58 Responses to International Airen Tori’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s UK Trip, Part 2

  1. Singar77 says:

    Dear Tory,

    you are a pretty lady..

  2. leogalsg says:

    Cant wait for the next chapter….the best part the manager really understanding…give u a chance to give gift to seung gi urself…
    Not bad looking too…good dressing too

  3. dalsg says:

    Tori,my tears burst out when ur letter declined by manager nim. Can feel ur feelin.. :’) keep it up Tori, regards

  4. shrlykim says:

    Tori, good pix with Manager-nim 🙂
    Same here, whenever i’m down, “Smile Boy” never fails to lift my feelings up!

    looking forward to the continuation of your fan account… btw, you are pretty 🙂

    • airentori says:

      haha after 3photos with my phone which all looked awful, we finally got a nice one with the camera :p when im my own little world i listen to 결혼해줄래 (Will You Marry Me) hehe~ thankyou and it should be up soon-ish!

  5. Poply says:

    Thank you for share , beautiful tori. I’m so happy for fan account. It’s so touch. Poor me, i’m not good english . I’m really want to writing to show my feel in fan account a lot. When i read it , while you sad , make me feel sad. I think i ‘ll have feel that same . I love fan account that share story . I’m hope i’ll have story share it.thank all fans. Love love so mach.i’m waiting like crazy.

    • airentori says:

      Thank you for reading~ It’s okay, it’s way better than my Korean and I can understand all of it ^^ I love how you can feel everything I felt~ Hmm you could re-watch My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho whilst you wait! 16episodes of oppa♡

  6. dramaaddict says:

    Querida Tori, After ‘I think a part of me died and went to heaven” thinking that you won’t be in full faculty, and not only you deliver but you deliver yet another masterpiece. I am breathless. (sin palabras) That foto with the Manager-nim is too precious to me. I always thought that he is LSG’s bodyguard cos he is always around LSG. Don’t blame me; I am a LSG’s convert only recently. Until late last yr then I got to watch BL which was my 2nd kdrama; and it was cos my nephew showed me a scene fm BL.(definitely not the bridge scene)
    My knowledge of Korea is limited only to kimchi, Dongdaemun (for my LVs) and Kim Jung II. I realized only very recently that Airens comes fm 爱人. I know, when LSG is concerned, I am such a moron.
    I really enjoyed the part about the Manager; he looks such a mild type and nice man to me besides being handsome, of course. Now cos of LSG, I am writing such long comments, had not done since my thesis’s days.
    Cuida de ti mismo durante tu viaje y disfrutar al máximo. Todo lo mejor para tu fiesta de graduación.. De verdad, eres muy hermosa y brava. Gracias por todos. Hasta la próxima!!!!

    • airentori says:

      Haha thank you so much but it really isn’t a masterpiece! There’s nothing wrong with only just finding out about oppa~ It’s not how long you’ve been an Airen, it’s the love and support you give when you become oppa’s dedicated fan! Don’t feel silly for not knowing much, you’ll catch up really soon! I included so much about manager-nim because an Airen requested it and he is such a nice person, I thought this was the least I could do for him ^^ Haha oppa makes us all do crazy things~
      Durante el viaje, conocí a muchas personas nuevas y lo mejor fue que el viaje era como “1N2D”~ ^^ La fiesta de graduación fue un poco loco pero lo pasé muy muy bien~ Jajaja, gracias por el cumplido~ Próximamente.. Chapter 2: Part (ii)

      • dramaaddict says:

        I was the 1 who asked for the write-up abt Manager-nim. If I am the Manager and when I read this, I would be on the 1st available plane to Manchester to see you, Tori dear.  The Manager-nim is really sweet. Normally Managers are v protective and they will call us crazy fans and give the fans such cold looks, like Mr cody. (Maybe he is a nice man also, we don’t know) I am touched by his sensitiveness. Thks tori and Manager-nim for being such a spot.

