Tickets for Lee Seung Gi’s Singapore Fan Meeting Available

Just in case you haven’t heard, SeungGi will be taking group photos with the fans after the fan meeting. But only with those who have Cat 1 tickets. And it’s not too late to get a ticket!!! You can either get a paper ticket through SISTIC or a card ticket through Faith&D (email


All 3 categories of tickets can now be purchased at SISTIC. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet SeungGi up close and personal!

If you have already bought your ticket, check out the autograph pass promotion!

You may also find Accomodations and Directions to Kallang Theatre very helpful. 😛

credit: leeseunggisingapore


It seems that the ticket launch today went really well. I’m sure the fan meeting itself will be an even bigger success. It looks like I may not be able to attend the fan meeting even though I already bought a ticket. 😥 So I truly envy everyone who can be there.



Event presenter, Taipei Station, has kindly released 200 Cat 1 tickets originally reserved for their promotion. A big thank you to Taipei Station!

We have closed the ticket launch at Marina Square. Hope you had fun and like the special card ticket we prepared for you.

For those who were unable to make it to the ticket launch today, online purchasing with Faith & D for the 200 tickets will be open till Tuesday.

This special ticket sale is open to both local and international fans.
Email to to purchase.

You will receive an order form to complete. All payment has to be made by Tuesday. Seats will be allocated based on transaction time.

The balance will be sold at SISTIC on 6th July 2012 together with Cat 2 and Cat 3 tickets.

Tickets booked with Faith & D will be the special card ticket.
Tickets booked with SISTIC will be the usual paper ticket.


Important Notice to those who want to buy Cat 1 tickets directly from Faith & D.

1. For local payment
Please note that we do not accept ATM payment. Simply because we are not able to trace your payment when you use ATM to bank in fund to our UOB account. If you are using local bank to make payment, please use internet banking and indicate your name. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

2. For overseas payment
Please note that you must inform your bank that you will be paying bank charges in your country and in Singapore. Sometimes, overseas bank will engage a 3rd party bank in Singaproe to transfer fund to our account. There will be additional bank charges and this sum will be deducted by the 3rd party bank. By the time we receive the payment, there will be shortages. If this occurs, it will affect the time to process your purchase. Hence, kindly ensure that your bank is aware of the bank charges term.

Lastly, deadline for Cat 1 ticket purchase directly from Faith & D (which come with the specially printed card ticket) will close on Wednesday, 4 July.

Many thanks to your attention on the above matter.

Faith & D Team

source: Faith&D

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72 Responses to Tickets for Lee Seung Gi’s Singapore Fan Meeting Available

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to 25 Aug. Gotten ticket at event today.

  2. judepps says:

    so envious to those who could come..yay! How i wished im home…for sure, ill not be having a hard time flying to unlucky i am..

  3. leogalsg says:

    Dont be sad tryp…There is abt 2 mths to go…I’m sure u will be able to make it….Anything can happens…Fighting…

    • Yon says:

      I agreed with u..

      Tryp, fight for it!! Pester till your boss give up and said ok.. Nag infront of her every day, every hour till she surrender. You have more than a month to do it, I doubt she can take it if you nag every day,hehehe..

      Fighting! ^_^

    • Eva says:

      Yep, I agree with you both! Hope Tryp that things will change and you’re able to go and we’ll hear your experience too! Fighting Tryp!!! But as for me, I can’t go either *deep sigh*

      • Yon says:

        Eva, u can come too & take the same flight as him? Hehe..

        Btw, I followed u in twitter, not sure if u are aware of it..

        • Eva says:

          I wish I can but I can’t :(… It would be nice so I can meet you too in person. That would be awesome if I can take the same flight as him. I’ll wait for his concert here in Seoul and if you go let’s hang out here ^^. Oh, I didn’t know that you followed me in twitter, what’s your twitter name? I’m still learning how to use twitter and I only have it for Lee Seung Gi…LOL

  4. iamagreatfan says:

    how lucky and blessed for those who’ll be able to attend this fan meeting! :))) enjoy!!

  5. S'pore Heartie says:

    An excited bunch of us ( 12 ladies ) who ‘met’ at Dramabeans spazzing over LSG , arranged to meet & queued up together to get tickets! K2H is amazing to have brought people from all walks of life to unite in common love for him…we wouldn’t have gotten to know each other otherwise!

    • Yon says:

      Are you crazyahjumma from DB? Hehe..

      • S'pore Heartie says:

        No. This is Jade Butterfly ! Flutters!

        • S'pore Heartie says:

          Yes .From DB.
          sitting with crazyahjumma & ilovecityhall.The 9 other hearties are sitting are sitting in seperate rows. The sitting plan wasnt clear. Couldnt squeeze all 12 of us.

      • crazyajummafan says:

        No, I’m Crazyahumma fan! Muhahahahaaaa!
        It was fun that day, meeting so many hearties. Our hearties group is expanding! Even an Indonesian hearties who was on holiday in S’pore joined us at the queue, even though she was not buying any tickets.

      • crazyajummafan says:

        No, I’m Crazyahjumma Fan! Muhahahahaaa!
        It was fun that day, seeing so many hearties. One Indonesian heartie who was on holiday in S’pore, even joined us at the queue – and she was not even buying a ticket!

    • sunby says:

      Hi am i too late too join u all….i was actually looking for company cos i’m alone ? I’m desperate now, if only i hv known u ladies earlier ….

