12.06.24 Lee Seung Gi receiving message book from fans

Looks like Rachel met SeungGi while delivering the message book:




Pictures from the torch relay:



credit: Rachel

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11 Responses to 12.06.24 Lee Seung Gi receiving message book from fans

  1. ainfazlin says:

    love the first pic 🙂

  2. SLTeh says:

    Hi Tryp & Rachel, thank you so much for the update 🙂

  3. bettyvegan says:

    Woah , Who’s that lucky gal that he turn the page to ….his sweet smile n his handsome manager

  4. looks he so happy seeing the picture from airen Indonesia, good to see his smile ! so seungGi-ssi, please come to Indonesia SOON !!! we’re waiting you !!

  5. dalsg says:

    Rachel & Tryp…Thank u so much for ur hardwork..im teary looking the 2nd picture with pink text its mine.. :’) iloveu

  6. dewianista says:

    1st pic, i see AIREN INDONESIA logo there, but the girl on the message book is not me T^T) so envy

  7. sarah says:

    yay!! Im soo happy!! Look at his reactions while reading the message book. He is touched. ❤
    SeungGi ya–I dont mind making those fan-arts(Im not creative and not so good ) for hours.. I know you read and appreciate them all.. ^^
    Thanks Dear Rachel and Tryp!!:D

  8. dalsg says:

    i played “I love u n thank u” – Mc. Mong while see this, i just love the all Dearest airens, n thank u for always keep sharing, esp. Tryp, ILOVEU N THANKU

  9. dramaaddict says:

    I think I like his Manager also. lol

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