Lee Seung Gi “Marriage in my 30s… A celebrity wife is OK”

source: sbs news via nate

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51 Responses to Lee Seung Gi “Marriage in my 30s… A celebrity wife is OK”

  1. Divine Jiwon says:

    please make hajiwon your bride seunggi please,jebal!!!!!

  2. wanderer says:

    “A celebrity wife is OK ” …. What about an older celebrity wife ,Seung Gi ssi ???

  3. Myoo says:

    whoever marry this perfect guy is the world’s most luckiest woman….

  4. zurah90 says:

    Looks like he have made the wiser plan! Good job, Seung Gi oppa!

  5. mememe says:

    before i write this, i can foreseee lots of bashing to come. i’m just gonna say it anyways:

    to be frank.. although i’ve grown to be a fan of LSG, i dont really mind who you end up with but please, please no yoona (sry to lsg-yoona shippers, just my opinion). please prove me wrong, lsg. we all know you’re not the ‘shallow’ kinda guy, so, please, anyone but yoona. you definitely deserve better and you deserve a more matured partner (to match your level of maturity).

    • Anonymous says:

      Why not yoona

      • mememe says:

        to be honest, no particular reason. just gut feeling that they aren’t compatible, that’s all. but then again, it’s not like i know both of them in real life. i just think that in a relationship, both partners must be of equal level of maturity and in everything. from what i’ve seen in yoona, she’s still lacking. thts just my two cents though.

        • yy says:

          I agree with you…please, never yoona. This is just my opinion, sorry to the yoona fans..but I never liked her, I probably never will, I don’t get all the fanfare with her…objectively speaking, she’s very plain-pretty. She’s your “typical” kpop celeb, and don’t get me started on her acting. I think LSG deserves someone more natural and down-to-earth than her. I’d prefer a non-celeb for him over yoona, anytime.

          • cinnamon says:

            hmm…I actually think Yoona is good for him. She’s pretty, kind and polite. Plus she’s cheerful n always positive, at least she doesn’t have attitude problem like some idols. And ahjummas like her too…I dunno whether her kindness is fake but nevertheless she’s a good match for seung gi, in terms of appearance…..and popularity……

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t dare!! YOONA is the kindest and sooo pretty!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually i agree with u..i dont know y but i also think they r not a good match.LSG needs someone who is mature and has a great viewpoint,who can give him advice and support, who would not overshadow him but to complement him.Someone who he can trust even when he’s not around she wont be flirting and gigling with other guys.And Yoona…totally on the opposite end of the spectrum. They gonna be like chalk and cheese.LSG deserve s/one better…
      BIG SORRY yoona fans for saying all this…
      Honestly i kinda used to like her but somehow the more i c her (mostly her interviews) the more i find her lacking..she looks as if butter wouldnt melt in ur mouth… (again..sorry yoona fans..people gonna hate me now…juz go and check it out urself and some of u might u/stand what i’m saying)

      • avee says:

        how about han hyo joo? she’s natural, and same age with seung gi, she’s also “close” with seung gi…?? just asking you all opinion guys 😀

        • Lol says:

          I think Lee seung gi and Han hyo joo would make a great couple.

          • Anonymous says:

            I would prefer han hyo joo for seung gi..they really make a good couple in their drama brilliant legacy or if not, shin min ah is also would nice..even.if.she’ s a little older compared to seing gi

    • Anonymous says:

      Well yoona is only for the SHOW! i don’t think Seung Gi is attracted to her. Idealy Yoona is pretty,talented,more aegyo and thats what Seung Gi wants for a woman,he just envision his future girlfriend to somewhat close to yoona’s personality but not Yoona herself.

      • myfelicity143 says:

        I totally agree with you.. Your ideal type does not mean you are going to like her in real life.

    • Anonymous says:

      To be honest, we’re not in right position to decide or shouldn’t gives him stress about who he should like or who he shouldn’t like right? He’s is the only person who can make the decision. Match or not match is a very subjective question. And come on, he just said he fine with a celebrity wife but not really he will end up with this right? I respect and believe to his decision as I know he is not silly person.

    • meluvlsg says:

      Totally agreed with you.^^

    • sunshine says:

      well well……lsg and yoona are officially a couple now!!

  6. leogalsg says:

    Choose the one who love n understand u…not for money…
    I prefer him with non celebrity too but it up to him
    Think wisely…whoever he choose is so lucky

  7. Sonjie says:

    I think.. money wise, maturity wise…heheheh… HJW is the best !

  8. sara says:

    Seung Gi is not a married Hyojoo?

    • kiko says:

      If u know well seunggi since he in brilliant legacy.u can undestand much that celebr. Who seunggi lop is han hyo joo sshi…same age,pretty much,good manner too.and she lop children like seunggi.I belive one day they will get married! Seunggi and hyo joo..

  9. Rona says:

    Wow.. I just read the English version of one of his interviews at enews…. He said that although HJW has more experience, he finds her very innocent and never calculating , and had fun shooting with her from beginning til end. That’s why he changed his ideal type to HJW — because she is someone who is talented and very sweet !!! Nice one Seung Gi…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think he has one. you can see through 1n2d starting earlier of 2011 uri SG looks so cheerful and looks so happy and lively. he even always carrying his cellphone that rare we can see before. and celeb or non celeb, i think it’s depends on the person. being celeb its just their occupation. Go seunggi ya, just find your “celebrity soul mate” that have similar mission and vision about life that same with you.

