TK2H Fanvid: Love is Crying – Lee Seung Gi

source: dctk2h

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8 Responses to TK2H Fanvid: Love is Crying – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ainfazlin says:

    perfect! 🙂

  2. Divine Jiwon says:

    LEE SEUNGGI you are so DAEBAK!!!! thanks tryp96

  3. dramaaddict says:

    LSG sings with his guts and heart. I am really breathless and speechless. LSG, you are my Singer of the century and many years to come.

  4. Rona says:

    Finally… with his stage performance and the TK2H beautiful scenes combined. I will cherish this MV..thanks.

  5. Kitty says:

    This is the best TK2H fanvid for me because LSG gets to sing the theme song himself AND with the best scenes ever !!!

  6. AnnMichelle says:

    SG in his interview said he could not step out of the character of Lee Jae Ha yet. Hey, I have problems stepping out of Lee Jae Ha! LJH is carved into my mind too deep!
    Love this MV to bits. And since the song is out, I am sure there are more fantastic MVs to come.
    LSG and TK2H, you are the best!!!

  7. sarah says:

    DAEBAK!!! this is what Im imagining while watching his Performance.. that leaves me crying..haha ;D

  8. celine says:

    this mv is really very very nice and he sing sooo well even better than orginal singer 😛

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