12.07.23 Incheon Airport HQ Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi














credit: GAON

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25 Responses to 12.07.23 Incheon Airport HQ Fanpics 2 – Lee Seung Gi

  1. airen says:

    I wonder who GAON is… she always get very nice shot LSG everytime and she everywhere… so envy of her right now…but salute you for your hardwork!!

  2. Noo mi says:

    He look fat ..i prefer to see him leaner like in 2011 or during seoul music…he look as though he had been eating non stop or gain a lot of weight…he looked chubby..he do not look when he is chubby…i realised he is chubb ever since he have less acitivites after the the king 2 hearts ….hope he realise that and start losing some fats…. this is not good for cf model..

    • Anonymous says:

      i think that’s up to him , he looks good whatever he wear and whatever his shape , he has great self control and doesn’t look chubby at all ,we are fans we don’t owe him , he’s free to do whatever he want , we should be thankful to him for all his great efforts in entertainment field and made us happy that by just knowing that their still good persons in this cruel world , all we have to do is to support him with all our hearts , and don’t forget he is a person too , and having every eye on him is not easy he can’t even enjoy is private life ,and yet we still judging him and tell him what to do what to wear how to look , go on a diet, always Criticize him ,imaging that you’r in his place how uncomfortable you would be.
      i think he just too brave to show every day with a bright smile however his mood.

    • yy says:

      Well like you said he’s gained weight, but there’s nothing wrong with that…i can feel he’s gotten the much needed rest finally for the past three or four years of continuous filming of 1n2d, SH, CFs and dramas…yes he was leaner during 2010 and 2011 era..but he looked so much stressed and worn out that time. I’d rather have the slightly chubby but happy seunggi that we have here..
      …and i do hope that when seunggi decides to slim down, it’d be by his own wishes and motivation,not because some fans want him to for the shallow purpose of looking externally good and being a “good CF model”.

    • AnnMichelle says:

      To Noo mi (or whoever), your comment is rude and mean. Think before you post. I hate to read bashing like this as it ruins my mood.

    • myseunggiya says:

      having those chubby cheeks means he’s getting enough rest that he well deserved.

    • manassuper says:

      it’s good to see you (noo mi) concerned about seunggi .i would like to believe you are a ardent fan of seunggi but your comment was a bit murky.anyways unlike you i quite like the chubby seunggi. put fat or not , he is your idol so you need to be careful of what you write.little chubiness is good why look so thin and lean as if you are patient.and knowing seunggi he knows what is best for him and we all know he likes no complecency so if there is something that needs to be addressed he would do that before our utterance.so chill and believe in seunggi.respecting the fact that you are fan of seunggi i don’t want be harsh on you so plz understand and introspect and be careful not to hurt other fans by your comments or in other words i would say not allow yourself to be misunderstood by other seunggi lovers……

    • dramaaddict says:

      With SG’s height of more than 1.8m, he can indulge a little, I am sure fans out there, would not want to see an anorexic LSG. What’s wrong with you?

    • SCbound says:

      I think you need to have your eyes checked, as well as a lesson in manners, Seung Gi is not and does not look fat, and posting rude comments about him on this site, is offensive to both him, and us his fans. We are here to love and support him no matter what. I am pretty sure he knows what is good for him and his career, as well as his health.

    • dalsg says:

      to: Noo mi
      We just love Seunggi just THE WAY HE ARE. He’s health is my precius wish to him.. so its okay he’s chubbier, means he enjoy his life,happy n have a good diet. didnt u see his flat abs, good biceps, ommo..whats wrong wit u? Airen??

    • crazyajummafan says:

      Actually, i don’t think he looks fat. In fact, he looks buffer! More muscular. It’s his hairstyle and specs that probably makes his face look chubbier.
      This is a testament that SG is not too bothered about his looks. And I like that. Don’t like those celebs who are so overly concerned with their looks. SG is probably confident about who he is and doesn’t see the need to always look good to please everyone.

  3. Phot says:

    I think all Airens love him in the way he is, not the way we need!
    Even the Hollywood superstar always getting fat, keeping free eating and enjoying everything they want to spend life in the way they are. But whenever they have project assigned, they also show up the professionalism and responsibility into publicity to keep themselves look very good to fan’s point of view for praises.

    Seunggi also did the same standardization of world’s entertainment industry required, I thought!
    No matter what!.. I always support him…..Flighting Seunggi :))

  4. toy says:

    Seunggi ssi, “you will always be beautiful in my eyes” and tonight I dedicate Joshua Kadison’s song to you – You’re my peace of mind in this crazy world.
    You’re everything I’ve tried to find, your love is a pearl.
    You’re my Mona Lisa, you’re my rainbow skies,
    And my only prayer is that you realize
    You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.

