55 Responses to International Airen Tori’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s UK Trip, Part 2-ii

  1. Cajunasian says:

    Tori… Thanks for coming back!!!! 🙂

    I sense love is in the air….Hmmmmm

    Always love your accounts. It’s like reading a chapter in a book.

  2. judepps says:

    Tori thank you for taking time sharing with us your 2nd part of your fan account, despite what happened to your computer.. We’re looking forward for the 3rd part and we’ll be patiently waiting for it..Seunggi’s last pic is the sweetest just love the smile..

    • Tori says:

      no worries~ my life is always full of drama haha, im either really lucky or really unlucky half the time! thank you~ hehe i know ^^ i love his smile there! its so natural~

  3. sunby says:

    Woah you so pretty n the oh so handsome manager!!!thanks for sharing… Just manager to find sometime to read your uk fan acc.

    • Tori says:

      haha thank you~ yeah he is very handsome indeed! it would be so funny if he ever did come across this ^^

  4. dalsg says:

    Tori yaa~~ happy to read ur account back! ^^ woww…watta personal touch exp with manager nim >< lucky girl you are..waiting for next chapter, wit seunggi oppa more..hihihi hwaiting Tori ya~ ^^

    • Tori says:

      hehe yay~ im happy to post another part again! it was nice to be able to spend time with someone who’s so close to SeungGi oppa ^^ yeah its gonna be all about SeungGi from now on!

  5. crazyajummafan says:

    Manager nim certainly sounds very nice, as nice as the man he works for. But Tori, I think he’s into u! You actually were willing to spend time with him and even talk to him. Dearie, you must have made his day!!!

    • Tori says:

      yeah theyre the perfect duo! hehe dont send me off to my dreamland already~ nonono it was the other way around! i was lucky enough to spend time and talk to him ^^

  6. dramaaddict says:

    Tori dear, another awesome continuation on our Manager-nim. He is really thoughtful, caring and handsome, of course. Definitely catwalk model material just likes LSG oppa. I like him even more now, just like you do, after your splendid account of him. This piece about the Manager is beyond words to me. Although you and I admire him to the maximum; all the fans out there, all of us have big hearts and we can still accommodate Manager-nim in a small corner of our hearts. Agree with me out there, Fans?
    Like I wrote before, if I am the Manager and happen to read yr account; I would be on my next plane to Manchester to see you. 🙂
    I am waiting patiently to yr 1st hug and 2nd hug with Oppa. Hehehe
    Next take care and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
    Disfrutar al máximo. Espero pacientemente por el primero y segundo abrazos. Gracias por todos. Hasta la próxima!!!!

    • Yon says:

      I like your comments, dramaaddict!
      “Like i wrote before, if I am the Manager and happen to read yr account; I would be on my next plane to Manchester to see you.”
      Haha…. i think so too.. before manager-nim appeared, her heart was 100% for Seung Gi, but after meeting and talking to manager-nim, i think her heart has given 50% to him… keke…^_^

      • seunggicharm says:

        hahaha.. I just can’t help but agree with your comment Yon! That “her heart has given 50% to him” part..really daebak! I think I would feel the same way if I were in her shoes..^^ To have a great moment with manager-nim is really something to treasure^^

        • Yon says:

          she may deny that…hehe… but as an outsider, we can see clearer…. ^_^

          • seunggicharm says:

            hahaha..yeah! Absolutely YES!!!!!hehe..I hope Tori won’t get mad at us for seeing things like this..But Tori..ot’s just tooooooooo sweeeeeeeet for us not to even notice..hehe..Tori and Manager-nim..FOR THE WIN!!^___^ I love you Tori sissy^^

    • dalsg says:

      “all the fans out there, all of us have big hearts and we can still accommodate Manager-nim in a small corner of our hearts.” kekkeke u read my mind closely! ^^ JJ OPPA hwaiting! we love u too! 😛

      • Tori says:

        @dramaaddict: our manager-nim~♡ theyre both as beautiful inside as he is outside ^^ oh thank you so much, it means so much! i was scared i talked about him a bit too much >< hehe someone should let JJ oppa know that all us Airen love him so much! i will patiently wait for his arrival then! 1st hug is coming up very very soon ^^ although the 2nd one was better! gracias por todos~ 😀
        @yon: she's always so lovely! yeah before i met him along with SeungGi oppa, i only loved our King~ now ive had to stretch my heart to accomodate our JJ oppa ^^ hmm not as much as 50%! :p hehe im not denying my love for him, but it is no where near as much as i love our SeungGi oppa! i swear hehehe~ 🙂
        @seunggicharm: haha its you stirring this couple thing up! you little gremlin! hehehe i love it though~ so funny! yeah, anyone lucky enough to see manager-nim should really speak to him ^^ oh you know i wouldnt get mad!!! im absolutely dying from laughter from all this craziness! how dare you! its… TORI AND SEUNG GI! STOP IT HAHAHAHA~ EVIL PERSON! :p
        @dalsg: hehe i see our little manager-nim fan club building here ^^ JJ OPPA HWAITING~ SARANGHAE ^^