      • S'pore Heartie says:

        Never too late. I’ll tell crazyahjummafan. She’s our ‘official’ lead coordinator of Spore hearties group.Watch out here.

      • crazyajummafan says:

        Hi sunby.
        Crazyajummafan here. We’re planning to have a pre-fan meeting sometime in July. If u could give me your email address, I’ll keep u posted.

        • sunby says:

          Hi , Crazyajummafan, Cool! sure can email me @ subyeo2@gmail .com….Actually I was looking for company to go to the concert , 2moro is the last day for Cat1 tix …too late to join u gals!Thanks alot hope to hear from you!

  6. lovehjw says:

    Dear Tryp, which row is your ticket? If you can make it, please do let me know, want to thank you in person for giving us so much updates of Lee Seung Gi on this website : )

  7. Anonymous says:

    aww, you all seem to have Cat 1 tickets. i would like to get the cat 1 tickets too, but now the leftover seats are all the way at the back. 😦 i’m going to wait for cat 2 ticket to be online.

  8. nicoleko66 says:

    Tryp, keep trying! hope to hear good news!~~
    We are all praying for a miracle to happen! Don’t give up~~~
    I really hope that your boss will change her mind!

    • sarah says:

      Im so sorry I pressed the unlike button accidentally. my dumb finger arg. :O
      Dearest Tryp Hope you can make it..^^ Its been a hot topic now in twitter.. other Airens will go to SG from Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia and even my home country Philippines just see our SeungGi.. too bad I myself cant go.. huhuhu 😦 but will just support my co-AirenPh.. 😀
      I feel excited too for those who will see him..^^
      Fighting SeungGi in SG!!

  9. bella says:

    Hi, anyone have any idea whether i-fan can buy other tix besides cat1? Just suddenly decided to go but cant afford that much.. From msia btw

  10. dalsg says:

    yes Tryp, i hope u can make it too 😉 please let us know. Whoww im so excited waiting August guys! if u sitting in some row F, do not hesitate to say Hi to me! waiting for 1st Airen gathering in South EastAsia wit Seunggi! wink wink

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Gosh! Don’t get me all excited. i hope that if it happens, it’ll be in S’pore, or else i can’t go. Family commitments and all.

      • dalsg says:

        It happen in Spore! U must be so happy ya! ☺ me too!! Even I must catch a flight,hehe so what ur seat ladies?

        • crazyajummafan says:

          Are u going for the fan meet? Some of us are in row N and some in row L. What about u?

          • dalsg says:

            yes Im going 🙂 im in row F. i think it will be great after FM all airens taking photo group together 😉 i wish wit Seunggi too hehehhe

  11. Uyen says:

    i almost cry reading your discussion, i can’t go 😦

    • Anonymous says:

      Just bought two tickets of cat 2 for my sister and me, row YY, definitely won’t be able to see his face clearly at this far, i’m wondering if we can even see his cute postures, heheh
      Cat 1 is still available from row T, but we can’t afford, and now have to search for a tour to get to Sing.
      Hope to see u guys face to face and taking a group photo with Seung Gi would be the best.
      I’m just too excited 😀

  12. S'pore Heartie says:

    Calling our beloved Mr. Lee Seunggi!
    Can you kindly consider walking down both the aisles so that we can see you better ?
    We will behave & not overwhelm you with our exuberance & love .
    Pretty PLEASE !

    • crazyajummafan says:

      The floor will be littered with swooning ladies if he does that!
      Already hyper-ventilating thinking about it!

  13. S'pore Heartie says:

    We’re praying for this. LSG walking down d aisle ,I mean. Seriously .
    As long as no one grabs & frightens him , its ok to litter the floor with swoonies.
    @ Would-be Swoonies , Please faint on the wayside not blocking his path . Kekeke >O<

  14. Tori says:

    If only it was somewhere close to the UK!!! I would definately pay that price for the Cat1 tickets and queue up at 5.30am like some Airen to make sure I got them~ All you SingaporeanAiren are so so lucky! Please take loads of amazing pictures and fancams of oppa ^^

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Crazyahjummafan calling Sunby!
      Please check the email address u gave me. I can’t send anything to that address.
      We’re going to have another rendezvous in July, so pls respond quickly.

  15. Uyen says:

    anyone from Vietnam will join fan meeting in Singapore this Aug ?

  16. dalsg says:

    (dalsg says:
    Jul 4, 2012 at 12:15 am )
    i think it will be great after FM all airens taking photo group together 😉 i wish wit Seunggi too
    Omo! my dream come true. There will be photo group wit SeungGi after fan meet.. it will be the memorable for me, since this is my first time meet him :’) thank you Dear SeungGi ❤ , thank you Faith team. hugsssss

  17. celine says:

    serious??!! you mean all cat1 tix can take pix with him after fan meeting??!!!! Awwwwww!!!

  18. S'pore Heartie says:

    I MUST behave. I MUST not grab him. I MUST behave . I MUST not grab him. I MUST behave. I…

  19. leogalsg says:

    Ah…nw im feeling dwn….we bought the cat 2 tixs….
    Very sad…sob sob….
    The news came too late….

  20. Anita R Sidiqqa says:

    DAEbak WOONG!

    ❤ ❤ ❤ I Love U, oppa ❤ ❤ ❤

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