12.07.25 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Someone posted the updated 2012-2013 drama lineup on dclsg, and it got everyone excited because SeungGi’s name finally showed up again!

SeungGi has been listed as a “strong candidate” for a Sageuk that doesn’t even have a title yet. 😛 It’s currently on the schedule to premiere in April, 2013. And the screenwriter is Kang Eun Kyung (you can read her profile here).

It’s probably too early to get overly excited, since SeungGi probably is just considering the drama. But this is definitely something to look forward to. (But do we really have to wait so long to see SeungGi the actor again?! :()


SeungGi popular even in North Korea!

A South Korean congressman released some data regarding the spread of Hallyu in North Korea today. It included a list of popular actors/actresses, singers, dramas, movies, and variety shows among the North Koreans.

SeungGi is on the list of popular actors. Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho are both on the list of popular dramas. Popular variety shows include 1N2D and Strong Heart.

source: nate

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28 Responses to 12.07.25 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

  1. ann says:

    i cant help but be proud that he is now acknowledged as an actor, he used to be known as a singer and variety star only. totally a multi entertainer 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    will they watch TK2H? i wonder what would they say.

  3. dalsg says:

    who’s can not love him?? he’s a warmhearted, sincere, kindhearted person.. yeah, does north watch TK2H? i hope they will..so they can see how beautiful that drama!

  4. seunggicharm says:

    woot! So happy that he is popular in NK too! Indeed he has captured the attention of everyone with his talent and charm^^ Yeah..I hope NK will watch TK2H too..really great drama!
    Congratulations Seung Gi-yaa!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seunggi in saeguk drama, I call it! 🙂
    Yes, please….

    • manassuper says:

      seunggi has shown interest previously for appearing in saeguk drama. i like seunggi to experiment with saeguk so that we could to see a new refershing aspect of seunggi.for me saeguk is the way to go.but more than it i am dsperate for seunggi to comeback on tv may be in any form……

  6. ann says:

    this is totally random this clip is from 2007 when seunggi guested in a show that showcased a veteran and accomplished actress, she sat down with the guest and Yoo jae suk asked halmuni if she knows Seunggi, she asked ” are you an actor?” Seunggi totally taken aback but quite pleased , answered smiling and correcting her politely ” no a singer ” little did we know that Seunggi will cross over to acting and become successful at that, even then Seunggi has an actor’s face and ofcourse as we all now know talent to boot. halmuni has good foresight. 🙂

  7. AnnMichelle says:

    OMG! Another drama! A Sageuk!!! Please, PLEASE, all the powers that be out there, make this happen!!!

    • omo…. I can’t wait his new drama after TK2H… A Sageuk, I Hope soo 🙂

    • anon says:

      Actually this writer is into makjang. S/he has written Baker King and MOH. While the former was a ratings monster it was uber makjang and the less said about the latter is better.

      I hope LSG considers his next project with caution! Am not keen about the project despite it being a sageuk.

      • AnnMichelle says:

        One thing that has puzzled me a lot is the lack of consistency in K-drama scriptwriters. I mean most of them don’t seem to have a signature style or theme. For example can you tell the same person penned both BL and 49 Days? The tone & texture of the two are so different. It looks to me there are other factors, maybe even major ones, that help shape the final product.

        • anon says:

          I want Seung-gi to consider his next project VERY carefully. He’s been pretty good thus far. I just don’t want his last acting project (maybe) before enlisting with the army to be a dud or close to makjang. After witnessing his improvement as an actor in the atypical K-drama epicness that was TK2H I cant’t. do. makjang. or accept WTFery.

          I do agree with you about the writers’ inconsistency in their works. Case in point being the recent debacle of the Hong sisters’ latest project. I hope he demands a hard copy of the script before he signs on the dotted line.

          • ann says:

            I am so with you on this, I was waiting and have BIG expectations from Hong’s latest drama but well.. it didnt deliver .. so I hope he gets to read the script before signing, i am recently watching Gaksital and I cant help but wonder , what if Seunggi played Gaksital?

            • anon says:

              I’ve heard people are loving Gaksital but I’ve been following the show via recaps. Whenever I see the screencaps the two male leads are frowning or have furrowed their brows ALL. THE TIME! But, since our LSG’s not in it I don’t dwell on the ‘what could’ve beens’.

              • yy says:

                makjang almost equals big ratings, doesnt matter how insane the plot is.
                and dramas with actual quality and consistency tank at the ratings, or dont do as well.
                so its quality vs quantity..but who knows? maybe lsg is the one to finally merge the two things together.
                makjang+sageuk+right circumstance/timing=ratings gold

  8. fangirlalways says:

    so proud…

  9. Anonymous says:

    So there will be less hope of variety? I miss MC LEE!

  10. meliejoo says:

    I’m so happy about this news when i saw his name on drama list!!
    hope seung gi would gain rating!!!!!!!! ><

  11. Osi says:

    I hope it’s not a 50+ episodes saeguk. I also hope, like @anon, it’s not makjang. But I’ll definitely watch it as along as Seung Gi in it. 🙂

    • anon says:

      My concern is for LSG the actor. The leaps and bounds he improved in K2H because the writing allowed him to do so…i don’t want him to regress as an actor in his future project. That said, I’ve found no matter how much I adore the actor I check out if a series is boring and a let down.

      After K2H LSG has a say wherein he can negotiate with the writers, etc. Hope he takes full advantage of his recent critical acclaim as an actor.

  12. meliejoo says:

    i want seung gi to do in a drama not MC!!
    i hope the saeguk get to confirm seung gi earlier

  13. meliejoo says:

    i like his good look when he wore saeguk clothes in MGIG drama.. the saeguk hair probably suit him well.. does Shin min ah do well in saeguk?? i haven’t watch her drama yet.. T_T

  14. Gen Wong says:

    Sageuk means 50+ episodes! 🙂 And it’s definitely something new 🙂
    Well, whatever Seunggi chooses, we will surely look forward to it!
    He is a very intelligent person, he’s never disappointed us in his choices.
    I remember his words…
    that whenever he does something, he wants people to say he is trustworthy Seunggi.
    I know he will choose well, like he always does!

  15. a says:

    I want him in any kind of drama as long as it is good as TK2H.. Sageuk,RomCom,Action,Heavy drama as long as the story is good,unique,exceptional and very LSG. The drama will be daebak.

  16. Yeah, Seung Gi always built the character for his drama so well on him, thats make all his drama were so popular.. He is multitalented entertainer, so whatever he will do next, I will support him.. Wondering whether he will have FM or concert here in Manila as I’m currently here, hehehe I’ll be waiting for it.. Seung Gi ya, hwaiting.. ^_~

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am not korean but i am really enjoy watching sageuk drama (specially DY, QS)
    waiting another side of actor SG act not just modern drama, if this is true hope the story line is good ( hope is kind of true story of …..) so we can get some thing lesson from this, 50-60 eps its OK for me
    good luck SG for your next project and GBY

  18. meliejoo says:

    seung gi starting school in september.. if he go to school while filming in the drama..
    that would be exhausting..

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m a big fan of sageuk dramas as we can learn lots of things and Korean history from these dramas. Was excited when I heard Seunggi was cast in The Return of Iljimae (back in 2008, the drama was aired in 2009). But glad that he decided to stay with 1n2d and chose Brilliant Legacy as his 1st leading role drama. Brilliant Legacy was a very makjang drama, but it was done right.

    Hope Seunggi will be playing as a hero / warrior and he mentioned that he prefers to do manly action for his next drama, so I think he’ll be challenging himself with this kind of role. Seunggi and his agency always pick the drama project really carefully so I believe in them.

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