Lee Seung Gi’s Congratulatory Message to Leekaja Hair Bis

SeungGi’s hair salon is celebrating its 40th anniversary:

source: nate
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12 Responses to Lee Seung Gi’s Congratulatory Message to Leekaja Hair Bis

  1. leekaja?refer to? seung gi does have his own hair salon? i’m sorry onni. confuse. 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    No more wired ajussi hairstyle, please. I miss staight hair.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agreed…. Seung Gi more handsome with his straight hair..

  4. sunby says:

    I prefer the king’s look!

  5. manassuper says:

    LSG voting rate %age keeps dropping.unexpectedly SJK VOTIN%AGE have been increasing while KSH’S is steady.plz don’t get distracted and be complacent and keep on crazily voting.also our queen is behind.so vote for all royal family…..plz………….vote……..

  6. Starstruck says:

    If only he could say please stop giving me ahjusshi hair. I want his 2009 hair back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I love his 2009 hair! I also love the way he’s styled in 2009..

      • starstruck. says:

        Ikr! my brother who watches 1n2d occasionally was comparing seunggi’s 2009 look with his 2011 look and said that if he didn’t know who sgi was, he would think that he aged in an incredibly fast rate. I totally blame his Cody for that.

        • asiangal18 says:

          ur bro’s so right …….LSG definitely looked more aged than he was in 2011 ….its so amazing ..the power of hairstyle …I saw him today in rochdale and he looked so much younger and boyish with the hairstyle he had on …..I feel straight and short hair makes him look a lot younger and more handsome. ^^

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