  11. anonymous noona says:

    What Seung Gi wants for a wife is someone who is submissive to him. Though she has a bright career,strong personality and pretty much a beautiful woman who can conquer every mans heart. But when it comes to their relationship he wants her to submit herself to him,trust him with all his guts,and will love and support him no matter what. That’s why he said he changed his ideal type to Ha Ji Won.though Ji Won is a experienced actress he still found out her innocence,because Ji Won never lets herself to take charge she simply submits herself.
    I’m a woman myself but what Seung Gi foresee for a future wife is smart. especially with our generations right now. Women are seen as equal to men. Sometimes men are the one vowing down for their women. But for a couple/marriage man is still man and woman should support their man. At the same time men support their women but should never let their woman take charge.
    If he marries an actress I hope that woman would choose Seung Gi and not her career. It doesn’t matter who it is. what’s important is she can make Seung Gi happy and Seung Gi can make her happy as well.

    • anon says:

      I agree with you. Frankly I think he needs to date regular girls and not get hung up on these female celebs. Just from his descriptions I admire his mum. He needs a woman who shares similar ideals as him and his mum. We all know LSG isn’t the party kind….after he gets married I can already envision he’ll be such a great dad.

      With his admission of being surrounded by fake ppl….i think he realizes that just because a girl is super pretty doesn’t mean she’ll be a great person. Also, among his female peers I don’t know if anybody would be willing to settle down when they are in their 30s. I say this from the current batch of female entertainers. Except for the lead actress in Moon Embraces the Sun most of these female entertainers are single.

  12. i wish its HJW.. our very own Kim Hang Ah… jaebal LSG.. wish u both the best,… God Bless

  13. never got tired of watching TK2H.. keep on watching it over and over again.. saranghae LSG andHJW.

  14. myfelicity143 says:

    Love will find its way. I am still hopeful for Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won. We can never really tell. We have to wait since he even said that he will not make his relationship public until the day of his wedding. And even his sunbaes adviced him that. He has now the courage to fall in love despite the crazy media. And the fact that Lee Seung Gi knows a lot of fans are rooting for them to be together in real life. I have never read any article stating that he is 9-younger than Ha Ji Won. I mean it was never given emphasis if ever they were to fall in love for real. His excuse was he wouldn’t be able to act properly infront of her. But since they are professionals they really had to act it out. It was very obvious in the drama. The sparkles in their eyes were different from others. I’m not saying they are dating now but what I want to say is feelings have grown deep while acting and as they got to know each other everyday.. They have the same outlook when it comes to love and marriage. They both realized that while acting in the drama..I’m hopeful and confident at the same time… :)) because I, too, comes from a 9-year age gap. Age really doesn’t matter if the right person comes along..

  15. jenna says:

    Woah woah. Can someone PLEASE answer me because I havent been getting any direct answers.

    IS Lee Seung Gi married?

  16. Flvwl says:

    My random thought…I believe Seung Gi can see with his heart what his eyes can’t see. We can’t surely say that if he marries an ideal type woman, that their relationship will be perfect too. I may not know Seung Gi too well but I hope that when decides to settle down, he can meet a woman who can always be his friend, critic, confidante ,great lover , his source of strength and a doting mother to their kids. She doesn’t need to be perfect as long as she complements him. Be it a celebrity or not, I just wish him his well deserved happiness.
    …..from a mOm fan…

  17. kkkkkkk says:

    I like Yoona with him…..Don’t underestimate her…The person u see on TV isn’t the real her (that’s what she said)… Yoona has a really good attitude for someone who’s the most popular and richest among girl groups. She can earn her own money, very hardworking, and thus she’s independent….Appearance, popularity, Wealth, Great personality… she n seunggi r the most popular and likeable idols out there…

  18. Mareenaz says:

    the match sweet girl for SG of course HHJ……………….they have good chemistry….
    Hope they will be anice n sweet couple………..

  19. Anonymous says:

    An ideal partner would be one where both would love, respect and care for each other above anyone and anything else. A person with whom he can be best friends. She should be talented, appreciate music, be extrovert, warm, sincere, and down to earth. She must be able to truly see the real LSG without being affected by his celebrity status. Obviously, they should look good together

  20. Anonymous says:

    yah,i hope seungi gi will marry hhj becoz as i foresee them,they are really close..and love starts as friends..and i think they know each other well now…fighting!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    HAN HYO JOO for SEUNG GI then again, its his choose at end of all the matching and pairing with different beautiful ladies around him. just hoping that he’ll end up with someone that will make him grow more than he is now vise versa to both parties.. i’m just delusional about him ending up with Han Hyo Joo cause they both us gave a beautiful performance ” Brilliant Legacy” and etc. hehehe….

  22. cherryberry says:

    han hyo joo and lee seung gi ! that’s cool .Hope them will get married.

  23. Maris says:

    If it is a celebrity then I think LSG and PSH match extremely well.
    They have so much in common……..acting, singing, emceeing, athleticism, photography, cooking, modelling, volunteering etc They are both modest, well-grounded, sincere, cheerful, loyal, talented, always testing their potential in trying out new things, respectful, well mannered, fun-loving, like travelling, love children and are wonderful human beings.
    They both keep their privacy but are close to their fans. They have wide fan base an are really loved by them. They are good friends, have known each other for so long and really look so well together.
    I am sure their are many other who match well from both celebrities and non-celebrities. I thought I would have my say along with others over here. BUT having said that I would accept anyone chosen by LSG ( or PSH) wholeheartedly because they know best and to be honest this is one area when they should not consider their fans wishes but only marry those they truly love and care for. 🙂

  24. ASONE says:

    HAHAHAHA Reading this article and comments about Yoona and LSG in 2014 makes me laugh. HAHAHA NOW THEY ARE DATING! PLS SUPPORT THEM! 🙂 Yoona & LSG ❤ ❤

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