2012 Lee Seung Gi Live Show in Taipei


Lee Seung Gi 2012 Taipei Fan Meeting


Fan meeting details and ticketing info will be announced soon~

According to the event organizer, there are about 1800 seats at the venue. Hook will also prepare official merchandises for this event.

source: IAM Entertainment
English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

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11 Responses to 2012 Lee Seung Gi Live Show in Taipei

  1. Yon says:

    According to their reply in the Facebook, they will take care of the taiwanese fans first, so overseas fans can give up the idea of going taiwan. From their reply, it looks like they will not release tickets for the overseas fans unless there are unsold tickets.

    maybe it’s a good idea that they do that… so that i do not need to make a choice to go taiwan or to go seoul ^_^

    • RenLee says:

      I think that’s a good idea, too. So I’ll feel less remorse coz I’ll be in Hongkong on this date. TT

    • tryp96 says:

      Guys, let’s be positive! I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for this one! If I can’t even go to 1 of the 3 fan meetings, I know I will lose my mind!

      • dalsg says:

        Dear Tryp, im hoping too u can attend one of his fanmeeting! 🙂 if u can not make it to taiwan do in Spore dear.. Happy to see SeungGi goin worlwide ^^ Hwaiting SeungGi ya! Hwaiting Tryp!

  2. sunby says:

    tryp96 , why don’t u consider S’pore ?The crowd is that not big ,Taiwan fans is huge that wat my daughter told me. He is very famous in taiwan.

    • tryp96 says:

      I DO want to go to Singapore, and I even bought a ticket! But I can’t get the time off from work that week. 😥

      • This is the first time I’m posting a comment. Just want to say that you’re truly an ardent fan of Seung Gi. I just got to know him since watching Kings2Hearts. I think he’s awesome. By the way, what is your name ?

  3. airentori says:

    Urgh more fan meetings I cant attend >< I wish he had ones at least near the UK~ europe?? ^^ anyhow. have fun taiwanese airen!!! you lucky lot! 😀

  4. Uyen says:

    huh? official merchandises for this event ? why not for Singapore ? 😦

  5. Ay says:

    Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  6. Hi, Airens.. Did you received any news that Seung Gi will held FM here in Manila?? hehehe ^^ GBU

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