12.06.19 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi is already scheduled to attend the Mnet 20′s Choice Awards on June 28, to present an award.

Now, do we want him to go home empty-handed? OF COURSE NOT! We can not let that happen! Airens, let’s keep voting like crazy!

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136 Responses to 12.06.19 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. zurah90 says:

    Omo! Of course! He MUST receive that award, same goes to Ji Won unnie! It’s gonna be her BESTEST birthday present!!! LET’S VOTING TILL THE END!!! Thanks Tryp unnie for this great info 🙂

  2. oversea fan says:

    in recent interview, seung gi said there will be a fan meeting in July in Taiwan, yet there’s no info so far. Do you know any info about his scheduled Taiwan fan meeting? Or it has been cancelled?
    indeed if it’s July, there should be an announcement already. Thanks in advance for any update on this matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Am looking forward to see LSG receive his award along with HJW for the drama category.. that will be their first award for the drama TK2H…and there will be more to come for sure

  4. Leogalsg says:

    Woohoo..he is attending the ceremony…I would like to see he present the award to Ha Ji Won…
    Let continue to vote till the end…
    Hope for both them win…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would love him to present the award for best drama actress goes to Ha Ji Won then Ha Ji Won will present the best drama actor to Lee Seung Gi. That would be awesome!

    • Divine Jiwon says:

      i really hope HJW will attend crossing my fingers, glad that our King has confirmed his attendance.

  6. Divine Jiwon says:

    @tryp96 our King will not go empty-handed he will win, i know and can feel it.its his destiny to have this award.

  7. sunby says:

    Omg , nd to take my time to read
    ,Hope n pray HJW will be there!

  8. manassuper says:

    still lsg rate is dropping which is not q good sign.KSH just now rose by 0.2 % points.;LSG was at 35% but dropped to 34.8 drop of 0.2%.plz.. we can’t take chances.let’s not relax up to 27th june when the voting lines will be closed.plz vote,vote and only vote…..

  9. manassuper says:

    hello tryp96.,now again KSH VOTING IS INCREASING AT A FAST SPACE.COULD YOU PUT A HEADLINE NOW AS YOU DID TOMORROW.soorry for briging you trouble but would be grateful if you comply with a headline as it is urgent….

  10. giggleshohoho says:

    yes our King and Queen are in the lead now. Let’s keep on voting. Fighting !

  11. dalsg says:

    Airens dont give up!! lets vote vote vote!!! let Seunggi, Hajiwon, Jo Jung Suk bring that award!! i have a good faith for this! Fighting Airen!

  12. YES!!! Voting with two different accounts is something that I NEVER miss even though I miss seeing Seunggi on TV…. Nice to find our King and Queen in the lead!!

  13. meliejoo says:

    Damn.. kim so hyun’s fanclub are talking about m.net voting..
    no wonder why KSH increase the speed.. T_T
    damn!! I hope king and queen would WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am voting from google chrome!! fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hanayori says:

      Huh? What do you mean? KSH fanclub is urging his fans to vote?

      I still find the jump very unbelievable… in a space of 3 hours, his votes went up by 34,000!!

  14. manassuper says:

    LET’S VOTE ALL NIGHT TODAY so that KSH fans don’t have any hope left.let’s take our lead to unreachable peak

    • meliejoo says:

      I have many facebook accounts, M.net accounts, 1 tweeter..
      I pray for KING and QUEEN successed until the last final day!!!

  15. epr67 says:

    The TK2H members have been voting crazily, with different members on day shift and night shift. Let us continue fighting !!! Our manual votes will make the difference in the event MNET invalidates those robot votes by our competitors.

  16. manassuper says:

    plz melijoo and all others here if all could you pass this crisis situation news to all LSG SITES,facebook account and others and urge them to vote.I AM TRYING MY BEST IF YOU COULD OR OTHERS HERE HELP WE CAN PASS THIS CRISIS NEWS AND I AM SURE we will get a lot of help and overcome this crisis and ask all of them to vote crazily until 27th june…..

  17. hanayori says:

    OMG… after stopping for 2 hours, I think they are starting another round of “dirty” voting again 😦

    tryp96, is there anything that we can do to stop this? Can we report to MNET??