        • airentori says:

          Oh that’s good then! I did try to include as much of manager-nim as possible ^^ Haha yeah manager-nim really is amazing inside and out! Hmm I never really spoke to cody-nim so I don’t know, maybe he’s always thinking what oppa should wear next hehe! Thankyou~

  7. anon says:

    aww, that was a heartwarming follow up to Part 1!! You’re so adorable to encourage LSG to find the girl of his dreams. Sadly, we won’t know until whenever he’s ready to marry. Like you mentioned please no idols. I wouldn’t mind him dating an awesome actress. LSG has had only good things to say about SMA and HJW. Despite being successful they’re humble like him. He needs someone who’s wonderful like him.

    Manager-nim, you rock!! Well, what did we expect….an awesome person’s manager will be just as awesome as well.

    • SJ says:

      SeungGi’s manager is his long time friend.

      • anonymous says:

        Oh, is it?! That’s awesome. So, are they the same age? He looks a couple of years older than Seung-gi.

        • Anonymous says:

          SeungGi has a baby face. hehehe
          They play soccer together, too

        • Anonymous says:

          SeungGi has a baby face, hehehe
          They play soccer together, so both have wonderful body shape!!!

        • airentori says:

          I think they’re the same age as they studied together in school~ They’ve been friends since high school so they’re really close ^^

    • airentori says:

      Oppa is still human so it’s only right he should find his other half ^^ I just think that when it’s two celebrities, the media will always be in the way as well as the crazy fans~ As long as oppa truly likes her, that’s all that matters! Haha too true, I love manager-nim! He’s just like oppa- same awesomeness!

  8. crazyajummafan says:

    I totally enjoyed your first part – was squeeing and gasping with delight, and couldn’t wait for your second account – which didn’t fail me either.
    I especially liked the part when you bumped into someone and saw the words -Lee Seunggi Torch bearer. I was holding my breath and squeeing at the same time, if that’s possible – It’s like a scene right out of a drama! But then it was only manager-nim. Also like drama. Haha.

    After seeing your photo with manager-nim, I now know why he paid so much attention to you. You’re really pretty! And it’s so sweet of you to want SG to find someone to settle down with. I thought that it’s only ahjummas like me who wish that for him! I also now know why SG took notice of u at the airport, not once but twice! I’m not saying that he only notices pretty girls, but pretty girls do get noticed more easily. Happy for you!

    Well Tori, manager-nim IS tall, slim and good-looking. A good second choice if you get my drift…..

    Have a good camping trip, and I’m eagerly waiting for your next account. I’m sure everyone will agree with me when I say that we’re all living vicariously thru u.

    • Cajunasian says:

      Crazyajummafan, you have written everything that I was thinking while reading this account 🙂

      Tori, you are quite a beautiful lady, inside and out! By the way, did you know that you coordinate well with manager-nim? I thought that you 2 looked very cute together. Have a great hiking and camping trip ( I want to go too) !! Be safe! Will wait patiently for next chapter upon your return.

      • airentori says:

        Haha she beat you to it ^^ Being called “beautiful” is amazing itself but to be called that on the inside is even better- thank you! Now you’ve got me thinking about manager-nim~ Hehe well he’s more manly than cute! I had a daebak camping trip- reminded me of 1N2D when I was sleeping in the tent after eating all the food we had because I was so so tired from all the hiking! It’s currently in progress~

    • airentori says:

      I thought Airen wouldn’t like it as much since there was no oppa, so it’s amazing to hear you loved this part just as much! Haha my face my when I realized it was manager-nim was like =.=” at first but then when I actually looked at him, it changed to ^.^

      I’d like to think he paid a lot of attention as he respects us Airen and is an amazing person- but thanks for the compliment! I just wish oppa happiness and I really think it’d be amazing for him to at least experience having a real relationship, the feeling of falling for someone~ Haha it was mostly because of my height, being tall has its advantages!

      Hehe I totally get your drift, manager-nim has a special spot in my heart which is so full of oppa. I think he’s better than some celebrities out there ^^ Just came back, so so tired but these comments are keeping me going. Thank you so so much!

  9. zambak70 says:

    dear pretty Tori ,your fanaccount is great.thank you to let me feel all the crazy emotions ,and my heart fluttered in every sentence with you. its sounds,i read fan-fic but the difference is ,its pure real
    ity !!!codys head…..yes he’s sometimes the first, i recognize first, before Seung Gi 🙂 and its no joke …you’re beautiful girl…i know you wish your oppa but you and manager-nim looked like a couple ^^ have nice trip and curious about the next entry…..

