12.06.23 Olympic Torch Relay Fanpics 10 – Lee Seung Gi

This supporter got some really nice pictures. Hopefully she’ll share more later! 😛

source: official fan cafe

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18 Responses to 12.06.23 Olympic Torch Relay Fanpics 10 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. yaseunggi says:

    We are waiting for other images and tnx

  2. michelle says:

    omg this this this, too radiant!!

  3. trish says:

    Really nice! That smile!

  4. sunby says:

    Signature smile, HJW in samsung galaxy…

    • Kitty says:

      Don’t you notice , whenever you mention HJW, you get thumbs down…haahhaha.. …there are jealous fans out here.. ROTFLOL

      • Dill says:

        It could also be that this is a LSG fan site. The drama is over, so shippers should just lighten up and focus the attention to LSG’s activity.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s because you guys comment not related to the topic. Remember this topic ‘s just about LSG human, not related to drama TK2H! And with Airens, we never ship SG with anyone in real, it’s because those fans’ ridiculous dreams may make SG feel burdened and uncomfortable. A drama’s just a drama, that’s all!
        I’m sorry but can I wonder, are you really Airens?

  5. Anonymous says:

    omo i missed oppa!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sunby says:

    Its Ok Kitty, LSG ‘s real ideal is HA JI WON n he said he has fallen for her, so this Couple Is My Ideal also….I respected LSG!!

    • Kitty says:

      I like that you are so cool about it. It is still related to LSG after all. Eventually, it will die a natural death like how it was with the other drama partners. I can understand your feeling right now. Maybe somewhere out there, someone has created a LSG-HJW fansite .

  7. sunby says:

    since we are jt his fans , we can only support him cos he is human too.He has such high respect of HJW to my opinion that wat he is looking for in a woman.Remember the director said the” world is created for LSG n HJW” thats the best!To be frank i love those fanart that simplefact created in soompi…. TK2H FB is gd enough for me get my booster if i miss them …. I sincerely thank Tryp for feeeding us the lastest of our beloved LSG( my whole family is into LSG)!

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember that whenever SG played with any actress as a couple in a drama, people (both directors and viewers) would say that “it’s the best couple”. And they’re really best couple but just in this drama not in reality! And SG said that he’d feel burdened with the things that fans draw over the drama. If you’re just a fan of TK2H and only think about the drama and something non-truth, I think you go the wrong site. It’s LSG site, not TK2H site or LSG-HJW shippers site!

      • sunby says:

        One more thing “are u his fan??? why still “Anonymous”????I’m sunbyeo n i’m very proud tobe his fan!Dun feel offended I ‘m jt curious!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just mention about SG and Airens or not off-topic on LSG sites, we call it the respect indeed

      • sunby says:

        Oh did i said something wrong, then sorry cos i’m jt repeating wat he said during an interview ( the heritory interview),Below the header ther’es this TK2H link so thought its nothing wrong.You mean we are not allow to talk abt TK2H here even b4 his next project.I’m sorry to say that TK2H means alot to him, n TK2H is still hot !

        • Kitty says:

          I agree with you Sunby. Though we do not own this site, I don’t see any reason why we cannot mention TK2H here where in fact, this is the drama that catapulted him to being a REAL actor. If you take out TK2H, then LSG will not be complete anymore. By respect, maybe we should avoid mentioning about the “LSG-HJW” shipping too much here. You know how sensitive and jealous fans can get. There is an FB King 2 Hearts page with LSG and HJW. I guess there, we can ship as much as we want and no one will hate us for doing so.

          • sunby says:

            Guess you are right Kitty,pheeeeewwww……..no wonder LSG said he will not reveal his relationship till his wedding day…..he knows deep inside wat will happpen.

  8. Normahliza says:

    I wonder how it will ‘sound’ if Lee Seung Gi sing that ‘Super Kid song’ at K2H (don’t know the title as I can’t read Korean). It would sound better don’t you think?. Among all the song in K2H that song I think is the most cheerful.

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