83 Responses to International Airen Tori’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s UK Trip

  1. LSGfan says:

    Whoa~~~~ Tori this is an A-MAZING fan account! Thx so much for sharing!!! Tryp, great idea about the fan accounts tab!!!! I can’t wait to read the next installment!!!! I feel like I was there with you and I almost lost my breath too, when you were losing your breath! hehehehehe. Seunggi for sure will remember you! it’s like a scene from a movie or a novel…. you scribbling notes to him… in the rain… and he responding back! kyaaaaaahhhhhh! International Airen rocks!

    • Cajunasian says:

      OMG!!! I totally agree… Tori, your fan account is awesome. The part when he gave you the heart could have been a scene right out of an episode of a kdrama 🙂 so envious of you!!! I had a smile on my face the whole time reading this. Thank you and can’t wait for next installment.

      • Tori says:

        It’s really nice to see such a good reception from all the Airen. Hahaha I wish it was a kdrama because then I could be his personal assistant and help him when he’s tired from all the work~ I cant act so I think I’d cast one of you amazing Airen to be the female lead! hehehehe ^^ next chapter is in progress~

    • Tori says:

      Haha first comment, thank you so much for the support ^^ Even when I re-read my heart starts beating like crazy again~ I’m glad I could share my experience with everyone! It’s also a good way of making sure in a few years’ time I still remember all the details 🙂 Now I need to work on Chapter 2~ AIREN HWAITING!

    • seunggicharm says:

      Agree! Such an amazing fan account from Tori^^ It’s like sharing the same experience with her because of this great fan account..DAEBAK!

      • Tori says:

        the support from all the Airen is daebak! thank you so so much ^^ it’s great to hear you could share the experience with me~

  2. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tori,
    Thank you so much for this lovely account. I was able to live the exciting and wonderful experience through your vivid description. Cannot wait for the next one.

    • Tori says:

      Haha thank you for reading it! I thought maybe there was too much detail and so people may have gotten bored~ I know what to put in the next one now~ More oppa, less me being a fangirl- hehehe~

      • Cajunasian says:

        Don’t leave out the fangirl part! That’s what makes it real 🙂 more of everything please !!! Can you tell I am so enjoy reading this 😉

        • Tori says:

          Haha okay okay! I’ll include everything and make you all bored to death~ ^^ it’s actually daebak how everybody loves it so much. no way did i expect this~

  3. Tori says:

    Thank you everyone so so much~ I’ll definately be working hard on the next part! ^^ AIREN HWAITING!

  4. anon says:

    aww, that’s lovely!! One thing that amazes me about LSG is despite being a solo artist he was comfortable in countries where Korean is not the primary language of communication. I’ve seen other Kpop group artists who despite being part of a large group get intimidated/awkward by the international fans.

    Seung-gi never let this language barrier (although his English is a LOT better than other K-artists) prevent him from interacting with his fans. What an eye-opener for him, reallly! =) From the fans’ pix that I’ve seen (on his Euro-trip) he never stood awkwardly on the side…he was always thoughtful! No wonder his fanbase is booming steadily….fans appreciate these basic qualities aaaand he has all of them!

    Thanks Tori for the fan account and I appreciate you for respecting to give him his personal space! I later saw a fanvid of his arrival to Korea and omigawdd those fans were hysterical and their screams were deafening!! blerghhhh….hardly the way to get his attention!

    btw, LOLS at him getting ‘scared’ at fans approaching him. Love it!!

    • grace yumang says:

      may i share this one? Kim Hyun Joong visited the Phils last 2006, he guested on the top-rated noontime show, together with an interpreter, he greeted the fans, invited them on his show…and you know what did he said the last? can i leave now? the interpreter said it! i mean, do u really have to say it in national tv? he stayed in front of the camera i think 5-10 minutes only. i haven’t got the chance to watch that show on that day, only the replay. there has been a number of negative responses about that and i dont mind. maybe he’s tired. i dunno. one thing’s for sure, seung gi is really par excellance in terms of character. that’s all.