  18. jennguyen168 says:

    I know I might sound mean but Airens, we need to figure out that Ha Ji Won’s fans are not voting for Seung Gi. According to what I have been counting, the increase in Seung Gi’s vote does not equal to HJW’s vote. We do vote for her but we don’t get what we deserve, in return, it’s Kim Soo Hyun who gets the frenzy voting. Don’t you see it? I personally don’t think I will keep voting for her!

    • jennguyen168 says:

      Anyway, according to my info, Ha Ji Won’s fans are corporating with Kim Soo Hyun’s fan. and I’m really frustrating with this.

      • meliejoo says:

        it’s NOT true!! Kim so hyun’s fans site talking about voting now!!
        im pissed!

      • mememe says:

        errr.. 1)where did you get your info from? cos for all i know, all HEARTIES are voting for both of them .. and 2)Seung Gi’s votes is in fact more than HJW and not the other way round .. so doesnt that mean that AIRENS are not voting for HJW as well?

        what i’m actually trying to say here is that.. dont let that SMALL group of people change your mind. ALOT OF US are voting for both of them in tandem. = =

        • gy says:

          As I knew that Baidu AIRENS are corporating with Yoona fans for voting (I saw some people chatting this on Yoona’s page). So Jennguyen168, I wasn’t going to point this out, but since you keep spreading stories about KSH and HJW’s rumors in this thread, therefore I have to speak up! I understand every fan has his own will to choose who he/she wants to vote so I really don’t care about who’s fans are working together on Mnet’s voting! All I know is not to affect others decision by putting emotional wordings on this thread, but just faithfully keeping on voting for our LSG and HJW!

      • zurah90 says:

        Whichever info you get it from, i know you will be frustrated for sure. So let’s just keep voting. And not going to keep voting for Ji Won unnie? Does it even make any sense? In this time, we could only think of the actor/actress itself, not the fans. Fans always play ‘dirty’, but we have to vote for the RIGHT actor/actress, the one that deserves to win. So, let’s don’t be tension. Just remember that both Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are both in the line. Whether they win or lose, we bring that ourselves. Not anyone faults but us. Hearties, we can’t let both the King and Queen drown, so let’s save them to stay in the lead, by all means!

      • mememe says:

        and if i were to follow your judgment, wouldn’t i also be affected by AIRENS who dont vote for HJW and then, vote for KSH instead?? But, no, i WONT!

      • Divine Jiwon says:

        hello there where did u get your source?

    • Anonymous says:

      Please calm down, there are Seunggi’s fans who vote for HJW and there are fans who don’t for her, that’s their choice and we can’t do nothing with it. Same with HJW’s fans too. But in this case I think it’s mostly because KSH’s fans vote for HJW so her votes suddenly increase vastly, if you notice it was 17 people increase with that number of votes.

    • Anonymous says:

      As someone who always votes for LSG and HJW together, I don’t want to take sides, but I think I have noticed a vicious cycle here.

      In the very beginning, when we were all voting independently, LSG had a lot more votes than HJW, since there were probably more of LSG’s fans voting. Then the fans started uniting, and LSG and HJW’s votes were growing at the same rate for a while. But then some HJW fans probably stopped voting for LSG, so her votes were growing at just a slightly faster rate. But some LSG fans probably noticed that, and decided to stop voting for HJW as well. Then LSG’s votes grew much faster than HJW’s. I’m not sure if HJW fans have now united with KSH fans, but it’s true that KSH fans have started to vote for HJW, so her votes have been growing at a crazy pace, just like KSH’s.

      I think it’s quite unfortunate that this is happening. As fans of the same drama (TK2H), why can’t we all just get along and cooperate well? Playing games behind each other’s back is never a good thing. It’s bad karma.

      • yy says:

        I have a theory but im not sure about it. maybe the supposed HJW fans who sided with KSH are hardcore Sega shippers, they want HJW to win but not necessarily LSG, so instead they vote for KSH??? Im not generalizing but in the past I’ve encountered same thing (different fandom). But this is just my theory and I have no basis for it.
        why is 10min mail keep being rejected by mnet?? It says “email not valid”

        • asiangal18 says:

          I think ur quite right (I may be wrong ) but I feel there’s quite a number of sega fans who do not like HJW with our LSG…………I yesterday went to hajiwon and hyun bin facebook account and came across a photo where they were comparing the staff group photos of tk2h and sega …Their (sega fans ) attitude were like ha ji won looks more happy in sega pics than tk2h pics and bla bla bla …it just got me so mad and now this ……argggggggggg am totally furious .

