International Airen AY’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s Arrival in Hong Kong

Kudos to the super efficient AY for spoiling us with such a great detailed (and exciting!) fan account in such a short time!

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to check the weather report. No.3 typhoon signal and there were signs that the typhoon had intensified and was moving closer to Hong Kong. At 11 am, right around the same time Seung gi was boarding in Seoul, the Observatory announced that they would consider (meaning, they would actually do it) issuing the No. 8 signal around late afternoon. BAD NEWS. That would mean all transportation, business, schools would be closed and so would the airport. Even if Seung Gi’s flight was on his way, it might be diverted.

Koalab and I decided to go to the airport anyway. We got there about an hour before Seung Gi’s flight was due to arrive. We surveyed the airport. As there are two exits, which were quite far apart, we made sure we were at the right place. We saw some fans from Hong Kong Cafe with signs. A reporter from TVB, the major free Tv channel in Hong Kong was standing behind us, so we knew we were strategically placed.

While we were waiting, a lady standing next to me asked who we were waiting for. She said she was waiting for Lee Seo Jin. She told me that the only information they got on Lee Seo Jin was from Lee Seung Gi’s fansite!😊

While we were waiting, the observatory announced that they would raise the typhoon signal to No.8. before 6 pm. That means Seung Gi would have arrived but he would probably have a bumpy flight into Hong Kong. At about 445 pm, the plane landed. According to past experiences, we would expect him to be out in about an hour. And that hour was the most gruelling . I felt my hands shaking and I was continuously looking at my camera to make sure that I had turned on the right buttons. We discussed what we should do first when we saw him. Should we hand him the gift first? Take pictures? Or ask for his autograph? At the HK airport, there are two TV screens in the middle of each exit showing you the people coming out from both exits. All the fans were already lined along the entire railing that stretches across Arrival Hall A. We estimated there were about 30 of them. We could not see the TV but figured that if the fans saw him, they would shout. The waiting was difficult. I began to wonder if he had come out from the other exit. Then, at about 540pm, the fans standing in the middle started screaming because they saw him on the screen but Seung Gi was actually still inside. We hurriedly put our cameras up.

Out came manager-nim and Lee Seo Jin. The fans were screaming. Then nothing happened for another 30 sec or so. We kept asking, ‘where is he? Where is he?’ Then we saw a guy with a hat and grey shirt–not Seung Gi. Sigh! And then Cody!!!  Another guy with a hat was behind him. Yes, IT’S HIM, IT’S HIM!!! We were standing at one end of the hall where he would have to walk past as he came out. He waved to some fans on  the left, waved to us who were right in front of him and then turned and walked on to the other end of the exit.  Koalab raced towards the other end to hand him the gift, take pictures…….the fans in the middle started screaming and moving towards the exit too and the poor reporter had to rush and push through the crowd to get to him. Being an older fan, I was not up to speed and I am also petite. By the time I got to the other end, all I could see were the back of about 20-30 heads, crowding around him as he had the interview with the reporter in English. Koalab thought he asked Seung Gi something about his Masters program. I could not see Seung Gi at all. It was chaotic but not unruly or disorderly. I thought he was more shocked at the reception rather than frightened, As Seung Gi advanced, the fans were backing up into other people’s trolley. Some Mainland Chinese tourists were telling their companions to watch out! ‘These people are crazy!’ As a first-timer in fangirling, I found that amusing.

By this time, I tried to move around to his side near the wall where there were fewer people. When I got there, the interview was over and someone standing near me grabbed him by the arm and he turned around and walked right past me. I raised my camera too slow but I got a good look at his side profile. In a flash, he was gone and I only saw his back. The fans were still following him and HE STARTED RUNNING! AND FOR A GOOD FEW HUNDRED METRES TOO! He ran from Arrival Hall A, past Arrival Hall B, from Terminal one all the way to the end of Terminal two. There was no way I could keep up and I knew Koalab was up there, so I strolled over there. Everyone at the airport turned around to look at the commotion. The cleaning lady asked, ‘who was it? Who was it?’ As he ran, the fans ran and screamed. It was really amusing and amazing. And the reporter, a guy who was apparently out of shape, was falling behind. The camera man ran but the reporter was just a few steps ahead of me.

I got into Terminal two just in time to see him got on the mini bus waiting outside. He got on, waved some more, and of course, there was another round of screaming. And then he was gone.

AND, as he was running from Terminal one to Terminal two, it was announced that the  no.8 typhoon signal was hoisted at 540pm. It was the moment he came out. There is an old chinese saying, 貴人出門招風雨. (when the honorable people go travelling, they conjure up wind and rain). How true!

I went inside terminal two and started to look for Koalab. I saw Cody and I waved at him as if he was a friend. He politely bowed. I asked him in English'”which hotel are you staying at?’ He could not catch what I said. So I repeated it. He then waved his hand and said ‘no, no.’ I smiled and thanked him anyway.

It has been about 3 hours since I had my first fangirling experience and I am still a bit dazed. It was fun, exciting and SURREAL! He looked much taller and broader than I thought he would be. But the encounter was too short. He moved so fast that I could not take a good look at him. As I was walking home in strong wind and rain, the street was getting quiet. But I felt good knowing that he would be in this city with me for the next 5 days.