      • Tori says:

        Hmm well maybe he had a tight schedule and that it was the manager who wanted to hurry things up? A lot of things happen that fans don’t see and even if KHJ did mean it in that way, it doesn’t make him any worse than others out there. Many celebrities say it behind the scenes- but the most important thing is Seunggi oppa is right at the top with his traits and utmost care for Airen 🙂

    • Tori says:

      Yeah, although I did speak to oppa in korean it was really really bad korean and so for him to try to understand me is great of him ^^ He did speak to me in korean but when he noticed that I didn’t understand he’d drop the occasional english word and slow it down~ Oppa really does love Airen from all over the world, definately not Korean-bias like many other celebrities. We need more Airen to join the official fanbase and up the head count! The fan account really is for me as much as it is for Airen- it means I won’t forget a single moment of meeting oppa! Yeah, I obviously do wish to run up to him and like jump onto him but as fans we need to step into oppa’s shoes and think about his feelings. My way of getting attention was somewhat I guess unfair, I only got it due to my height! Haha he did look scared but I assure you he wasn’t scared like horrified, more shocked than anything! I’ve written a mini-essay again, sorry tryp unni for blocking up the page!

  5. dalsg says:

    Dear Tori,
    Enjoying ur diary!! waiting for the next episode 🙂 can feel the excitement!! Tryp, thank u for providing this tab. this is so cool! Airen the best!!

    • Tori says:

      Hehe it was meant to be a fan account not a diary, maybe I’ve included too much about me and not oppa! I’ve never written anything like this and so it truly is mind-blowing to see so much positive feed back! Thank you~ Airen jjang!

  6. grace yumang says:

    nice detailing! i laughed on the part when she said “a part of me died and went to heaven!” i think it was equally as cute as seung gi’s cuteness! it must’ve been hard for her but it’s surely worth the wait! here in the phils., as of this writing, Ha ji Won is here in Manila, relaxing, i think. the hotel was just 30 minutes away, but since she arrived here secretly, i thought she really wanted to rest. in as much as i want to get a glimpse of the queen, i’d rather let her enjoy the beautiful sceneries our country has to offer. there’d be some other time when she can get to meet her fans. and if ever happens, seung gi will also get to visit the Phils secretly to relax and rest, (i do hope he can do it secretly!) i’d probably die not seeing him when this is the closest i can get, but thinking he’s also human, supporting and loving him also includes taking care of him in my own little way by respecting his own space. there’s always a time for everything and i know i’ll be given that chance. airens and 1023rs reflects the king and queen. they are both the best korean artist for me, and i’d love to follow their examples! waiting for more, Tori! ❤

    • Tori says:

      maybe too much detail hehe~ no one can be as cute as oppa, especially not me! I just wrote about how I felt ^^ ahh HJW unni, I wish I could meet her too~ she’s a great actress and had great chemistry with oppa onset! yeah it’s always best to give your idols some personal time, they’re just people too~ I guess my time with oppa was now, everything happens for a reason and so I think I was meant to share this daebak experience with all the Airen ^^ yeah, thats why we have to behave ourselves around oppa and other celebrities kekeke. Typing it all now~ Thankyou ❤

  7. Ay says:

    Tori, this is great. Thank yoooouuuuuu. I feel like i am actually there. The pictures on the bus are absolutely daebak! The account lets us know more about seung gi as a person and a star and how he enjoys seeing his fans. Thanks Tryp for sharing. Looking forward to the other chapters.
    Tryp, does it mean we have to look for the second part under the ‘ meeting SG’ page? Will you be posting it on the front page?

    • tryp96 says:

      All the fan accounts will still be posted on the front page. The “Meeting SG” page will be used to compile all the post links. 🙂

    • Tori says:

      It’s good that you could feel what I was feeling- that’s the point right? Being able to share with all of you is absolutely daebak! ^^ Yeah, that’s why I wanted to type a detailed one up- showing oppa’s real side and how that barely differs from his image as a celebrity! I can’t wait for the next chapters and I haven’t even started some chapters yet! hahaha :’)

  8. shrlykim says:

    thanks Tori for sharing this… It felt like we were there with you during that moment 🙂
    will be waiting for more fan account!

    • Tori says:

      Yay~ I achieved what I wanted to! To share the daebak experience with the Airen ^^ It’s coming soon~

  9. Poply says:

    Dear tori. Wow! Big Thank you . I love your diary with experience excited. When i read can’t stop smile. can’t wait, next.