          But lets not lose hope hearties and airens , we can overcome this obstacle together …..fighting everyone !!!!!!!

          • asiangal18 says:

            and let me remind you that not all sega fans are like that but some of them without a doubt are .

          • yy says:

            oh so at least im not alone in this..if this is really the motivation(or one of it) of the alliance of hjw fans and ksh…then i dont know what to think anymore…but if i was in their place, i wouldnt do such a thing though..
            amd i dont know why awards resort to online voting seeing its so flawed and prone to cheating.
            but whatever, ill just keep voting, and pray that the other 50% criteria wil be in our favor..

            • yy says:

              i mean, SOME, not all hjw/sega fans…not generalizing..peace to hjw fans lol 🙂

              • asiangal18 says:

                Am sure we’re not the only one who feels that way ……….ur’re quite right about the award shows …..they’re put in place to show off the popularity of the shows or the actors…..rarely artists/actors who deserve the award gets it and I so hope this is one of that rare moment which happens every now and then ………………..I am praying that the other 50% is in our side too……hope those ajushis and ajummas who decide are not biased and favour ksh bcuz of the rating .

          • Divine Jiwon says:

            you know what i am a hajiwon fan, but some sega fans our really not a hajiwon fan cos how could they say and compare such things when both dramas are hajiwon’s, i really hate those kind of fans.for me what ever is going on between this voting war i am only voting for LSG-HJW i love them both so much no fans can destroy my affection for this two.ok off to vote 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          I would like to second this theory. I have told our group early in the fight because HJW’s votes were so way behind Yoona. I told them we can ask help from SEGA fans because there are actually a lot of them. But then, we knew we can’t force them to vote for LSG because they are somehow jealous with the tandem. So really, that is something we cannot prevent. I am also a HJW fan before anybody else but, we are so CRAZILY voting for HJW and LSG, if you only knew. Even from the start, we noticed that LSG has a lot more votes than HJW, uut we still voted for LSG because we believe in him. We are mature fans here so let us not be affected by those malicious rumors . There might be some group doing dirty tactics but we should continue voting because at the end of the day, if and when MNET, decides to screen or cancel or detect those bots, our votes matter and will remain.

        • gy says:

          @yy, your theory is true. You can see the Chinese voting % on Mnet is growing like crazily high. Sega shippers not hoping to see our King and Queen get the awards together, and somehow some Airens joined Yoona’s fans for voting together… I assume they prefer Yoona to win because of her younger age and of being Seung Gi’s ideal type girl for past 3 years. Anyway, everything mentioned above to me it’s all understandable, no need to make a big deal. As long as I am only vote for LSG and HJW!

  19. cindy sia says:

    I don know why for the past two days I cannot vote. I thought Lee Seung Gi has reached the maximum votes

  20. manassuper says:

    try google chrome. chang your ip adress and plz vote…..

  21. manassuper says:

    plz vote.till we rise by atleast 5%……vote….. i don’t know what to say.i am depressed at this moment….

  22. zurah90 says:

    HEARTIES, AIRENS & 1023RS. We have an unlimited time right now, even if you get any info or source, please just bear in mind for 1 thing… You are suppose to vote the actor/actress that you THINK are the right candidate for the award and who cares about the fans? We are true fans, aren’t we? So, we should unite as one and don’t let the ‘dirty’ fans change our mind. They are out to kick us to the curb, don’t you think so? From now on, for us both Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won are the RIGHT candidates and they deserved to win, not only because they are from TK2H but the most important thing is that both of them have shown us their mighty efforts to make TK2H gains attentions to everyone. So where does HEARTIES came from if it’s not because of them?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, but I really want to say this, I really get irritated because I also notice that a number of HJW votes correllatively increased with a number of KSH votes. I don’t think this is coincidence, it happened in these 2 days. the votes that Airens tried to vote all night are just made even by the votes of KSH fans in 1-2 hours? If this keeps happening, what can we say? empty-handed? No, I also don’t want to.
      KSH fan club is “dirty”, but who do you think will get the most benefit here?
      I’m really disappointed!