        • seunggicharm says:

          @Tori-hahaha..welcome back! hehe..Oh no! I’m sure you’ve read the comments of the fans here..they felt the strong connection between you and manager-nim..that’s why we alked about it..hehehehe..But it’s really vute you know..hehe..We love you Tori and manager-nim..keke..of course it will always be..GI-RI..but it’s also cute..JJ-Ri couple..hehe

  7. Poply says:

    Daebak! I love your writing. I really like your experience. Last week, i’m really miss your account. Thank you. I love seunggi, his manager more and more.

    • Tori says:

      thankyou~ the experience was daebak! aww sorry for the delay >< no need to say thanks! hehe everyone's starting to love manager-nim more and more now ^^

  8. Yon says:

    Thanks Tori.. ^_^.. Your account is so detailed!

    I can feel your excitement approaching, talking, taking pictures and ‘keeping an eye’ on manager-nim…keke… i think you should just own up…. keke…

    Seung Gi’s manager is the 2nd korean artiste that i heard/seen whose fans are into the manager… you won’t be surprise Tori setting up a fan club for Manager JJ….keke….

    • seunggicharm says:

      hahaha..Tori’s really good at sharing her moments with us..we can feel everything! And..Manager-nim/Tori Love team is nice too..^^ ^_____________^

      • Tori says:

        @yon: i try to keep it as detailed but as exciting as possible~ its hard when its a factual account and not a fanfic >< hehe own up to what?! im just casually looking around and sometimes he catches my eye… okay maybe i try to look for him but thats nothing special! :p oh who's the first?? our JJ oppa fanclub will be the best one out there ^^
        @seunggicharm: hehe im trying my best at getting each moment right~ its great everyone can experience everything exactly how i did ^^ STOP IT WITH THE COUPLE THING- YOURE GETTING IT WRONG! ITS SEUNGGI/TORI~ :p hahahaha naughty girl!

  9. MmeShah Sg says:

    Hello Tori…. Nice pics of you and Manager Nim 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this great experiences and eagerly waiting for your Part (iii) of the story… Hwaiting!!!

    • Tori says:

      hello to you too ^^ haha thankyou~ aww its okay, no need to say thanks! ive written about half of it now 🙂

  10. seunggicharm says:

    Tori-yaa!!! Thanks so much for the part (ii)! I couldn’t help myself but feel that love is in the air between you and Manager-nim! Oh my gosh! I love the awkwardness but in a cute way! I mean, having that experience with Manager-nim was AWESOME! The baton,the hug and having a chat with him and him trying his very best to have a conversation with you regardless of the language barrier was way tooooooo cute and sweet! I totally agree with you that he could’ve left you there since he was very busy.. But I guess..YOU LEFT AND IMPRESSION ON HIM^^ in the cutest and sweetest way ever! that’s why he just couldn’t leave you alone..^^ I really feel so happy reading this account about him.. And I guess everyone will agree that you and manager-nim look good together in the picture! Wooot! I’m so sorry Tori-yaa..I just really feel happy with you and manager-nim^^
    Will wait patiently on the next parts of your experience..More of Seung Gi and…Manager-nim^^keke^^
    Take care^^ Hwaiting! Sarangahe Toti-yaa!^^

    • Yon says:

      Just like Hang Ah & Jae Ha, they are known as the Ah-Ha couple,

      Manager JJ & Tori , JJ-ri couple? ^_^….ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

      • seunggicharm says:

        waaaaahhhhhhh.. I so love it Yon! Now, the JJ-Ri couple are having their own fanclub! This is so cool!^^ and I am becoming a fan now!wooot^^

        • Tori says:

          @seunggicharm: omgah essay much girl? haha always welcome though~ oh not you too- i already said, no more thanks! ive noticed you felt the ‘love in the air’. haha oh my it was so so awkward you dont understand- my face kept getting all red and hot! he was really caring, made me feel very comfortable well he tried at least :p i dont think i left an impression on him! its probably he’s not used to having fans stick around him~ aww thankyou ^^ he looks good, i look a bit out of it~ what you sorry for woman?! haha im always daebak what do you mean? 😉 going to have to be even more patient because im taking my time~ not on purpose though >< more of SeungGi, not much of manager-nim in the next part! i shall and thank you yet again! WHO'S TOTI?! :p
          @yon: no it should be… Gi-Ri couple~ ^^ although i do look the sound of JJ-ri!
          @seunggicharm and @yon: oh stop teasing you big bullies haha~ oh gosh the birth of the couple JJ-ri! look at what youve done! got a fanclub for us now eh? hehe, you make me want to tell everyone his full name so we can make the real couple name. youre getting me carried away now! :p

          • seunggicharm says:

            @Tori-hahaha..sorry for the typo..it shouldn’t be Toti..it’s Tori..hehehe..I got to excited because of this.and see! It was Yon who named JJ-Ri couple!hahaha..I’m just a supporter of the fanclub you know..hehehe..”Happy in your smile…” woot!

  11. Eri-sshi says:

    Dearest Tori! As expected the continuation of your fan account is as daebak as the previous ones! ^^ You and JJ Oppa (omo, why do I feel closer to him now? LOL) are too cute! You guys look like a couple both in the photo and in your encounters! From now on I think I’ll remember you guys whenever I listen to Smile Boy (unofficial theme song? Keke~) Judging from your fanpics I suppose you are really near Seung Gi Oppa when he got off the bus! You are truly lucky!! But I’m kinda worried about your feet after it was stepped on a few times. Hope you’re okay :)) Will wait for the continuation, hope computer chingu will cooperate keke~

    • seunggicharm says:

      hahaha.. Eri-sshi of HoiHoi fanpage? I agree with you!

      (eonnie here..@charmdaewoong now @airen_cha ^__^ hehe)

      • Eri-sshi says:

        Yes, it’s me eonni! Hehe~ ^^

        • Tori says:

          @eri-sshi: oh thats nice to hear ^^ thought people wouldnt enjoy this as much since its not so full of SeungGi oppa~ >< hehe everyone should feel closer to manager-nim, to think that he's best mates with SeungGi is amazing! now the JJ-ri couple have a theme song too now?! yeah i was right at the front, no idea how i managed to get there though! i was so so lucky that day ^^ oh im alright, ive had worse- i always trip and get bruises haha dont worry! thankyou and yeah naughty computer chingu will no longer be my chingu if he does it again!
          @seunggicharm: oh what hoi-hoi fanpage? i want to join too ^^ its nice to see airen connect hehe

          • seunggicharm says:

            @Tori-it’s the HoiHoi officila fanpage in facebook..and Eri-sshi is one of the admins there..She’s also a filipina like me..hehe..you’re most welcome to join that page i’m sure..right @Eri-sshi?^_^ you can also try to join Lee Seung Gi AirenPH page in facebook too^^

              • Eri-sshi says:

                @Tori: it’s otherwise dear, I was like smiling the whole time I’m reading this! 😀 Yes, aside from his ‘good’ looks (coz Seung Gi’s the BEST LOOKING guy ever~), we should really be thankful to Manager-nim since he really takes good care of our King. So I guess it wouldn’t be much if we like him ^^ Yes, the theme song! Should we make it official then? :p I think you were amazing, managing to go at the front while still exchanging conversations with Manager-nim! That’s a skill! ^^ Oh really, bruises? Omo, be careful okay? Manager-nim wouldn’t like that (Note: I’m shipping here LOL!) To computer chingu, please be kind hahaha. Oh, the Hoi Hoi Couple (Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah) Fanpage is a Facebook page we started back in 2010. I am one of the page owners and admins. There are currently 20,000 likes there, hehe. Feel free to visit the page, Tori 😀 Yeah, Filipino Airens also has a Facebook page and group, AirenPH ^^ Btw, I’m also @eRiserhead on Twitter, if you could still remember haha :p
                @seunggicharm eonni: I miss you eonni! ^^

  12. S'pore Heartie says:

    Thank U, Tori..( as in Victoria ) ! It was delightful & engaging !
    We ‘re so fortunate that your computer glitch didn’t totally put u off , gifting us with this much-awaited personal account .
    I share the same vibe as many here , sounds like the nice manager is into you!
    Frankly , he should could have gone to tie-up some loose ends or just space out before ‘The King’ arrives , but NO. He seemed to have gone out his way to look out for you …get stuff for you…laugh at you..point out LSG’s arrival to you. HeeHee! Well..’s cos you pretty , cute & sweet! Lucky you!

