09.10.01 Happy Together [Eng Sub] – Lee Seung Gi & MC Mong

Thanks to the anonymous fan for sharing these old videos!

credit: aisamunngi

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9 Responses to 09.10.01 Happy Together [Eng Sub] – Lee Seung Gi & MC Mong

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mongie..Ho Dong Hyung..,plz come backkkkkkkkk… just join in any show that woori Seung Gi will be…..

  2. ainfazlin says:

    thanks a lot! i’ve been searching for this ep with MC Mong but can’t find any till i gave up already~ thanks a lot for this post!! 🙂

  3. loveGi says:

    I miss them so much. the best 2D1N team.

  4. Muljen says:

    I miss seunggi so much. I start watching 1n2d again just so i can see seunggi everyday

  5. leogalsg says:

    Thank to the anonymous fan n tryp to upload the videos.
    It was so funny, cant stop laughing..

  6. thanks so much for posting these I have been looking high and low for interviews like these. its like looking at behind the scenes at 1n2d. i miss mong, how he’s such like an older brother to seunggi. in the end, that was what i missed the most at 1n2d.

  7. leesunhi says:


  8. S3ungg1ya says:

    Love Seung Gi on Happy Together 🙂 The ep with Brown Eyed Girls was great too.

    Does anyone know how I can watch happy together ep38? It aired 2008.03.20. I can’t seem to find the video anywhere. 😦

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