    • Tori says:

      A big thank you for you reading it ^^ I really appreciate it~ Hehe, keep smiling then! Oppa always smiles, we should do the same! Typing the next one now~

  10. yon says:

    Tori, well done! I can feel your excitement from your fan account…! You have such nice encounter with him, and it’s only the 1st day!!! I really envy you ^_^…… i can’t imagine how much more closer encounter you have for the next few days!! It’s really exciting…

    I think Seung Gi do not mind taking pictures with fans if there aren’t alot of fans around, that’s why in Poland, he could take picture with the fans… But i guess there were too many fans at Manchester Airport, that’s why it is even more difficult for him to agree to it….

    Looking forward to your Day 2 fan account! ^_^

    • Tori says:

      Haha thank you~ I feel the excitement even though I’ve read it so many times! Yeah, I was so so lucky- it still doesnt feel real! I do get closer dont worry- hehehe. Oppa really cares about Airen and will do what he can depending on the circumstances~ It was just amazing how he was so caring with the little umbrella incident and confirmation of his route~ Day 2 coming soon!

  11. Anonymous says:

    You are the best Seung Gi fan in the whole world, Tori !!! Two thumbs up!!!

    • Tori says:

      That’s such a big statement!!! No I’m not! So so many fans out there exactly like me ^^ It’s just I’m the only one mad enough to try to record everything down straight after each meeting with oppa~ Hehe thank you ^^

  12. leogalsg says:

    Thank tori for fan account.this is amazing.
    When I read it , I can understand how u feel.
    I got goosebump all over n felt that I was there with u
    Cant wait for another chaphter….
    Another goosebump pls….

    • Tori says:

      It’s okay, no need to thank me! Thank oppa for tolerating me all four days~ One day maybe you could experience something like this and I can read your account- get goosebumps too ^^ next chapter is in progress~

  13. sarah says:

    wow!!Dear Tori And Tryp!!:D really thanks for sharing!!It feels like I was there reading ur super amazing experience.. with the envious question on my mind~~when can I experience that too!!?? I will wait for part 2..^^
    Though I know tjat really our SeungGi is the Nicest person still Im soo happy hearing it from all the fans having the chance to experience it. 😀

    • Tori says:

      Me sharing this is nothing on the support all you guys have for oppa, I’m just another fan like everyone else! Haha maybe some day it would be the other way around, you meeting oppa and I reading your account~ Let’s keep our fingers crossed ^^ Oppa really is so so sincere and attentive- he’s perfect inside and outside! 😀

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Tori 🙂 I was really touched by you thinking of SeungGi first and loved SeungGi gave you the little heart. He really is one in a million, isn’t he? Will wait for the second part 🙂

    • Tori says:

      Thank you for reading~ Hmm well all Airen should put oppa first right? I’m sure everyone else would do that too ^^ I’m still not over that heart from oppa, it was little but it meant so so much! He’s the only one in the whole world~ Working as fast as I can 🙂

  15. dramaaddict says:

    Tori Dear, thanks for sharing. You are one of the best Airens, so considerate and you must love LSG v much to remember all the small details and I really love your vivid description. I like your impromptu reaction; took out yr notepad, you must have an IQ that equaled LJH. Looking forward to yr next episode, especially the hug and subsequent meetings. I like the Manager-nim v much. Write something about him for me, pls.
    Maybe we can speak to Mr Lee Ang to film your encounter, lol
    I really have to thank tryp96 for letting me comment on her blog.

    • Tori says:

      Sharing is nothing! Haha thank you so so much~ All Airen are the best! Yeah, oppa has a really really big place in my heart ^^ My little trick was to note down important bits straight after meeting oppa because then afterwards I would be able to remember pretty much everything! Haha although at times it seemed like I had a high IQ, most of the time I was just a HeoDang! Aww, I really like manager-nim too! He is such a nice person- just to let you know before Chapter 4, manager-nim bowed and said, “Annyeong” to me first at Airport where he recognised me ^^ Haha make a short movie about 4days of meeting oppa- sounds like a daebak film! Kekekeke~

  16. judepps says:

    Tori, thank you for sharing with us your great fan account experience..we can’t help but envy you… waiting for the 2nd part of your fan account..LOve all your own little way of detailing your fan account it’s very cute….