      • Anonymous says:

        Please do not get irritated about it. I think KSH fans have really reinforced to counterattack and reduce LSG’s lead. We just need to defend our lead and continue voting more than crazily. We should call the others to create more accounts they can possibly make. Our group member each has more than 200 acccounts to vote diligently each day for LSG and HJW. If the other party really did dirty tactic and was found out later, then our votes will matter the most at the end of the day.

      • zurah90 says:

        Simple to say, just do whatever you wish to do. I just know that no one force you because you yourself have to vote sincerely. If you keep on ‘caring’ much attentions to all the influential rumors, then it is up to you. I saw that people have been saying that LSG & HJW fans are cheating. You see, they are trying to counterattack us till the end…For all i care, i only see Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won and no one else. If it’s really KSH fans vote for HJW, then if the results is outstanding on that day, we should just be thankful and bow to them, should we? Hearties, if you really are true fans, then we don’t have to say more and keep on voting till the end. Just focus on Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won.

  23. tryp96 says:

    The Korean fans have noticed the voting irregularities as well, and I think they are trying to collect evidence to submit to Mnet. So let’s just do our part, keep voting, and justice will prevail!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Guys don’t listen in every word you here. Some of it is just rumors to affect the fans of both Seung Gi and Ji Won what we should do is focus on voting and never give others the chance to pass as through. We are voting in a well mannered situation if they want to do dirty jobs let them,besides no one wins with a dirty job. AIRENS FIGHTING!

  25. meliejoo says:

    i feel sad and angry these days.. because of kim so hyun increasing huge ranking..
    My heart is broken.. couldn’t sleep well..

  26. manassuper says:

    plz sleep well and be in good health as your vote contribution is precious to our cause……don’t let it affect you but use to motivate you to vote with higher enthusiasim

  27. hanayori says:

    OMG… so upset now 😦

    Now KSH’s fans (in Chinese forum) have turned around saying that we have played “dirty” with the votes as well…

    • meliejoo says:

      that what im saying!!! it’s because of KSH’s fans! DAUM fansite and china fansite were talking about voting.. thats why seung gi is having hard time to battle between two..
      PLEASE VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raine says:

      It’s bound to happen really. Majority the fan groups in China (from the other categories as well) are now accusing each other because apparently they have “evidence” of each other cheating. I’ve seen some of those “evidence” and seriously… those pictures don’t really tell anything and can be so easily photoshopped/ faked =_= stresssssssssssss you just have to realize that there are ANTIs everywhere and their hobby is to create havoc

  28. manassuper says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    I think the problem is with some fans too. when they saw Seung Gi’s big lead they just stay on the confort zone and didn’t even mind to vote everyday. I’m not saying you guys I know how hardworking you are. I just hope that most of us shouldn’t be that confortable,this is a fight that fans (especially those crazy fans of whoever they are) wouldn’t let go. as I observe Seung Gi gain 1 vote every second unlike KSH every second 8-10 votes that is a 100% increase than Seung Gi. So let us all be vigilant in voting,but don’t try what other fans doing (buying votes). thank you.

    • hanayori says:

      You are wrong… nobody has stopped voting for LSG even when his winning margin over KSH was 100,000. I have been monitoring the voting patterns (thanks to a chinese forum website) and I can tell you everyone is really putting in every effort to support LSG

  30. Anonymous says:

    wow! KSH votes increase 210 folds! every refresh i made Seung Gi’s vote increase only by 10-50 votes while KSH increase by 100-200 votes! let’s Keep voting for Seung Gi! chebal! chebal!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance we could ask Eun JiWon and Koyote’s fans to vote for Seung Gi?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Seung Gi’s lead is down to 60,000 OMG! otoke?!?!?!

  33. cindy sia says:

    This is from the Mnet Global – We experienced technical issue with the voting system. We worked hard on solving this and now it’s fixed! We apologize for the inconvenience. http://global.mnet.com/choice/vote_intro.m

    They said its fixed but still we cant vote

  34. ainfazlin says:

    pleasr don’t forget to vote at this site too. seems like time slip dr.jin had surpass our the king 2 hearts!


