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SeungGi cameos in The Chaser?

Just kidding!!! But he did make a very brief appearance on the TV screen… 😛 source: weibo I think I’m going through SeungGi withdrawal right now…

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Lee Seung Gi Caricature Eraser Stamp

Wow, how cool is this?!

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TK2H Fanvid: JaeHa in solo movie

Wouldn’t it be nice if SeungGi were to do a movie next? BGM: Uninvited – Alanis Morissette source: dclsg

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TK2H Fanvid: AhHa Wedding Album

Nice photoshopping! 😛 source: dctk2h

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12.06.23 Lee Seung Gi at Olympic Torch Relay

credit: uijin219

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12.06.01 Budokan Concert Press Photos 3 – Lee Seung Gi

Some new pictures: (The concert will be broadcast on WOWOW, a paid channel in Japan, on July 15. I hope someone can record it and share it with us. :P)

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12.06.22-25 Lee Seung Gi’s UK Trip Fancams

These are the daebak fancams Rachel took. You can also read her fan account (in Korean) here.

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Lee Seung Gi news in Malaysian Magazine YG

YG #398: SeungGi’s post-TK2H interviews

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2012 Seoul International Drama Awards: Voting Starts!!!

A new round of voting is upon us! You can vote once per day per facebook account. If you have a daum account, you can also vote for the People’s Choice here.

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