12.06.26 Incheon Airport Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

*updating… 12 pics so far*

credit: as labeled

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32 Responses to 12.06.26 Incheon Airport Press Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. zurah90 says:

    Ya~~~ He is a MAN! 😉

  2. ayra says:

    yellow shoes again..kyeopta 🙂

  3. sunby says:

    He looks really gd in white , he did put on some weight, thanks tryp!I’m a stalker here!

  4. sunby says:

    There’s a lucky ajjuma , behind him!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love his somewhat ruggedly handsome look.

  6. Divine Jiwon says:

    oh my i think i going to faint seeing those sexy pics of him,gosh i love you

  7. truly a MAN. no more ‘Nation Little Brother’ but ‘Nation Man’ . *faint =,=

  8. sarah says:

    great!! SeungGi’s back in Korea safely!!:D
    He’s soo handsone and Manly!! Dear Cody, this style is want we want.. ! its not so complicated right?!! 🙂
    ok..I cant still recover from the fitted white shirt!!ahahaha Que Gaupo!! :S

  9. airen says:

    he’s getting more and more smoking hot and sexy everytime i see him….grrrrr…..

    • anon says:

      YES!! He’s definitely aging beautifully. He looks sooooo much better now than he did when he debuted!

  10. roseM says:

    Thumbs up Seunggi- nice press photo for airport fashion!!! Horaaay…smoking HOT

  11. Leogalsg says:

    Look at the muscle…and he looked good in white…Drooling…
    And the smile , cant do my workkkk….

  12. Sara says:

    OMO…fainting….he looks awesome….loved the white tshirt…emphasising his manliness

  13. Sara says:

    How many pair of shoes did he had in this trip including the trainers ? I count at least five.

  14. airen says:

    Hot body…dazzling smile…oozing with the manliness hormones… all the girls are drooling and fainting right now….

  15. ahhhh!!!! He’s soooo hooott!!!!! I love this outfit xD

  16. diamonds says:

    gyaah, i think i’m falling in Love with WHITE
    OH GOSH, how can a simple white t-shirt make him looks so smexy HOT?
    awww.. and YAAA Cody-yah, what had you done with Oppa hair?? with the cap on he looks SO DAMN Good, means your ajussi-hair style is out of date !! No more perm please, just leave it alone like the JaeHa’s style

    OMO.OMO i can’t had enough these photos *_*

  17. meliejoo says:

    did he gain weight? looks like his body is tough!!
    i like him wearing white and black hat..

  18. dalsg says:

    OMG!! GOSH..he’s gorgeous!!! That biceps, OMG, OMG!! You’re the man Seunggi ya!! Iloveu to the fullest! Iloveu Seunggi ya!

  19. smokin’ hot!!! *faints*

  20. seunggicharm says:

    I just love his outfit! This is what he should be wearing should he be in a casual wear^^ And I just hope that his makeup artist wouldn’t put too much cream on his face coz sometimes it’s not applied well.. I mean he have gorgeous skin..so i guess a little cream would be fine^^ just my thought..hehe..
    Those muscles..waaah..such a lovely sight to see^^
    Welcome back to Korea Seung Gi-yaa^^

  21. hihi says:

    LOL…some might not like this…but its kinda a couple look? no? hat and white t-shirt…

    • anon says:

      huh?! Seriously!! *rolls eyes*

    • meliejoo says:

      gosh..!! I don’t like yoona.. don’t make LSG and yoona again..

      • airen says:

        dont put their name on the same sentence pliz…every time i heard her name..kinda feel something crawling on my skin..ickkk…..bad aura…

        • anon says:

          hahaa, too funny!

          All I hear about her is her looks and granted she’s pretty/seldom plain-looking. Never have I read about her talent or personality, etc (not really into K-pop). Anyways, the day he announces whoever his bride-to-be is that’s when I’ll believe these shipping rumors, etc.

          I’ll say he is ready to dive into a relationship right about now! Good luck to him.

  22. Anonymous says:

    muscles, hat on his messy hair, yup wish for less make up coz well he still looked radiant before without them at 1n2d. but really cant complain coz i am digging this!! love him in simple casual shirt that emphasizes that yummy physique. he gained weight in a good way, wish he’s maintain that. what can i say, my ovaries just went kabloom checking these!!!

  23. flvwl says:

    I’m so sorry Tryp for accidentally hitting the “unlike” button instead of “like”. I just got home and driving under the scorching Vegas heat just made me a bit dizzy. I’ve been looking at these pics and my mind just totally went blank.I just can’t stop admiring this young lad. Never wished for anything else but to see him happy , smiling and in good health. His affectious smile is the best cure to an “energy-zapping” work day. Love his dimple, just like my daughter’s.

    Thanks again Tryp for sharing these pictures.

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