    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t worry about it, the voting for Seoul Drama Awards hasn’t even started yet. It will start in July; through daum. If you haven’t got any Daum account, register for it now so when the voting starts, you’re ready to vote & fight because I believe there’ll be lots of idol fanbases voting for their respective idol to win. =)

  35. Lime says:

    LSG’s votes are increasing 🙂 But Yoona’s too:(

    Please, keep voting LSG + HJW!!!

    • Mich says:

      Ok so KSH’s votes and HJW’s are in a correllative rate. Interesting! Many ppl said that they dislike Seunggi name linked to Yoona, but I guess the SNSD fans don’t hold that grudge against us. Plus seems like Seunggi and SM artistes (Super Juniors & SNSD) are closer than he is with HJW.
      I don’t want to be mean but it could have been a better tactic if we had joined hands with SNSD fans from the beginning. You guys can give me the thumb downs all you want but that’s my feeling right now. Sorry to HJW fans if my analysis has gone wild.

      • Rainey says:

        I feel like I have to speak up about this since you mentioned about it, but did you know that the admins over at LSG Baidu (China Airen) went to Yoona’s fanbase and posted colloboration thread with them first thing the voting event started? So your “better tactic” is actually what a lot of Airens are doing since the beginning.
        What I’m trying to say is that there is no “better tactic”, you can’t expect everyone in a fangroup to vote for the same person, it’s impossible to control the hearts of everyone. So just vote for who YOU think should get the award.

        • gy says:

          @Rainey The worst part is Baidu Airen asked HJW fanbase to work together at first then they turned to Yoona’s fans for extra help. When HJW fans found this out, they decided just to do the voting alone, but not join hands with any other fanbases. That’s how and when HJW’s Baidu fanbase started to organize voting team a week ago, before they just let fans vote on their own. I visit HJW’s and LSG’s sites there all the time, and happened to know the whole thing. Honestly, most of Baidu’s HJW fans and TK2H fans are rooting for LSG and HJW. We love seeing them together and will try our best to create chances for them to show up together, so let’s keep voting for LSG and HJW!

        • Lane says:

          Are you sure? I read from the LSG Baidu that there has never been any alliance formed with any other party. The official announcement can be see here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1655409877
          It could be some individual(s) but not the admins as you said.

          • gy says:

            @Lane “It could be some individual(s) but not the admins as you said” I do hope this is true. Actually there’s been war since this happened, many “arguing” posts were deleted on both fanbases’ websites by their Admins. So now what you see is one sided announcement. Anyhow, I really don’t care which fans are forming alliance, as long as they vote with integrity like everyone here does!

      • Sonjie says:

        @Mich , I know you are just emotional about this. But when LSG was leading by more than 100K votes and at that very same time HJW was trailing by as much as 20K to 30K votes, we just accepted it and never questioned it because we know that there are more Airens voting for Yoona than HJW. But we know that LSG was a better actor than KSH so we kept on voting for him even though a bigger part of his fans vote for Yoona. We really cannot force others to like another actor or actress and we have our own free will to choose. The category says Best Star for Drama… so if you think Yoona is a better star in drama than HJW, then vote for her.

  36. Lime says:

    i just checked mnet. KSH and Yoona’s votes correllatively increase. HJW ‘s votes slightly increase.

    • Lime says:

      HJW …. %33 (an hour ago %33 and still %33) slightly increase
      Yoona….an hour ago %31 now %31.2 (and her votes increased 1000 in 10 minutes)

      LSG % 34,6 slightly increase
      KSH an hour ago %31.6 now %31.8

    • Mich says:

      That’s because KSH vote rate is slowing down to basically the same with Seunggi. So the 4 of them are in the same speed now.

      • Lime says:

        i don’t want LSG and Sgroups fans to collaborate.
        and… i don’t think KSH fans collabrate with HJW fans. if our couple win this voting, it will be TK2H victory.

  37. meliejoo says:

    please BE sure to VOTE for Seung gi and ha ji won together!!
    they must come out together.. I really miss them !!!!!!!!!!
    They already met during eating meal together

  38. meliejoo says:

    Can M.net give Seung gi and ha ji won an award 1-2 places?? ugh!! im pissed!!
    m.net is so unfair!!

  39. meliejoo says:

    Every night KSH’s fans always been voting..
    in the midnight and morning Seung gi ranking always increased at that time;;

  40. Anonymous says:

    Guys, please don’t make any judgement against other actors / actresses and their fanbase. Airens & Hearties must unite together. Hopefully the organizer can detect any “cheating votes” and revoke the votes.