  5. airen says:

    I think he looks better these days rather than years before. Before this, he always looked so stressed out and tired.i can see he was so hard on himself, always trying to maintain his good looking and perfect image. Worried what other people think of him. How others would react if he do this and that. He kinda wanted to please all the people around him. It must be big burden to carry. But nowadays, i can see a new side of him which i cant see before. He has this new aura showing his new self confidence and new set of beliefs. He’s not afraid of being who he really is anymore… he’s like showing “this is the real me, wether you like it or not…i dont mind what others say as long as i’m happy”. I dont know about others but i kinda like this new upgraded version of LSG.hehehe….

  6. airen says:

    Noo mi… noo mi.. noo mi… u must be living a hard life… go and indulge yourself a little bit more honey. Dont worry about ur outer beauty because its not gonna last long. People would still judge ur inside. True airens would not care if LSG is bald or hairy or fat or skinny or short or tall.We will always see him beautiful and handsome and good looking and adorable because of his inner beauty outshines his outer appearances…and because of that we will always love him..as long as he’s happy with the way he is we are happy too… noo mi must be testing our loyalty…

  7. MmeShah Sg says:

    Well… welll.. we love/judge our dear Seung Gi by his respectable character, his true spirit in life, his caring towards the needy, his sincere love to his Airens and people surround him, his commitment and responsible attitude on all jobs being assigned to him. This is PRICELESS!!! If he is happy… we are happy too 🙂

  8. Jennifer says:

    His face does look chubby but his bod is really good. Look at his shoulders and the muscles in his arms…phew..real hottie :).

  9. Kitty says:

    LSG really looks cute in these photos. He gained weight but his cheeks are so cute, I wanna pinch them…heheheh

  10. zambak70 says:

    stylish,messy,perm….hair,suit casual,normal….outdoors, gain,lost weight,fit…are these the reason,we love LSG ? of course no! you can change your look,gain manners,try to be polite….but if you wont own this,you can only act.what LSG makes special,is his soul,glitter in his eyes,smiling face and kind personality…look at this vid,pics he try to recieve all the gifts,smile,touch,bow to every single person he meet …that isnt something you can make everytime to look sweet ,handsome,cool…..it comes from bottom of the heart..LSG love us,we love our King ^^proud to be a Airen……..and thanks gaon always for the great pics^^

  11. seunggicharm says:

    Oh my..Where are the fats in that HOTNESS OVERLOAD BODY?!!!!! Please show me coz I can’t see it no matter what angle I look at.. Hmm.. What’s wrong with that Noo mi? Does she have a problem with her eyes? Goodness!
    Seung Gi’s body as we all can see is so HOT that we all can’t stand..His body’s more muscular and developed now. Sould we just say that his body now is more manly than before? Buffed muscles, flat tummy, broad shoulders.. My gosh! Me.Myself.& I can’t bear it.^^ Whenever I look into his body, it makes me think that I am so safe in his arms..*sigh*
    Anyway, I strongly believe that he doesn’t need to lose some weight. He looks FINE and BETTER.. His looks before when he has a lot of things to do was not good. You can see that he really looked tired then. Let’s give him a chance to enjoy having a less stressful schedule. No matter what he does to his body, whether he goes on a diet or not.. It doesn’t matter. We love Seung Gi because of his talent. Because he can make us smile just by looking at his pictures and listening to his songs.. and his good looks is an added bonus to it. But he doesn’t have to PLEASE US. He should do things that will make him happy. And if he’s happy with how he look these days.. We should be happy with that too. Life is not always about having good looks. It’s all about INNER BEAUTY and WHAT LIES BENEATH THAT PRETTY FACE IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Seung Gi has the looks and that inner beauty that why he shines among the rest.
    I hope you’d think before you speak. Because as a fan, you should know how to respect and accept him as who he is and not the way you want him to be..
    For us, he looks HOTTER..but for those who can’t be happy and contented with how he looks these days..I think they should just keep their mouths closed…

    Seung Gi-yaa.. I love your body…Errrr..I Love you i mean!hehehehehe..GO CHUBBY CHEEKS!
    (So sorry for the long post! I just can’t take it when people talk negatively about Seung i and his precious body!hehe)

  12. Anonymous says:

    F – famous, fashionable, fit , funny
    A- alluringly handsome ,an adorable hunk with an angelic face
    T – top-notch all-round entertainer and CF model with a big-heart

    It seems that he’s having a blast and is living life to the fullest. His aura is perfect..not stressed. I always like to see him happy and smiling ! Frankly speaking, he looks better now. We’ll always love and support you Seung Gi!
    My, I always envy these fans who are lucky enough to get a glimpse of him.

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