    • Tori says:

      It’s alright, I’m happy to have shared this little bit of my experience with oppa! Haha I wish I was oppa’s friend because then I could see him all the time and take care of him- be a shoulder to cry on ^^ Thankyou~

      • Ay says:

        Tori, I don’t know if you knew this already. But baidu tieba in China has translated your fan account into Chinese and the response is also daebak! More airens are now enjoying your work!

  17. Tori says:

    Oh no I don’t, that’s crazy! That’s amazing~ Feel even more motivated now ^^ Could you link me please~

    • Muljen says:

      OMG, i just see your graVatar. Is that you hugging seunggi? Wow, u are so lucky

      • Tori says:

        haha i only just updated it~ and yeah it’s oppa ^^ i love him so so much! i miss him like crazy~ ><

      • sarah says:

        OMG!!! I just notice it now..^^ YOU ARE HUGGING SeungGi!!!?!!! OMG!!Im soo soo envious!!^^ lucky girl!!^^
        may I know what is his scent..hahahareally envious!!You soo lucky!!:D

        • Tori says:

          haha I’ve had two hugs from oppa now~ ^^ hmm well youre going to have to wait for the first hug in chapter 2 and the second hug in chapter 3… kekeke~ 🙂

          • sarah says:

            lols!! Hey Girl,stop teasing us..hehe 😀 waiting patiently for the next chapter..
            am I reading it right?! You’ve got TWO hugs.. omoooo!!cringe!with jealousy ang envy. 🙂 lucky. lucky you!!!:D and saw ur page you also have photo w/ the handsome manager..^^

            • Tori says:

              haha you guys asked for the extra info ;D sorry about the wait- been really busy >< i was twice as lucky as the luckiest girl on the planet!! manager-nim is really handsome and nice too ^^

          • anon says:


            You HUGGED LSG TWICE!! Hold on….lemme.just.absorb.this.piece.of.information!! T__T

            Aaaaaand, I just saw that image! I’ll have to set aside my immature burst of jealousy. Clever you to document that hug….it’s safe to say that you’ll be LSG’s fangirl for life!! heh

            It’s awesome that you’ll get to see him again when he accompanies IU and KSH (mehhh, don’t give a fig about him after what his fans did) to England to support Park?

            • Tori says:

              YES OPPA HUGGED ME TWICE! haha i still havent absorbed the info~ yeah, i love writing the fan account just as much as you guys like reading it- allows me to remember everything a few years on ^^ WHAT?! OPPA’S COMING TO ENGLAND?~

              • dramaaddict says:

                querida tori, entonces son dos gran abrazos fuertes y no es uno. Que suerte tienes? De verdad, estoy volviendo loca con envidio y celoso. Espero pacientemente el proximo episodio. hehehe

                • Tori says:

                  si, dos abrazos~ tengo toda la suerte del mundo! jajaja no seas celosa o envidiosa- a lo mejor tienes suerte! próximamente!!! 🙂

    • Ay says:

      I am not sure if this will work. But this is the link.

  18. Gen Wong says:

    Your fan account has just made us love and adore Seunggi all the more! Thank you so much for letting us see what Seunggi is like away from the cameras. His sincerity and the way he values and appreciates his fans is very, very touching and endearing!
    Well, I can only hope that Korean Airens will translate your account into Korean too! All airens need to read your account, it made me teary-eyed.
    Seunggi is such an amazing person!

    • Tori says:

      Goodgood! Spread the word and convert more people into Airen ^^ Don’t need to thank me, thank oppa for coming to the UK haha~ Yeah I was shocked that he didn’t show any “celebrity” behaviour 🙂 LovelyHeoDang is translating for Daum Cafe I think~ might need to ask about that. Aww why teary-eyed?! Oppa is truly amazing!

  19. seunggicharm says:

    OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!! I just read your fan account!And I’m telling you..it’s really DAEBAK! I can feel the excitement and it feels like I was there with you..You are so so so lucky!hahaha.. I am so happy to start my day at work with your story Tori!My smile’s like pasted on my lips for quite a while now and still smiling because of this. The heart sign, the gawking from the handshake..waaaahhhhh.. it’s making me crazy girl! And I am DYING of anticipation now on the second part especially your conversations with him and the goofy thing you did that made him laugh^^ Can’t wait any longer!nyahahaha..
    I am so happy for you and sharing this to all of us is really awesome^^ You did an excellent job in describing every deatils..and yeah..just write everything even if we’ll die from jealousy..nyahaha..but the “fangirl” thingy’s really important as it makes everything special and cool^^ waaaah.. I still can’t help myself from smiling!hahaha..

