship dobt last When the guy leave for military service。

  5. Anonymous says:

    I remember he said he wants to get married at the age of 33. He’s 25 right now and if he goes the end of next year he’ll be 27. He’ll be in military for 2 years,he’s 29 when he goes out of the army.By that age he has 4 years to enjoy his life as an adult. I think that is a good way to plan though,if he really wants to get married and have family by the age of 33.

    • milkteanlsg says:

      I feel that he had already planned his life and would always try to stick to it…
      Seung Gi oppa FIGHTING!!!

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