    • airentori says:

      It’s good to hear you think it was like a fan-fic, I thought my fan account would be too boring since it was all real! I know I know, when I look through the photos I always since cody-nim’s head! Haha thank you, manager-nim does seem to be a less far-fetched dream than oppa keke. I did have a really good trip and it’s coming soon~

  10. SJ says:

    Wow, You have a good memory!!
    What a details!!! ^^*

    • airentori says:

      I really don’t have a good memory but a good trick is to check the timestamps on your photos for the time and also straight after the event, write down everything in note form! ^^

  11. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Tori,
    Thank you so much for another great account. You are indeed pretty, and your hair, wow, how could it withstand the rain, wind, train ride, and a heart stopping bump and still look so great?!
    I will wait patiently for Seung Gi to show up in part 2(ii). In the meantime, the picture where he’s holding the mascot is just too precious (looks like he’s holding it for that cute Korean girl? So nice.).

    • airentori says:

      There’s more coming! Haha thank you for the compliment~ You can see in the photo how it’s windy and my hair has gone all straight, it had quite a lot of volume and was bouncy at the start! He will definately be starring in the next part~ Haha I think oppa has a soft spot for squishy plushies!

  12. Ay says:

    Thanks Tori, great writing (as always), great letter, great-looking girl in a great picture with great-looking manager of a great star.

  13. Jade Butterfly says:

    Whoa!! What a sweet sweet smile set in such a pretty face !
    Somehow , your words..your hands made me conjure up a totally different mental picture of you.^^
    Thank you for writing such an explicit documentation of yr magical experience. I’m holding my breath slowly savouring every word you wrote. By your blow by blow account, you virtually ‘teleported’ us there with you !!
    Can’t wait for your next section. Breathless .

    • airentori says:

      haha thankyou~ ahh really? i guess i’m not your average fangirl- i’m not as shy~ it’s amazing you can feel the experience- next part coming up!

  14. Anonymous says:

    JJ looks good in this photo with you .

  15. judepps says:

    Tori thanks for sharing another breathtaking fan account.. I guess we’re really spoiled that whist reading your account I was teary- eyed like others when i read the part where the Manager said no to your letter.. (w/c u misunderstood) Thanks to SG’s manager & friend for being understanding ..Reading your fan account was like being with you all throughout your journey.Your such lucky fan being at the right place & the same time..
    Can’t wait for the for the 2nd part of your fan account.. Enjoy your camp Tori!

    • airentori says:

      Hehe it’s good I could keep up the expectations from the previous chapter! I really wanted to cry so much when he first declined it~ Yeah manager-nim was amazing, such a nice person ^^ I was so so lucky~ It’s coming soon and camping was great- just like “1N2D”!

  16. rika says:

    Dear Tori
    thank you for sharing precious experience with us,you so pretty and kind heart,

    • airentori says:

      Thank you for the compliments and all I’m doing is sharing my experience, you don’t need to thank me! :p

  17. yon says:

    Wow Tori, i agreed with everyone that you are indeed a pretty gal, no wonder the manager pay special attention to you…haha….. not only that, both of you are so compatible….really looks like a couple…. kekeke…. (if you ever becomes manager-nim gf, don’t forget us… *wink wink* ^_^)

    You are so detailed in your fan account, i don’t think we will mind that… at least we can follow your trail (as if we were there then…hehe)…looking forward to your part 2…

    • airentori says:

      I’m just the average girl, Airen are just really nice ^^ Haha I wish! I wouldn’t never ever forget Airen♡ Sometimes there’s too much detail and it sounds boring >< Part 2 coming soon! Thank you for the support♡

