12.06.23 Lee Seung Gi Sightseeing in Manchester



source: weibo

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43 Responses to 12.06.23 Lee Seung Gi Sightseeing in Manchester

  1. anon says:

    Seung-gi vs. the quote on his jacket!! Is he going all bada$$ on us?!! Love it!! ❤

  2. leahtaro says:

    how appropriate writing on your jacket, Mr. Lee. “Fuck this life”–why did I laughed out loud after seeing that? So un-Seunggi-like. :)And oh boy, Cody is on strike mode once again. What’s up with the unflattering scarf? He had been so well-dressed for the past few days, and then this. I am now officially convinced that Cody must be suffering on some kind of a bipolar fashion disorder. On the other hand, still gorgeously looking good there, Oppa! 🙂 Looks like he had a good time in England!

    • anonymous noona says:

      I think the more the fans keep noticing his (cody) odd fashion style the more he does this things. He’s enjoying the tease and the anger of the fans. 🙂

      • leahtaro says:

        If they are doing this on purpose, errr… that’s kind of odd. LOL! Oh Seunggi, you can tease your fans in some other ways than dressing up like this. HAHA! That scarf needs to go. 🙂

        • myseunggiya says:

          everything is ok, just throw that scarf away! ^^

          • leahtaro says:

            couldn’t agree more. 🙂

            • judepps@yahoo.com says:

              I thought i was the only one noticing all of the craziness his cody does to Seunggi.. a lot of fans given thumbs down to my comment last time.. haiz.. his manager’s outfit is looking more fine compare to Seunggi I really wanted to kill his Cody.. What the F with the scarf!! OMG..somebody please fire his cody before i could kill him…gRRRR…

  3. anonymous noona says:

    huwaaw! i never thought Seung Gi would wear a jacket with that phrase! well he’s 25 yo pal of course he will! Glad he enjoys his life in england even for a shortwhile.

  4. M says:

    Is the fans stalking him, while he’s on vocation. I don’t wanna sound rude but I think the fans should leave him alone while he’s having fun. ( like not bothering him and taking pics). I know he’s a public figure but still leave the guy alone. On the other hand love the pics 🙂 p.s Please dont hate me ^^

    • tryp96 says:

      These pictures were taken by some Chinese girls who were in Manchester to see a Chinese celebrity running the torch relay, so I don’t think they are SeungGi’s fans. They were just lucky enough to run into SeungGi and recognized him.

    • anon says:

      hmm, I think the local fans spotted him and took a pic. It’s good for him (& indirectly Hook) to know that he’s NOT a relative unknown as they thought he would be. Also, what are the chances of int’l fans flying out to Korea to meet him, right? This is an opportunity nobody would pass up.

      From the second pic with Chinese(?) restaurants in the background…he may be in China town so the likelihood of him being recognized is a LOT higher.

  5. myseunggiya says:

    Such a statement on your jacket dear. So unlikely of you. Would this mean it was personally chosen by Seung Gi? Since he knows the reactions of the fans upon wearing it. But that’s fine, you bad boy! ❤

  6. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to give him the message directly!!! About Cody…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh~ I feel so crappy for not going into town today.. I was just standing there on Thursday! Never thought LSG would come to Manchester out of all places and completely missed him 😦 Glad to see him smiling so brightly though, as always! ^__^

  8. a says:

    I have the same pair of that jacket! Now i will love and cherish my jacket more than anything! HAHA

  9. Anonymous says:

    That jacket is worth $650 written “fuck this life guilty parties”. M-65 Jacket

  10. zambak70 says:

    i love it^^he said in one of his interviews that he want show a little of the bad guy,right?! and those jeans fits him really.scarf….remind me everytime his cameo in”greatest love”,maybe all Airens wear,he will give it up:)) and now what i will him send as gift………my sweetheart happy,no matter you enojoy your free time!!!

  11. meliejoo says:

    Is he gonna buy a birthday gift for HJW?!?!

    • anon says:

      mrawwwwwrr!! Yes, please!! Seung-gi surprise your noona!! hehe

    • anonymous noona says:

      I bet he did! Probably bought it ahead of time? Some pair of diamond earrings? Ring would be a little awkward for both of them so as the necklace. Bracelet? he bought IU one before I don’t think he buys same gift to give. or an LV bag? But TK2H gave HJW the bag that they featured in the drama. Oh I’m imagining so hard!

  12. weini haile says:

    whats with the writings on his jacket…sooo not like him,bt couldnt stop laughing!….n the scarf,lol,it reminds me of’greatest love’….but whatever he does cant stop loving him:)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Tryp, why am I worry about this pics which tabloids might exploit this pics and try to crush Seunggi? It’s probably his coordinator picked this and he just wears it but Korean media and people usually crazy and try to find fault with a great star like Seungi. Should we still put this pic on? Your blog is very famous. ㅠㅠㅠ

    • KIT says:

      He wore the jacket in a country who is very open minded and I think Seung Gi knows that too. Regarding korean media I don’t think they will rant like hell about Seung Gi’s outfit they know he’s not in Korea and fashion is still fashion (especially designer clothes). I know it’s surprising for us to see that he’s wearing a jacket like that,but he is a 25 year old guy. He’s in a stage that everything is a bliss! They should give the boy a chance to do what he wants to do.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Especially second pic. I hope people doesn’t make a fuss about it. Can you smudge out a bit, Tryp?

  15. Anonym says:

    I like that he is still human after all…. LOL. Him wearing that statement jacket is not weird at all, he is just being cool and fashionable.

  16. roseM says:

    aigoo…the scarfff!!! should throw it away…

  17. He is entering into this site to view our comment yourself? If so he will ask his stylist update better. The collecting your stylish suit and send him up .. he will definitely be happy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mary Wako four two brands

  19. meliejoo says:

    right now, DClsg fans are complaining this scarf……………
    probably they all don’t like him wearing scarf…

    • airen says:

      the scarf is horrible…juz choose a better one…or juz dont wear it at all..he’s gonna look much better without it…

  20. airen says:

    Gave up on his wardrobe long time ago…sometimes he looks like coming out straight away from GQ magazine…perfect hairstyle..perfect outfit…Other times…I lost my words to say anything. So now.. I decided to juz focus on his insanely most gorgeous smile I’ve seen on man in this entire world (which he does it A LOT) and thick lashes that would make any girls jealous.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dear cody, you know same time “simple is more and more and even more beautiful” so please stop your stupid experiences w/ scarf. that scary u know !

  22. Ann says:

    I feel that the scarf looks nice and impressive tho 🙂 may be its like something that defferentiate him from others? hahaha it isn’t that badddd
    Hahaha whatever it is , he Is as gorgeous as bet 🙂 so glad that he had time to relax and shop ^^ *de -stressss*

  23. yy says:

    seeing scarved seunggi remiinds me of brilliant legacy days..lol

  24. seunggicharm says:

    ahaha..Love the jacket and the sunglasses! So much of a handsome guy!!! That scarf..err..it doesn’t suit his printed shirt for goodness sake!Darn cody!tsktsk..nevertheless..Seung Gi looks great!Thank heavens for a handsome face he got!

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