    Tryp..thanks so much for this too.. and will definitely wait for more fan accounts^^


    • sarah says:

      miss you Girl?!^^ will u be going to SG?!!:D

      • seunggicharm says:

        and i miss you too!super miss!huhuhu..as much as i wanted to..i can’t go to SG..and so envious of the airenph members who are going there..let’s chat on skype..just ask cj my skype address..hehe..best regards to mads..^^

    • Tori says:

      IT’S DAEBAK YOU THINK IT’S DAEBAK! ^^ luckiest girl ever~ haha that’s good, be positive and smile everyday like oppa! I still cant believe everything that’s happened and so when I read my own fan account I think it’s someone else >< I'm so sorry about the long wait, I've been really busy but I'm working as fast as I can now~ just hope you dont get bored with the detail and my "fangirl" moments! your comment has made me smile 🙂 AIREN DAEBAK!

      • seunggicharm says:

        nyahaha..yeah we all think it’s really daebak you know! And yeah..Seung Gi’s killer smile’s like an epidemi thingy that has spread around the world because just seeing a picture of him will surely put a big smile on an Airen’s face..what more if we get to have the same experience like you do..hehe..anyway..we’ll wait patiently for the next chapters..^^ Awesomeness!

        • Tori says:

          thanks for the support guys~ these past few days have been so busy i’ve barely had anytime! i’m gonna focus on the account tonight! i feel really bad about the delay, it’s coming soon i promise~

          • seunggicharm says:

            hahaha..it’s okay girl!no biggie..although for sure all of us have been dying for the next chapters of your experience..hehe..so tomorrow will be a bright day again because you will be sending chapter 2 tonight?hehehe.we love you tori!

  20. SJ says:

    I thought Tori is a Korean girl who was born in England. Now I know that You are a Chinese!!!
    What a surprise !!! You are more fanatic than Korean Airen about Seunggi. Absolutely awesome!!!@-@

    • Tori says:

      haha yeah born and raised in England~ I learnt Korean because of oppa, I’m not very good but I can understand a bit ^^ International Airen hwaiting!

      • seunggicharm says:

        oh my gosh! and i happen to know just now that you are not a Korean..hahaha..that’s why i got confused when you said your Korean’s bad..ehe..will be checking your page now!haha

  21. SJ says:

    You are pretty,tall and smart (speak 4 languages). Seung Gi is lucky to have your support. Next chapter, please!!!! Hehehe

    • Tori says:

      haha thank you~ I can only speak Chinese and English fluently! Oppa’s lucky to have all of us and we’re lucky to have him~ It should be out within 24hrs! In the fan account as of this moment in time- I have just met manager-nim!

  22. summer21509MD says:

    Hi airen Tori! I just read part 1 of your blog and I am so happy for you…you had a very special moment with our LSG! Not all of us will be given a chance to have a “connection”with him.I salute you on the way you handled your first encounter with him…it’s really tempting to just run to him and be near him no matter what but you remained composed and even got his attention and the best thing was ..you were able to communicate with him amidst all the other people around…you inspire us with your blog! I follow you on twitter and we had a few exchanges of tweets.Thank you for not just sharing a blog but far more that the words,you also shared with us all the emotions you had during that precious moment! Like what i told tryp96,it’s really amzing how Mr.Lee unites all airen all over the globe. God bless!

  23. summer21509MD says:

    Hi airen Tori! I just read part 1 of your blog and I am so happy for you…you had a very special moment with our LSG! Not all of us will be given a chance to have a “connection”with him.I salute you on the way you handled your first encounter with him…it’s really tempting to just run to him and be near him no matter what but you remained composed and even got his attention and the best thing was ..you were able to communicate with him amidst all the other people around…you inspire us with your blog! I follow you on twitter and we had a few exchanges of tweets.Thank you for not just sharing a blog but far more than the story,you also shared with us all the emotions you had during that precious moment and we thank you for that. Like what i told tryp96,it’s really amzing how Mr.Lee unites all airen all over the globe. God bless!

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