    At the moment I’m voting diligently for Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won because I believe they deserve to win. And I will not stop until the voting closes.

    I don’t know if you follow this particular award show before, but there was huge complaints last year regarding the voting irregularities. Google it and you’ll know it. People said that the winners have already been pre-determined so somehow the votes were rigged & manipulated. Hopefully it will NOT happen again this year because I was pretty upset with it last year. And last year the online vote was only 30%, while this year is 50%. If it happens again this year, I won’t believe in this award show again.

    • Rainey says:

      LOL Could it be that all these irregularities are not actually the fans’ doings, but the people behind MNET manipulating the votes? :S It’d be easy for them to manipulate the votes from their side. And it’d be way too ironic and laughable that we fans are fighting each other over it when in fact it’s MNET’s doing…… stressss

  41. meliejoo says:

    I know.. SNSD fans don’t want Yoona and seung gi to be together.. haha..
    Because Yoona’s male fans are jealousy.. hehe.. i understand..

  42. Osi says:

    Let’s do our best until the very last second Airen!
    Don’t relax. Never relax. Keep voting even more crazier.

  43. sunby says:

    Jt do normal acc. it will be safer……Yes its going tobe The King N Queen of the Mnet nite, LSG said he wish to win this award n on the 28th is HJW ‘s B’day!Dun U gals think its the most meaning ful awards for them!!!

  44. mememe says:

    ok after a night’s sleep.. here’s my theory. have you guys ever thought that maybe it is true that KSH fans are increasing HJW’s votes but its merely one-sided? Look at it this way, why would KSH fans wanna collaborate with HJW fans when these two are.. 1) NOT related in any way and 2)HJW’s fanbase is relatively much smaller compared to KSH’s?

    What I theorise is that, perhaps, they are increasing the votes of HJW on purpose so that they can ‘show’ (give the impression) AIRENS that these two are collaborating (when they are not), cause a dispute, divert the attention away from voting and instead focus on this so-called ‘trust’ issue. (which is exactly what’s happening :/) By causing this dispute, they hope that AIRENS will stop voting for HJW, 1023RS fans realise that too, and will stop voting for LSG naturally.

    get my point? it’s a little bit twisted but it’s all psychology.

    p/s: not a personal attack but havent you realised that so far, the person who has spoken about this collaboration have been very quiet? just a thought. oh wells, perhaps he’s busy ‘voting’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t listen in every word you hear,it will only mess up your mind. Let them do/think what they want to think. AIRENS and HEARTIES even JIWON fans are at one. We just have to trust each other.

  45. sunby says:

    Its so true Anonymous, to my understanding Both LSG n HJW ‘fans are supporting each other … both side gain alot more of each other’s fanS aft TK2H!Sometimes its a sensitive issue if they were to post anthing abt them on their fan sites.I’m one of the new CRAZY fan of LSG now, I jt found the genius in him, wat a great guy, whoever get him is the most happiest woman on earth.So happy that he is getting closer to Lee song Jae (Great senior) that means he is going on the right track in his acting career.I hv high resp[ect for LSJ n his lifestyle ,the one who know how to take care of his health, like not smoking n drink less.LSG is a model by not smoking (hope he drink less) as i know most korean are smokers. Is gd the country is now encouraging its citizen to stop smoking.

  46. Rona says:

    As King Lee Jae Ha said , TRUST is very important in us winning this battle ! Let us trust one another and not be swayed by malicious rumors. They are out there to destroy our relationship and it is almost succeeding . Let us unite ! LSG and HJW for the win !

  47. Gen Wong says:

    Lots of crazy things going on in MNET for sure.
    Suzy and Super Junior had more than 100,000 points lead too, until recently.
    Like how did 100,000 lead get slashed in just 2 days?
    I also don’t understand what’s going on!

  48. Anonymous says:

    It happens again. I vote as much as I can but the gap keeps decreasing. I even left some messages for Mnet but I don’t know if they read them. What should we do?… Back to vote…. 😦

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi airens and hearties, keep voting like crazy! I think there’s something wrong going on with the votes. I hope Mnet can detect those bots. It’s really depressing.. (

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