12.06.20 Lee Seung Gi @ Warsaw Chopin Airport

*updated – 4 clips so far*

SeungGi DOES have fans everywhere! 😛

Fanboy in Poland too? 😛

credit: fathineric, KlaudynaXD, xxiao207, EiriKaori

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20 Responses to 12.06.20 Lee Seung Gi @ Warsaw Chopin Airport

  1. anonymous noona says:

    I love the suspense! 🙂

  2. Divine Jiwon says:

    oh my!!! everybody loves him who wouldnt, glad he arrived safe in warsaw.

  3. anonymous noona says:

    I saw this one too..its cute to see that he’s surprised he has fans in poland. 🙂

    • anononymous says:

      Hopefully lame-o Hook can realize that he IS getting popular internationally as well!! He should at least get a twitter/me2day where fans can connect with him!

    • May says:

      Thanks you update. We’re verry verry hunggry news about Seunggi.
      Hi Tryp, the man 0:05 is Seunggi’ father? He looks like? :)))

      • tryp96 says:

        I’ve only seen SeungGi’s father once in person, and I’m not very good with faces, but I don’t think that person was his father.

    • Anonymous says:

      So happy to see the video. He’s a international star! Thanks for sharing.

  4. sarah says:

    Im soo happy!! teary eyed and laughing right now!!:D SeungGi ya!! YOU are well known famous even in Poland!! He is surely surprised by the warm welcome!! If I can just goo to London.. damn! Im so stuck here.. 😦 I’ll be watching the game later.. will seat in front of the tv waiting maybe the camera will caught SeungGi watching the game.. Its Portugal vs Czech Rep.. Is he a fan of Ronaldo?!!^^
    or maybe you’ll drop by here in Madrid!!!!?!!??? sorry just getting crazy he is so near but yeah. still so far.. T_T

    • sarah says:

      wow!! I saw some blond girls.. our SeungGi is really an International star!!!
      Dear Hook,LOOK how SeungGi is so famous even on ur sometimes lame management. hmmp .^^

      • anononymous says:

        True! Hook needs to get her act together. With all that discussion about K2H ratings in Korea one thing’s for sure: LSG won himself a whole lot of international fans! =)

        • Simina says:

          Yaaaaaaaaa!!! I knew LSK way before K2H!!! since 2009 or earlier ! and I’m not even a fan! I don’t have to be a fangirl to like his on-screen presence.
          Too bad K2H isn’t compelling enough for me, but in MGIAG and Shining Inheritance he owns me 😛
          Btw “WHY everyone in Korea thinks that kpop is only in Korea?” instead of trying to expand it and get their money out of it?
          Step 1: Learn English! and enunciate it properly!
          Step 2: Make your star to use twitter or facebook or even tumbler! me2day kinda looks out of hand for English users.
          You know what Korean managers do? make their star to learn Japanese …. well you can use it only to promote in Japan and not world wide. It is nice and sweet but English would be sweet for European, Middle East and US fans too… ops you don’t promote here… ops we love our star anyway!!!!
          Step 3 Enjoy the popularity and get your money

          An East European kdrama and jdrama addict

    • seungifan says:

      sarah… is he going to london or manchester?

  5. leogalsg says:

    Im happy that he reach there safely.
    He look surprised that many fans wait for him…
    So lucky fan get to see him face to face…

  6. yaseunggi says:

    Lord that lasts smile on his face amin

  7. a says:

    I read in some fan account that a Malaysia fan saw Seung Gi face to face but she wasn’t able to greet him bec she’s with a group of people. Seung Gi is driving around poland with all male entourage and he is the one driving the car. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    hell yeah, i love my country! i couldn’t be there, but i’m glad that some people decided to welcome him. i hope he’ll get to drink some polish vodka! that’s a must, when you’re in poland!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The fanboy is cute 🙂

  10. Pretty Baby says:

    He does have many fans here in Poland! Actually, many more people really wanted to come (even not from Warsaw) but they couldn’t.I really wanted to go too, but I was stuck in home TT___TT And I wanted to say “goodby” to him today, but I had school grrrr I hate my life TT___TT He even talked with fans,gave autographs,hugged and high-fived everyone TT___TT

  11. envious of those malaysian girls! waaaaaa!!!!

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