Reported by AY, special contributor to ‘Everything Lee Seung Gi’. ( koalab might follow up with her account of her few hundred metre dash with Lee Seung Gi!😊)

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28 Responses to International Airen AY’s Fan Account of SeungGi’s Arrival in Hong Kong

  1. Ay says:

    Thanks. I caught 2 typos. Sorry. I was still too excited.
    1. The moment they hoisted the no. 8 signal ‘was the moment’ Seung gi came out.
    2. I ‘went’ into terminal two and saw cody,

  2. anon says:

    FANTASTIC fan account!! *squealssssssssss*

    I am done with Seung-gi being SURPRISED at the fans’ reception overseas. 😛 Whenever he goes overseas he has this ‘somebody grew a second head’ surprised look!!

    We international fans ❤ YOU, Seung-gi yaaaaaaa!!

  3. nicoleko66 says:

    Thanks Ay for the detailed fan account and thanks for taking care of koalab! she is sooo excited and I am happy that you are able to have an amazing airen experience. ^^

  4. sarah says:

    Thank You so much Ay!!:) I enjoyed reading it.. I know one friend who is also in the airport..^^ what a fangirling experience. 😀

  5. Airen says:

    I couldnt help myself from gawking and laughing at the same time while i’m reading this.My mind keep imagining how was it like running and screaming chasing someone at the airport.Everyone there must be like “what are they doing!!” .i dont know what would i do if i saw him. Maybe having a spasm on the spot…

  6. wanne says:

    One of the best Seunggi at airport fan account I’ve read! Detailed, exciting and funny too 😀
    Thanks AY and Tryp for sharing! Hope everything will be fine for Seunggi and everyone in Hong Kong.

  7. Anonymous says:

    its always exciting to read abt Seung Gi , thanks for sharing ^^

  8. AnnMichelle says:

    Dear Ay, thank you so much! So to fangirl Seung Gi one needs to get into shape! I laughed reading your description of the ‘unfit’ reporter, hahaha! Hope you will see more of Seung Gi in the coming days. Fighting!

  9. Anonymous says:

    its always nice to read any news abt Seungi Gi thanks for sharing w us ^^

  10. Adeline says:

    What a great fangirling experience indeed!
    I am sure if I was in your shoes, my mind would have gone blank when I saw him. Thanks for sharing, had a fun time reading. I just love fan accounts !

  11. Ay says:

    Thank you, thank you everyone. The fan account is funny and exciting because that was what really happened. Can you imagine 2 tall and big guys running like crazy in front with 20 screaming young girls chasing after them? You should see the blank look on these two old cleaning ladies. They were staring at each other in bewilderment. I was laughing as I was strolling to terminal 2. Instead of being annoyed, most people just turned around and laughed.

    • seunggicharm says:

      Wow! Great fan account Ay! Good job! We can feel the excitement in your fan account..^^ Hoping that you could have more encounter with him there since he will be staying for 5 days in HK..Let’s hope the typohoon will be gone soon so he can explore and enjoy Hk..^^ Kudos!

  12. Jade Butterfly says:

    This can’t be the 1st time mayhem erupts when LSG gets greeted by fans publicly so I’m thinking that he got news or got reminded of the typhoon No8 warning. That why he ran ,like the wind ,to get to his van & speed off to get ahead of the storm. Just rationalising that he can’t be runnnig away from his fans . So unlike him.

    • dramaaddict says:

      Agree with you. I think Manager-nim must have told to run and get to the safety of the hotel before typhoon No 8 arrives. Thanks Ay for your hilarious account on LSG’s arrival in HKG.

    • wanne says:

      Yeah. I watched the fancam and its unlike Seunggi to not look back and wave and smile when his fans were chasing him. The situation looks chaotic and he must be in hurry because of the typhoon. Hope the fans there didnt misunderstand and feel too disappointed.

  13. Jade Butterfly says:

    Thank you Ay for the detailed account. You described it well. I almost felt as if I was there .

  14. yy says:

    dear tryp..
    sorry for being OOT but do you happen to know this gif..if its seunggi, and if so, what show is this from and where can i watch it??lol
    gif in question:

  15. Gina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing,I’m all smiles while reading such detailed fan account.Love the running part and the two ladies’s bewilderment:)

  16. MmeShah Sg says:

    Haha… what an experience Ay… you expressed it well and as Jade Butterfly wrote, we felt that we were there chasing him.
    Thanks heaps for sharing 🙂

  17. Jennifer says:

    What a hilarious account…especially the part Seung Gi running. Imagining it just made me smile to myself :). Thanks !

  18. Eri-sshi says:

    Wow, thank you so much Ay for this fan account! This just happened yesterday but you managed to write it down that fast! A friend was there too, and as she told her story I got a bit worried for Seung Gi. But after reading this, I guess the fans just got really excited to see him! And he wan’t frightened but surprised (which eventually led to the torch-relay-like scenario with Manager-nim!). Hope the weather there goes better, so our Seung Gi could work well 😀

  19. crazyajummafan says:

    Thanks for the account. I certainly hope that I can be at the Changi airport when he arrives in S’pore. Depends on time and work schedule, but you can be sure that if I am there, I’ll do my best to give an account.

  20. evelyn says:

    i wish i got chance to see lee seunggi in changi airport,i want him to sign my postcard..hope my wish can come true 🙂 but he in sg time i will able to see his smile…

  21. ivy says:

    I hope he visits NY soon!

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