    • Tori says:

      haha reminding me of my moment with manager-nim ^^ love how he said victoria in such a heavy korean accent like ‘bic-tor-liya’! dont think anything now will make me give up, not when ive come so far~ he’s not into me haha, im sure im not his type, he’s so tall and handsome! yeah, he did seem quite busy though- was really nice of him to keep me company ^^ still have the baton and flag with me~ aww thank you so much! i was so so lucky!

  13. dramaaddict says:

    Tori dear, everyone can see the sparks flying everywhere. I saw it coming in (i) and confirmed them in (ii). Love has no boundaries and actions still speak louder than words. A little glance, eye contacts, checking on if each other is ok, personally getting and blowing up the baton for you, a quick hug, coming over to keep you company while waiting for LSG to arrive, a little body language that he feels comfortable talking to you despite language barrier. Pointing to you that LSG is in the mini van, ensuring you that if you didn’t manage to catch LSG then he would personally hand it to LSG for you. These speak volumes.

    Yon, I think besides exchanging names, they must have exchanged cellular phone numbers and addresses. What do you think? Tori dear, you can keep them private with our blessings. But if sparks turn into fire, please remember all the fans in this blog.
    Because of our common love for LSG, we all turn Fleet Street’s potentials. 🙂 I really like reading fans accounts and comments and thanks tryp for letting us comments on her blog.

    Dalsg, you read mine too.

    • Yon says:

      OMG, I thought only me & seunggicharm were the 2crazy ones who think that way only.. Oh my…. Seems like most of us saw what Tori didn’t see..
      Like in a drama, the leads always deny but actually they likes each other already.. Gosh, did I watch too much k-dramas to think of their that way? ㅋㅋㅋ

      Really hope Tori is not offended by our comments.

      Tori, if you don’t like it, just let us know & I will refrain from those kinds of comments.. And don’t stop writing because of our comments.. We will be good gals the next time round ^_^

      • seunggicharm says:

        @Yon-hahaha..yeah.. I thought so too.. At least Tori will not feel that we were picking on her since most of us felt the same way while reading the part (ii) of her story.. I didn’t think that her experience with manager-nim would make a difference or would matter in this fan account..but i was totally wrong!hahaha.. It makes everything more exciting and thrilling to read..esp now..you know what i mean..hehe.. Let’s just hope Tori will give us the next dose of her fan account coz i’m sure..we’ll be craving for more of her Seung Gi experience and most especially..of manager-nim..hehehe.. PEACE TORI! SARANGHAE!!!hehe..

      • dramaaddict says:

        @ seunggicharm, crazyajummafan & Yon

        I am the one who asked tori to write about Manager-nim for me and now I am teasing her mercilessly over Manager-nim and her. She is going to nail me when she comes back.
        But I think tori is a v fun fangirl, she will not be angry with all of us. I am always teasing her about how we like Manager-nim etc. in my other comments. When I first spotted Manager-nim with LSG, I just like him like tori does.
        Tori, you must know what is ‘kweilo’ also. She writes Spanish also so we have to wait for her to tell us more about herself.

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Tori, we’re living vicariously thru u! So if there’s anything in the air…. pls give us a hint. Keep your privacy, just hints will do!
      @Dramaaddict – I so agree with you! He’s definitely into her. No matter how nice he is, he won’t do all that if he doesn’t feel anything for her. And yes, I also thought it was like a K drama unfolding in Manchester.

      Btw Tori, may I ask what race are u? Just interested.

    • seunggicharm says:

      Oh my gosh! You said it so well @dramaaddict! whew! That’s what I feel about everything that she experienced with manager-nim..Who would do something like blowing up the baton for a fan if he didn’t feel anything for her right?haha.. And that time when manager-nim laughed when she was having her own world while listening to “Smile Boy”..it was soooo cute! I really felt that there’s something with manager-nim that makes him want to stay with our Tori and kept her company.. Anw when Tori made her way to see what’s going on..and then looked at manager-nim if he was fine was daebak! waaaahhh…
      Tori-yaa.. I’m so sorry girl..but we just couldn’t help it but feel so happy with the sparks between you and manager-nim! JJ-Ri..DAEBAK!
      Please do finish your story and don’t skip your other encounters/talks with manager-nim..it makes the story so so so CUTE and nice to read…
      We love you Tori!:) *hugs*

      • Tori says:

        @dramaaddict: the only sparks i see flying are the ones between SeungGi and i in my dreamland~ haha oh gosh, i could barely speak to the guy! he was just being respectful and making me feel comfortable like a gentleman ^^ yeah the letter bit really touched my heart, he was so so sweet! haha maybe the next time i see him, i’ll ask him out on a date… HAHAHA ONLY JOKING! you guys are making me go crazy~ of course i will remember everyone when i get with… SEUNG GI OPPA! :p
        yeah i only started off by writing a short paragraph, but then you got me so carried away! ended up writing a whole part about our JJ oppa~ im going to hunt you down now, meanie! haha of course im fun, everyone loves me… right? hehe. kweilo? as in chinese for a caucasian foreigner? you want to know about me?!?! i thought people only want to know about SeungGi~ 🙂
        @yon: youre all just as crazy! because theres nothing behind it! okay maybe a tad, but thats because he was so lovely~ so now the JJ-ri not only have a couple name and theme song, but also a drama?! youre all mad hahaha~ oh dont worry, im not offended in any way or form! haha but then i wont know how you will all feel if i refrain the comments~ dont worry, just keep teasing me. you bullies! ㅠㅠ
        @seunggicharm: its you who started this couple thing haha~ stop it now! (i love it really) hmm youre not picking on me, youre all big meanies!!! it doesnt make a difference, i still love SeungGi and this fan account is definately going to be about him in the next few parts hahaha~ watch me not write anymore because of this! haha im only messing, nothing will stop me. im invincible!
        oh it was just a baton! just a baton Cha~ hahaha, he was just being really nice ^^ it was also because i asked for it! it wasnt cute when he caught me singing! it was awfully embarrassing!!! >< he was being a gentleman, staying with an annoying fan like me! :p i looked over because i'd lost him from before! haha you should be the president of the new JJ-ri couple fanclub! i will carry on and include all the details i can remember~ i love you guys too!!! *big airen hug*
        @crazyajummafan: haha thats great! live vicariously through SeungGi~ haha i'll make sure youre the first to know if the JJ-ri couple does work out yeah? ;D he was just trying to make a good impression on the UK Airen~ it helps SeungGi's reputation too ^^ i dont really give it much thought to be honest~ if only they would shoot a kdrama in manchester, i would be at the set everyday! :p i dont mind those questions, im British born Chinese~ fluent in Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese and English ^^
        @everyone: bit of an essay comment but i just love replying to all you guys, youre just so daebak! and haha i see this couple thing happening~ our profile:
        Name: JJ-ri Couple
        Theme song: Smile Boy
        Start date: 23/06/12~♡

  14. Tori says:

    thanks everyone yet again for the love and support ^^ im going to drop some bad news, i wont be releasing the next part until next week because for last week and the week coming ive been partaking in a project which leaves me out of the country with no access to internet or a computer~ ㅠㅠ *cue sad music* on top of that, ive now found a new job! *woohoo* but then that means i have less time again. *boo* im really sorry for my inconsistency and long delays~ *really sorry* im just going to ask for a bit more patience if thats alright? *pretty please* and seriously, you dont have to feel bad about linking manager-nim and i together~ *fangirls* hehe if only it was real. obviously as an Airen, SeungGi oppa will always be number one but i think i may start a little JJ oppa fanclub- what do you say? *looks around guilty* :p trying to keep this as short as possible, as im currently packing for the next part of my residential- totally psyched out *yay* but annoyed at not being able to do the fan account. *urgh* so to wrap it all up… thank you for everything *bows*, sorry for the delays *sad face* and Seung Gi zzang~ *fist in the air* ^^ (love you guys~ but not as much as i love our King~ kekekeke)

    • seunggicharm says:

      Ooohhh..It’s okay Tori..we understand..Take your time..we will all wait for the next parts of your fan account..AND DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE MANAGER-NIM!hahaha..come on! we want to know more if you had other chances of talking to him after the smile boy incident..hehe..and keep safe always ok? Congratulations for having a new job!woohoo!
      We hope your next part of the fan account would be loooongg and super exciting too as it has always been exciting..hehe..take care!
      JJ-Ri..hwaiting! hehe^^

  15. Anonymous says:

    When is coming THE NEXT WEEK??? Ahhhhhhaa@-@

    • Tori says:

      going to *thumbs up* that. i know im being a pain in the bumbum but recently ive been having to prepare and carry out some very important presentations~ also my new job is kinda stressful. actually, im just going to work on the fan account now. ignore my excuses. right. HWAITING ^^

  16. summer21509MD says:

    I agree with everybody…JJ-Ri couple rocks hehe..but honestly the first time i saw your account picture in twitter ..I really thought he was your boyfriend until I read your blog hehe…peace!

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