  18. Eri-sshi says:

    Dearest Tori, thank you for Chapter 2~! Wow, I’ve been patiently waiting for the continuation of your fan account. The last one left me as if I was with you all throughout your Seung Gi encounter at the airport! And now this!! 😀 More than being envious (which I think is inevitable) I am happy for your entire experience. Your hardwork and sleepless nights (and days?) during Seung Gi’s stay in London had paid off. Can’t wait for the Chapter 2. Part (ii) of this heart-stopping fan account! ^^ Seriously, does good looks and great attitude run in Hook Ent.? Manager-nim is not only handsome, he also has the heart for Oppa’s fans! And wow, the photo… you guys look good together! ^^ Very pretty Tori 😀 Again, thanks for sharing with us this precious experience of yours. This leaves us, your fellow Airens, hopeful that one day, we’ll be having the same precious experience with our dearest Seung Gi. ^___^

    And of course, to Tryp, thanks for letting your fellow Airens share their fan accounts! I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to contribute to this particular section of your awesome blog. 😀

    • airentori says:

      Don’t need to thank me! I’m sorry for the wait~ I’m always jealous of the fans who go to fanmeetings- it’s only natural, we all have to share oppa♡ Yeah, I only slept for like 3hrs everyday to make sure I didn’t miss him and he was in Manchester~ Haha yeah, oppa and manager-nim both are tall, good-looking and have a heart of gold! Hehe thank you, if only we were together!! And then all of you have to write a fan account for me to read! Thank you again for the support- part (ii) coming up~

      • Eri-sshi says:

        Hey, no need to apologize! We know you’re also busy, and taking the time to write and share this is very meaningful to us 😀 Same here, I really envy the fans who get to see him, but I know they deserve it because of their hardwork and love for Oppa (just like you Tori! ^^) Wow, 3 hours?? You must’ve been really tired all throughout, but it doesn’t show coz you’re still pretty! ^^ Your descriptions of Manager-nim and Oppa is making me smile, and yeah their good hearts are really undeniable ❤ How I wish I was there with you (will you manage to lift me when I faint upon seeing both Oppa and Manager-nim? Kidding! :D) No worries dear, take your time to write because we're still loving every detail of your fan account! Fighting! ^^

  19. pops says:

    I am so happy for you Airentori. 🙂

  20. seunggicharm says:

    wow! Tori..i am at loss for words! You have a fantastic encounter with Seung Gi and even his manager!you go girl! hahaha..I guess if I were in your shoes, the time that he said no repeatedly (with limited Korean vocabulary ^^) I would’ve understood the same way like you. And the scene where you turned your back and manager-nim tapping your shoulder to explain you got it all wrong was just waaaaaay toooooo sweet! It’s like a scene in a drama or something.hahaha.. I will patiently wait too for the 2nd part of chapter 2..so excited!

    You are indeed pretty! I agree with AnnMichelle..how on earth did your hair managed to stay beautiful after all the wind and the rain..waaaah..^^

    Thanks so much! Hwaiting!

    • airentori says:

      Hehe I made sure that I spoke to anyone associated with oppa as much as I could as they’ve had direct contact with him and so know him personally ^^ Haha well the tapping was more shocking than sweet and we were quite awkward for most of the time! Thank you and why wonder about my hair, manager-nim’s was perfect! kekeke~

      • seunggicharm says:

        hahaha..yeah..i can feel the awkwardness..but still it was nice of him to make you understand that he didn’t mean to upset you or what..and your picture with him’s sooo cute! Your hair? if it was me…it would’ve been like crazy because of the rain and wind..^^ now i can’t wait for the next chapter!hahaha

  21. summer21509MD says:

    Another wonderful blog/experience again…so happy you had a chance to talk with his manager who I think is also kind like our LSG.You even had a photo taken with him( Im sorry but the first time i saw your picture with him in twitter i thought he’s someone else,I’m not yet that familiar then with his manager).Now i understand why that is your account picture hehe.I love the letter you wrote plus the hand made bracelet…you really expressed what all airens wish to tell him.Well about the “finding a true love” part… like what you also mentioned,the thought of our LSG falling for someone will really be heartbreaking at first..but its true…that will happen soon and we must all be happy for him when that time finally comes…(I guess I will never be ready for that hehe).Once again you inspired me not to be selfish and think of what will make him really happy.Honestly..with your permission,I want to share your blog to my friends and loved ones so they would understand how we airens really feel..that we tend to do crazy things for him.I’m excited to read part 3! Thanks again!

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