12.06.23 Samsung Dinner Party Photos – Lee Seung Gi

After the torch relay:




source: youngsamsung

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10 Responses to 12.06.23 Samsung Dinner Party Photos – Lee Seung Gi

  1. kaka says:

    Hi Tryp96, I just want to ask you about one thing..hihi..I have been and are constantly watching Strong heart and Seung Gi 1N2D after leaving. So.. What percentage of people see these two programs are the same as flying hours ago? About rating?

  2. Always love these casual shots of Seunggi… ❤

    • Tori says:

      same! hehe after seeing oppa continuously for 4days i could see that he loved that shirt :’) he wore it when he arrived and on the 3rd day :p

      • dramaaddict says:

        can share with us here yr conversation with lsg. Would appreciate that v much.Whether it was in Korean or English. But, if it is confidential then you can keep it with our blessings. lol

  3. judepps says:

    is that his cody (black coat w/ eyeglasses) looking at him on the first pic?

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