12.07.20 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi’s a gentleman everywhere he goes by kpopfever
No one can look as good as Lee Seung Gi in real life by korea.com


I like watching people eating their own words… 😈

A certain lunatic reporter tweeted this after the paparazzi article came out today:

Lee Seung Gi is certainly nice. Yesterday, even Ha Ji Won company’s vice-president was seriously praising him.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


According to dimple, this is SeungGi’s flight to HK:

7/23 Incheon – Hong Kong, KE601 13:50~16:30 flight

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9 Responses to 12.07.20 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. meliejoo says:

    i wish ha ji won and seung gi together eating out someday.. i miss them

  2. milkteanlsg says:

    The reporter is really…. (I’m speechless…)
    He really even went to ask about Seung gi from Ha Jiwon’s company???

  3. yy says:

    dear tryp..i don’t get what the reporter is saying..was he being sarcastic or serious? like is he finally turning over a new leaf??
    and what was the paparazzi article about?? lol im so lost

    • meliejoo says:

      the paparazzi article caught seung gi going out 2nd times now..
      the reporters need to learn their life.. Seung gi is privacy even when dating..

    • tryp96 says:

      I think he’s bitter that he’s so wrong about SeungGi and that everyone else has such high praise of SeungGi. 😛

      If you scroll down the main page, you’ll see the recent paparazzi article/photos.

      • yy says:

        oh thnx tryp…yes i saw it finally when i scrolled down haha XD i dont know why gossip and malicious media are so fixated on finding a fault on LSG…its clear that what he is onscreen is what he is also offscreen. sigh

  4. msbenet says:

    hi guys, go to LSGfan’s site, the whole papparazi article was fully translated there by anne.

  5. Mel. says:

    Hi guys. Just found this on Tumblr. There are some Dl links to the mp3 files of some of the songs from the concerts. Just thought I’d share with the rest of you. http://starstruckrants.tumblr.com/post/27482303202/because-live-versions-are-always-better

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